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Found 7 results

  1. Political Party Database

    Political Party Database After having looked at some other boards within the forums, I had noticed that we don't really have a place to find information on the most popular, upcoming political parties here on Identity, except for via The Podium board which would require you to scroll through numerous threads and pages to find the right party for you. I wanted to make this thread to try and group together the most common parties with some information as to who leads it, what the parties believe in and their policies. I also understand that as politics will be one of the final aspects induced into the final game, there hasn't been much need for a post like this, however, many are still interested in the political aspect and I'm always willing to add new parties in to the list via request. If you would like your party added, send me a private message on the forums, or, much more preferably via Discord (ItsDev#3140). I would also like to ask the leaders of the parties mentioned - or those who wish for their parties to be added - to contact me in regards to writing a brief description which best describes their party and the views in which their parties share. The Hamilton Party Leader: @BrianHamilton Website: THP Campaign Thread: The Hamilton Party Brief Description: The Hamilton Party believes in creating a safer and more equal community through protecting the citizens of Identity from hate crime whilst also working to improve funding for the emergency services such as Law Enforcement, Medical Service and the Fire & Rescue Service, whilst also creating more job opportunities for those unemployed. The Royal Family Party Leader: @LuciousTimes Thread: Mr. Lucious Times For Governor ( The Royal Family Party ) Brief Description: A party known for having peace and unity forever. Founded and led by Lucious Times with his other government officials The Royal Family truly is a family. With views both conservative and liberal, the party tends to find favor with all. Being the eldest current party, The Royal Family has set legacy and intends to continue that walk in its existence. Gene Smith Candidate: @GeneSmith Thread: Gene Smith for Governor The People's Revolutionary Party Leader: @DLimit Thread: The People's Revolutionary Party (P.R.P) Brief Description: The People's Revolutionary Party is a Direct-Democratic Communist party that desires to provide individuals with Universal food, clothing, shelter, energy, healthcare, education, and transportation. It appeals to the "Mass-Line Struggle" as a means towards fulfilling the needs, demands, and requests of the working-class citizens of Identity Island via "The People's Revolutionary General Assembly", in-which citizens shall be capable of electing Constitutional Laws and policies through direct-democratic means. Français National Leader: @FrancePourLaVie Thread: Français National {FN} The Technocratic Party Leader: @Anonymous_Citizen Website: Technocracy Identity Thread: The Technocracy Party Brief Description: The Technocratic Party believes that government should be "governed by the capable." Leaders are chosen based upon their individual skill-sets, determining their most strategic position in the nation's structure. The party changes its policies in order to reflect scientific truths and discoveries. The core policies of the Technocratic Party are based upon the principles of strategy, growth, and vigilance with each principle acting as an equal driving force. The Identity Party of America Leader: @ThomasHetch Thread: The Identity Party of America
  2. Protesting/rioting

    I think it would be really cool if they added in a few features to allow citizens to protest or riot, I don’t think this is a stupid idea as there’s a political career and if the mayor/ govern imposes high taxes the citizens aren’t just gonna stand by and be cool with that. i would also like to ask anyone interested in this idea please give suggestions and comments police abilities: the police would have to try to defuse the situation or just straight up suppress it (depending on the people making the decisions) weaponry: riot shields and batons for crowd control Tear gas for crowd control firearms (with rubber bullies as ammunition) for crowd control Vehicles: water cannon van for crowd control police vans for detaining suspect and agitators (If not already included). the media’s abilities: the media are there to tell a story it could be completely up to the journalist how they report this event will they produce a story condemning the police for being brutal and authoritarian or will they condemn the protesters, ladling them as radicals or they could produce a neutral story stating all the facts. (the reason why I have included the media is because they play an important role in protests, they tell the story and because I heard that they would be adding a newspaper to the game and I believe it would add more content to that career path) The protesters/rioters ability’s: they could do anything depending on the beliefs and action plan of the event organiser, they could hold a simple peaceful march, storm and occupy a government building or go all out angry mob attacking the police Improvised Weaponry: petrol bombs/ Molotov cocktail used to attack the police and cause chaos Other items: protest signs posters Politicians: politicians could use these events to there advantages, condemning the event or supporting and attending the event based on their opinions and targeted voter base (I will admit that I probably haven’t listened a lot of things but to be honest that’s all I can think of but it would be great if you guys could pick up from here and add your own great ideas or any ideas on how the things iv already listed can be improved) peace out
  3. 96.2 The Political Partner

