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  1. Hi! I'm Seth!

    Let me guess @Sethis4Pizza you've played a lot of The Sims?
  2. Town Square Screenshots! [UPDATED APRIL 2017]

    I'm not saying rush things, I don't want a sloppy game.
  3. Info on cities and towns?

    @Motown - Will citizens who have purchased appropriate packages via the shop, have an option to select where their house/apartment be based? I.e. if I wanted an apartment in Ash Hill rather than Roseport.
  4. Town Square Screenshots! [UPDATED APRIL 2017]

    @Motown Since May 2015, the Town Square module was promised for release in the first quarter of 2016. It is now the third quarter, when will we be able to play in the module? Based on the progress of the development, I'm guessing a realistic release date would be 2018.
  5. Create your own website

    Creating in-game websites for businesses maybe a hard thing to implement. Nothing is stopping you from creating your own website out of the game but advertising it in the game via @Herzog's suggestion of billboards and such.
  6. Greetings from Altis - Del the Cop Killer

    I don't know you from Asylum Life Del, but I think we can all agree we're all here to enrich the community of Identity and help turn this game into something spectacular.

    lol @Herzog
  8. The People's Party

    I don't know about that. Laws will be written, it'll be up to the Police to enforce them and staff/mods to deal with rule breaks.
  9. Direct Democracy?

    Having Congressmen and women being elected to Congress voting and speaking on behalf of their constituents creates a more immersive role-playing experience for everyone.
  10. Create Your Identity

    @Yuri_Zhukov - A guy who grew up in a bad neighbourhood but wants to do good now I hope?
  11. Pros/cons of intoxicants

    Who said I was running for Governor? If I were, I'd make sure the Police Chief not hire rogue individuals like you. Good luck in your pursuit to become an Identity officer!
  12. Homeless

    The thought of @Motown role-playing a hobo serial killer is extremely disturbing.
  13. Old brands.

    Those brands are trademarked and copyrighted. You can't use them in game without consent or permission - you could make knock off brands though that look similar
  14. Pros/cons of intoxicants

    @FrozenCarpet Dependant on the Governor, drugs can be legal and if you become an officer you would be enforcing State laws not your own. Good luck in your pursuit to become an Identity officer!
  15. Character creation, Hair, & Clothes

    @QurWinter I like that formal outfit! Suits my style perfectly.