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  1. Arma 3 milsim

    I know an arma 3 mil-sim group that needs more members and I am wondering if anyone on this forum would like to join. Add me on steam for more details and to join
  2. Typing With Eyes Closed Game

    Im'hungry but theres no food
  3. ARMA

    What arma?
  4. Star Wars the Old Republic

    Yep I have played it since release and have the disk but i don't play it as mutch anymore
  5. Rules

    ??? why do you just have dots???
  6. Singer/Rock star

  7. Singer/Rock star

    I think it would be nice to be a singer or part of a band.
  8. Rate the above song

  9. The dutch will get some company's aswell

    I am dutch American as well i think a security force will be nice.
  10. Cafe owner!

    I would like that too.
  11. Rules

    I am glad that others have the same mindset, I am 13 and I love roleplay mainly as a cop.
  12. Create an Identity story using one word at a time

    Every monkey in my stomach is growling at a banana with Hillary Clinton she loves Apple™ so hard that our baby elephant is buying drugs but I decided to fist pump my walrus. Next victim will be Jon considering his short reach and tight grip on cocks. Hello its me Rick has a potato head the cheese wheel is not gluten free or nut free because the farmer puts weed inside his wheels. That guitar is dead. Jonathan(!) Fritzel burns me.murder cena until I see my Rooster feeling so numb Necrophilia is what we have so far and the word i am adding is Piss
  13. What Pokémon have you caught so far?

    I am low level and TEAM VALOR!!!! and i have a lot.
  14. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    Arma Gmod TF2 Last of us on ps3 ECT.