    Hi all, I am starting a radio station. I want to focus on Political News for the Island such as interviews with political leaders or candidates but I also want to host music so listeners don't get bored when no news is currently being talked about or an interview is not currently taking place. I hope to entertain you all over the radio waves and give my thoughts about the current political situation on the island in the coming future! Remember 96.2 is your hub for all the Islands Political News and Jams! WORK IN PROGRESS WEBSITE: If you have an AD for your brand etc, I would love to advertise for you! PM me a link to the mp3 of your radio ad or video ad and I will happily advertise it on my site, I will also mention your company on air. Thank you!
  4. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! I am officially throwing my hat into the ring for the role of governor! I am the official party nominee for the Français National and I am calling on all party members to vote for me! All other citizens in other parties are also welcomed to vote for me too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Manifesto ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Healthcare: I believe that citizens should have the choice to pay for a universal healthcare. If you want universal health care you will pay a flat charge of an estimated $500 per real life day. Paying the $500 will entitle you to free healthcare for that entire day, once the day is over then you must pay another $500 if you want to continue on with universal health care. Abusing this system force you to pay a fine of up to $15,000, if you refuse to pay you will be banned from being able to receive universal health care. Please keep in mind that the costs and times you must pay the charge may change when we know more about times and incomes in Identity. I believe in large funding for the public hospital system as it is much more affordable for most citizens in Identity. I would also like to introduce the new role of Minister Of Health. This role will be offered by me to a politician who has some experience with the health care and knows how to run a good healthcare system. This role will not have any income, it is just a massive help to a politicians career and will give them a lot of positive publicity. Law Enforcement: I am strongly pro-police. If elected I will introduce the role of Police Commissioner. The Police Commissioner will run all police related business and issues. Again this role will not offer any additional pay, and you will receive a normal police officers wage, it is an honor to receive this job as it is regarded as the best job in the law enforcement occupation. Fire Related Issues: The Fire Department will not receive as much funding as the police or the healthcare system, as fires are not predicted to be that common. We will give out the basic needs for a working fire department, a few fire stations scattered around the map, plenty of fire trucks, wages for the firemen and women and of course a banquet dinner in the name of the cities fire department will be held while I am working in my term. Terrorism: I will give special funding to the police for to fight terrorism in the city and will set up an anti-terrorism force within the police department. I will touch on this subject in more detail in the religion portion of my manifesto. Religion:I am a Christian and want Christians of all types, Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics to be able to exercise their religion freely and if it is in the game, I want Christians to be able to go to church. I also support the religious freedom of, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Atheists. Other small religions like, Scientology are allowed to express their religion freely. On the topic of Islam, I will put in place a complete and utter ban on Burqas. Any other face masks must be removed if you are asked to remove them by the police. That goes for all religions. I am willing to hold a public vote on the topic of Burqas if wanted by the public. If Islamic terrorism finds its way into the city and a terrorist attack takes place, then a stricter ban will be put in place by me. Other than that Muslims will be allowed to practice their religion freely. I do not in any way want to ban Islam, and the government will stay out of religion if I am in charge. LGBT+:LGBT+ rights will be fully supported by the government and I will allow all LGBT+ marriage and adoption. Voting: All citizens will have the right to vote in elections and referendums. Death Penalty:Death penalty will only be used on terrorists in extreme cases. If someone commits a terrorist attack, is involved in a terrorist attacking, plotted or is plotting a terrorist attack, etc, then they will receive the death penalty. Drug Usage: Alcohol, tobacco and prescription medicine will be the only legal drugs allowed if I am elected. Marijuana will be banned, however we will not go after a marijuana company as long as they publicly announce that their company is shutting down. If this decision upsets our citizens, I may hold a referendum on the topic. Welfare:A job seekers tax cut will be available to all unemployed players for 3 real life days, there will be no welfare for players to receive. Tax: I believe in a flat 12%, however there will be tax cuts for players, some examples are, job seekers tax cut, single parent tax cut, etc. If you vote for me you can be assured of a safer, cleaner and better Identity! If you have any queries about my campaign fell free to reply to this article. "Vote Marie-Clare Bouchard, For A Safer Identity".
  5. I mostly refer to mayoral duties because it is that which I am more accustomed. I would like to suggest that the financial records of the city be up to the mayor as to their detail and what all they include. I would like to think that the cash system for mayor will be more than just sliding bars on how much is spent in one area and that the mayor can withdraw cash to use personally (As would be required for some of the welfare systems I've proposed). And as such then it would make sense that when financial records are published that it be up to the mayor to label withdrawals for specific purposes, such as when they go to the bank and withdraw they select an existing category (Welfare, Public service, etc.) and it would add to the amount of debits that category received. And if there was a category they did not see, they could create a new one and all this would be marked down in the financial records when they are published. I'd assume other categories of it would be automated like I would expect that Road services would be auto-filled out and such (and I hope to god the mayor can choose which roads get more care than others, I love detail), but I would really enjoy the creative freedom to expand my position as mayor by having more custom freedom over where the money is spent. It would also make more interesting detail if someone found out the mayor was illegally using funds, for example, if someone notices that there's a large debit in the police budget and find out that police are paid a lot less than they should be, or if road service is really high but the roads are actually all cracked, then people could figure out the mayor was corrupt. Just something to chew on. Sincerely, Blake Gillman - Running for Mayor
  6. Roger for Governor- The Freedom Party

