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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! In this thread we will be recruiting some new employees into the Starlight Co. staff. To join you'll have to leave a reply, using a form below with the information, and then we will be getting back to you ASAP. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ We do have some slight requirements when it comes to joining Starlight, which I believe most of you will have no issues getting through. - You need basic knowledge regarding the advertising and marketing. - You need basic knowledge regarding how to operate in a company, and how to grow as a company. - Have a microphone, which will make it easier to communicate. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our available positions at this time are: President: Alphoni (max: 1) Vice President: - (max: 1) Chief Executive Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Operations Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Marketing Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Communications Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Designing Officer: - (max: 1) Recruiter: - (max: ∞) Designer: - (max: ∞) Secretery: - (max: 3) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now to the fun part! Here's the form you'll have to fill out in a reply in this thread. Good luck, and we'll get back to you ASAP!
  2. Arma 3 milsim

    I know an arma 3 mil-sim group that needs more members and I am wondering if anyone on this forum would like to join. Add me on steam for more details and to join