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Found 3 results

  1. I recently purchased the vanity license plate from the Identity store, expecting a feature that seems to be common: preregistration. I wanted to be able to register my vanity license plate as soon as I bought it, but I was told after asking on the Discord server that this would (probably) be a feature only implemented in the game's release. I know it may sound silly, but the only reason I bought the item was so that I could claim the plate that I wanted before someone else took it. It would really make my purchase seem justified if a system like this was put into place.
  2. Store Items and Businesses

    Within Gas Stations, you should be able to buy, Cigarettes, Lottery, Beer, Soda, Cigars and other stuff you would find in a Real Gas Stations. As Stores you can create work uniforms and rules to work in a specific store. Create Pizza Delivery places. Working and functional cash registers.
  3. passport pack photos!

    Hello, I have been a member of this site for a while now but I haven't been active as of lack of details coming out. I asked a while ago if there would be a chance of some images of each pack. eg, the bike you get with the "biker" pack ect and the homes you will get. I can't see myself buying more than just the standard edition without being able to see what extra thing I could get. when I asked last I had a moderator say he could try see if it was possible but nothing came of it so im here asking again now after finding out the game is passed the initial development and is now focused on gameplay features meaning these things in the pack may be getting worked on soon if not already. if anyone else wants to see these before or even after purchasing then leave a comment as the more attention this gets the more chance of a good outcome. would personally love this bike to be added (mine in gta) as most bikes in games that are chopper/bobber styles seem to always look like the cheap made bikes you see in real life instead of something that looks like a decent bike.