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  1. Death

    @Herzog & @Johnny: I agree with the level of annoyance / player attrition that the need for completely new character customization would cause. But I do like Johnny's thoughts on the consequence of character death - so perhaps a mix of the two will likely be something we'll see; you die, you're taken back to character creation w/ all of your RP character's features still saved, but you're simply starting from gameplay scratch.
  2. Where are YOU gonna live?

    City AF.
  3. Modules Question

    I was wondering the same earlier on - I would think / hope that the social module would stay in place for players to establish crews & whatnot. We shall see...
  4. stock market

    My question for all of this would be the issue of respawning and multiple instances. Not every player-made company will exist on every server. So would this mean that we are limited to investments on one specific server, thus obligated to always respawn there to avoid losing that transaction - or would every transaction made on every server follow our 'bank account' to pay out interest/dividends regardless of the server we occupy at any given time? And if so, would this mean that the servers are linked the same as in SecondLife, where we're able to free-roam to various player-made venues that we've "bookmarked"? (This is presumably the reason that the stock market option is disabled for GTA online). Please excuse the mild ramble - I've been up for going on 21hrs.... Was just curious. Thanks. @Motown