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  1. Hello Everyone!! If you have applied before please apply again we have remade our Application. Thank you!
  2. It's here!! We will be looking forward to seeing you guys at the release of the Town Square! Leave a reply or Message Us and tell us when you are going to be there!! We hope to work with you in the near future!
  3. Get Ready!! Town Square is near!! If you are interested in getting your shipping and logistics needs taken care of early. We can guarantee a cheaper price for your first shipments! Let us know if you are interested. See you on the road!
  4. THANK YOU! With you applying you are growing the Pace Shippings Team to be best that it can possibly be! If you have applied please contact me.
  5. We are always keeping an eye out for any questions or concerns you may have. Just contact @Frank_Reagan Or @Treyler for any information about our company or our plans. Hope to see you in the nearing Town Square Module!
  6. Pace Shippings™ Jobs

    Make sure to check out the new post! New applications are always welcome! APPLY HERE!
  7. NEW INFORMATION! @VelocityLogisticsI liked your idea of having your logo as like a little dash so I used mine in the same way I hope you don't mind. We hope to work with you in the near future.
  8. Truly the only thing I took from your post was the application, I'm sorry about it so I changed it. I don't see you as monsters I see you as competition. Any competition is good competition making the prices lower for all customers. I have been working on a new post these past couple of days. So, I'm sorry about using your format but I will have a new one out soon.
  9. A few minor adjustments have been made. We ask that you remove your message as it is advertising your company. Thank you.
  10. The Information on this post has been updated. More updated and better-looking information will be coming soon. If your company would like to become our Legal Representative message me.
  11. I am finally back! I'm glad to say Pace Shippings is still in business! We will enjoy working with everyone interested in our services.
  12. Half of the people won't make it passed the first day of their companies opening.
  13. Thanks, I believe with how my company is looking at the moment it will be a great success. The staff team is looking great!