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  1. Is this an easter egg? One of the Asylum Staff photoshopped? Haha.
  2. Road Map

    Hey, @MiniGypsy, you can see the current progress of each module and the currently awaiting tasks by visiting the "Identity Modules" (click) page.
  3. The studio apartment is just temporary and we all have it just now. It will be changed later down the line once all of the major bugs and such have been worked upon and resolved. I don't have a specific date or time but just stay tuned and know that you will still get your two-bedroom apartment and two-car garage. For the car, however, you will have to wait until the Racing module comes out.
  4. Good thing I'm from Britain and also use MPH
  5. Another One Bites the Dust...

    Pointless thread -eye roll-
  6. Political Party Database

    Thank you, I appreciate it! No problem! If you would like me to add a Brief Description, feel free to contact me on Discord but I'll also try to check my Identity PM's.
  7. Political Party Database

    Political Party Database After having looked at some other boards within the forums, I had noticed that we don't really have a place to find information on the most popular, upcoming political parties here on Identity, except for via The Podium board which would require you to scroll through numerous threads and pages to find the right party for you. I wanted to make this thread to try and group together the most common parties with some information as to who leads it, what the parties believe in and their policies. I also understand that as politics will be one of the final aspects induced into the final game, there hasn't been much need for a post like this, however, many are still interested in the political aspect and I'm always willing to add new parties in to the list via request. If you would like your party added, send me a private message on the forums, or, much more preferably via Discord (ItsDev#3140). I would also like to ask the leaders of the parties mentioned - or those who wish for their parties to be added - to contact me in regards to writing a brief description which best describes their party and the views in which their parties share. The Hamilton Party Leader: @BrianHamilton Website: THP Campaign Thread: The Hamilton Party Brief Description: The Hamilton Party believes in creating a safer and more equal community through protecting the citizens of Identity from hate crime whilst also working to improve funding for the emergency services such as Law Enforcement, Medical Service and the Fire & Rescue Service, whilst also creating more job opportunities for those unemployed. The Royal Family Party Leader: @LuciousTimes Thread: Mr. Lucious Times For Governor ( The Royal Family Party ) Brief Description: A party known for having peace and unity forever. Founded and led by Lucious Times with his other government officials The Royal Family truly is a family. With views both conservative and liberal, the party tends to find favor with all. Being the eldest current party, The Royal Family has set legacy and intends to continue that walk in its existence. Gene Smith Candidate: @GeneSmith Thread: Gene Smith for Governor The People's Revolutionary Party Leader: @DLimit Thread: The People's Revolutionary Party (P.R.P) Brief Description: The People's Revolutionary Party is a Direct-Democratic Communist party that desires to provide individuals with Universal food, clothing, shelter, energy, healthcare, education, and transportation. It appeals to the "Mass-Line Struggle" as a means towards fulfilling the needs, demands, and requests of the working-class citizens of Identity Island via "The People's Revolutionary General Assembly", in-which citizens shall be capable of electing Constitutional Laws and policies through direct-democratic means. Fran├žais National Leader: @FrancePourLaVie Thread: Fran├žais National {FN} The Technocratic Party Leader: @Anonymous_Citizen Website: Technocracy Identity Thread: The Technocracy Party Brief Description: The Technocratic Party believes that government should be "governed by the capable." Leaders are chosen based upon their individual skill-sets, determining their most strategic position in the nation's structure. The party changes its policies in order to reflect scientific truths and discoveries. The core policies of the Technocratic Party are based upon the principles of strategy, growth, and vigilance with each principle acting as an equal driving force. The Identity Party of America Leader: @ThomasHetch Thread: The Identity Party of America
  8. Hello New Player Here

    Welcome to the community!
  9. The Hamilton Party

    UPDATES: With release getting closer by the day - despite not yet having an official release date - The Hamilton Party will resume its campaign and continue to spread the word. We have also lightly updated our policies via our website.
  10. OMFG

    Y'know, one way to vent is to do it without sounding very immature and crying with random characters which simply makes you seem extremely young and - again, I'll repeat myself - immature. You are right about feeling frustrated regarding the tracker not being updated yet, so believe me, I can understand where you're coming from there, especially with it being 4 days past now, however, there's only really one thing left which is the UI but it's in-testing. Hopefully that gets resolved soon. With that all being said though, although they may have made over $1M, they aren't a AAA development team and this isn't a AAA game so you should expect fallbacks and delays but for the size of their team, I think they're doing an incredible job and they definitely deserve a lot of praise for all of the hard work and the time and effort that they put in each and every day. Plus, I'd much rather it be postponed if it means the game will actually be stable and not crash when thousands of people are trying to connect all at once. Sure, it will still have bugs, of course, it's a BETA and it would be ignorant to expect otherwise, but if they can fix as much of it as possible, keep it stable and make sure everything runs smoothly as it should, then it's well worth the wait.
  11. Greetings from Scotland

    All of us Scots need to meet up at some point haha. Hopefully we can during town square
  12. Greetings from Scotland

    Hello, fellow Scot! Good to see another Scottish person here! I'm the Leader of The Hamilton Party so I hope my political party can help to make a career in law enforcement more comfortable for you
  13. Will the game ever be released?

    An excellent idea if you're getting frustrated about having to wait for the release; FORGET ABOUT IT. Honestly, the more you think about it, the longer it is going to seem that it's taking, whereas, if you simply forget about it and wait for Dev Blogs every few months, time will fly by. Go do other things in the meanwhile but don't doubt the developers. They have and are putting an incredible amount of time into this game and I'd much rather it be very late than very glitchy.
  14. The Hamilton Party

    Sorry for the slow response. Thank you, it's good to be back.
  15. The Hamilton Party

    The Hamilton Party is back and running again.