    The Freedom Party Party Mission: This party has been formed due to the lack of quality of individuals running for governor of the Island of Identity. Our mission is to advance the agenda of the people of Identity and ensure their freedoms as the people of this great land. We shall make sure that no dictator, no fame seeker, and no money grabber shall ever hold the position of governor on this great island. Party Officials: Governor Candidate: Roger Party Leader: Alpha Party Commissioners: Kyle, and Aus More pending Agenda/Laws: 1. Gun Control- On this issue our candidate expresses the inalienable right for every man to bear arms. These legal guns include anything from pistols to rifles that are of civilian grade. Permits will have to be issued to those seeking automatic weapons and a firm vetting process by the administrative office. Those who work for private businesses like security, transportation and other will have more freedom to use those arms. There will also be background checks for those looking to purchase any weapon. Penalty for breaking the law: Jail time(how long TBD) Reasoning: This I believe will be a very important law because I believe that a lot of people are going to want to have an automatic which may lead to deadly shootouts with cops. Jail times must be stiff for this reason. 2. Marijuana- Marijuana will be legal in the island of Identity to sell in shops and stores designated to sell the item. It may be smoked freely. Marijuana will also be slightly taxed by the government (see the tax laws for more info). Those who get caught selling marijuana without the correct permits will be fined heavily but since this is a non-violent crime no jail time shall occur. Penalty for breaking the law: 1st offense: 50$, 2nd offense: 100$, and doubles from then on. Reasoning: We don’t want people to undercut legit businesses to make a quick profit. We want to protect our businesses no matter what it is and we will be tough on law breakers. At the same time, jail time for a non-violent crime is a governmental waste and will only result in lost money. ONLY FINES! 3. Taxes- SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Business Sales Housing Legal Drugs 3% 5% TBD 10% Code all new businesses will not have to pay taxes for 3 months so they can get on their feet. Penalty for breaking the Law: If you don't pay your taxes you will be jailed after the 3rd offense. There will be no additional fines placed on you. Jail time TBD. Reasoning: We want to ensure the growth of our businesses out there because after all that’s how people are going to make money. So by giving you the 3 strike rule this will give you a chance to redeem yourself. We will have just jail time because adding more fines to your unpayable taxes would just ruin you more and it would be stupid. 4. Non-Violent crime- This will mostly be met with fines. What is a non-violent crime? Speeding, Selling Marijuana illegally, Doing various things without a license. Basically anything that doesn’t hurt someone or yourself. 5. Term Limits- You can only be governor 3 times before you have to pass off the torch peacefully. Penalty for breaking the Law: I’d hope people rise up and rebel because then you would have a dictator. Reasoning: We want to promote fresh ideas and don’t want a dictator. 6. Pardoning- Governor may pardon individuals only by having the rest of his cabinet confirm it. Reasoning: We don’t want a political party to pardon people just because they like them or have some type of illegal business dealings with them. 7. Healthcare- We shall leave this up to the private companies the government has no right to dictate your healthcare. We’re talking about your life here. 8. Optional Welfare- If you're poor and really trying to get by you may apply for welfare. This would mean you would have to take a drug test and background test to make sure the money doesn’t go to waste. The money you would receive would only cover some living expenses. This law will only be in place if the Government can spare the money. 9. Optional Business Incentives- This governor wants to put together a fund to give incentives to businesses who are doing well. More to come with this! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flexibility that doesn't break your budget!