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  1. Room mate needed!

    ^^ I'm interested if you haven't found one yet
  2. Make Your Character

    I think they are planning to do sometime in the future after the release!
  3. Moe's Diner

    Can't wait to be a regular !
  4. Anyone interested in EMS

    I'd be more into nursing or child doctor if they do eventually decide to add in children ( I hope they do, they were talking about how it may be too graphic the sex part for it to be banned on youtube e.t.c. but many games with that aspect have been shown and would be a great addition children because then more branches of medical could be added in ) -also off topic but there could be an adoption sort of service inside hospitals ??-
  5. Make Your Character

    Name: Nicolette Appearance: Brown Wavy medium to long hair, thin and average size Race/ethnicity/nationality: Polish, Puerto Rican, and Dutch Personality: Friendly, laid back, open minded!, workaholic, and party lover! Education: PHD in medicine, highschool graduate, went to a pre-k to 8th private school before hand Misc Facts: Loves animals, gaming, and most of all cooking! Background: No known alive relatives besides her sister and looking to start one with at least 1 dog and 1 cat
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    Me too! I'm probably gonna look into becoming a nurse if possible in game and I'll try to live in the suburbs or out in the mountains I saw a few photos of what it looked like to be a ski lodge, and work on relationships with other players!
  7. Time and sleeping ?

    How will time play out in the game ?? Will it be real life time ?? I was reading the forums on the jailing system (( I won't be a criminal I just wanted to read the laws and my rights LMAOO I sounded like a criminal)) ANYWAYS will it be like 60 seconds equivalent to an hour like the sims ? that's awfully fast or real time like a minute = a minute, that would kind of be too slow but I could see that working out and could be a fun idea, also alarm clocks etc how will the sleeping system work ? if you sleep, time obviously can not pass since other players will be around you; I think it would be a cool idea to touch up upon stuff like dreams were you won't get bored of watching your character sleep the whole time and also can you put your avatar to sleep and log off with your avatar still in game but your'e not online so anyone who lives with you (room mate, e.t.c.) will see your avatar sleeping ??