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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I was just wondering whether something like this was implemented or planned to be implemented into the game. A lot of the issues I find with games like this, are that they lack some depth within the characters themselves, especially in-game. I've seen previews of the characters customisation menu and i haven't seen any options pertaining to body-type/ build? I'd find the game a lot more interesting if something like that were to be added, as it would make customisation more realistic and would allow you to create a more diverse population of people and people could also replicate themselves as an in-game character more accurately. If this isn't something you'd add to the character customisation menu, maybe allow it to be done over time in-game? e.g, eating excessively causes weight gain, training at a gym increases muscle mass etc. I believe adding such realistic options to the game adds more depth overall and would really make it interesting to me. thanks for listening, personally i think options like this would be quite immersive, adding such a high level of detail and customisation really creates a life-like game.
  2. I asked about Airsoft in a stream a few weeks back and Motown listed out the problems that might occur like: 1) Airsoft guns look similar to real guns 2) Having it on yourself could give someone false idea of you carrying a real gun. 3) Those are the only ones I can remember Since I want Airsoft in the game so much that I did found out some solutions for it: 1) Make it so the player can only carry guns in a gun case in the city and only open/use the guns in Airsoft arena 2) Or you guys can make so that player can only put their airsoft guns in a locker provided on airsoft arena and not carry them outside it. 3) It would provide for great past time, plus it would be cool to see player owned Airsoft fields/arena that is also designed by them. Possibility of manufacturing those airsoft guns. I hope airsoft can make it in game
  3. Hello To, all Identity Fans and Staff Members I am here for my Weekly Suggestions I have missed a few weeks but are back with the suggestions, so I am here to present some of my suggestions that I think will be really good for this Game so here are my suggestions. Create a News Channel I would love to have a news channel where players who want to become a news reporter can go and talk about new updates on the servers I would also love for you guys to add a Live Stream Camera that Presents live to everyone around the game on their TVs So they can watch the News Channel. Create TV Programs/Films How awesome it would be Loading the game up and just thinking let’s go watch TV. It would be awesome, Acting and Filming Movies would be awesome, and you can make them and sell the movies at a nearest Retail store or Movie store. I know Town Square is about Meeting and talking but I am talking about Night-time Maybe Watching TV With Wife or Husband or a Couple of Friends. Like Movie Night, maybe bring out some Lemonade and some popcorn and watch the movie with the family or friends. News Reporter This Job Would be cool You Can Film and talk about what has happened over the week and some new updates, Film Crew would be Awesome You can star as the person who films the News Reporter and Films the Live Camera and presents to the crowd. News Reporter Has Special Permissions allowing them to predict the weather and can do other stuff. News Reporter can talk about crimes and other entertaining stuff Place-able Cameras on Vehicles, Houses and other Items Place-able cameras will allow you to have security cameras and allow you to see your house when you away from home, Place-able cameras will allow you to do the Carpool Karaoke or If you want to do a Livestream you can have Place-able cameras on your Vehicles. Live Camera Allows you to Go Live on TV If you want to become a News Reporter, It Allows you to Livestream and people can watch you on their in-game computers. Thanks for listening to my Suggestions See you next time
  4. Hello Everyone this is my hopeful suggestions and i am also asking what you will add in the future to the game identity. Some of my suggestions are the car and house pricing will they be high or low. I am also asking to add in Super Cars or Limos and have AI or Multiplayer people as your bodyguards. I am also asking if this game can have a Police Database and a different Police radio frequencies that you can chat to disptach while ingame. I will also suggest RPDeaths and Funerals for the dead such as if you want to roleplay that type of stuff. I will also ask if you can add in Police Helis and Swat Helis So that the police have the high ground and they can see suspects below can keep sight on them. I also am asking if you can become the role of a Military soliders,corporal,General,Colonel and become different roles in the Identity Army Force. I also suggest having working airports like if you want to go there for lessons on how to fly and buying aircrafts and helis, or you can also ride AI Planes and fly to different places on the map in a number on seconds, You could also become a lot of jobs like Airport paramedic, Airport Swat/Police, and Airport Fire Depot. I would also prefer having car keys in the game meaning if you want to hop in your car you will need to have car keys to open it. I would also like the car jacking/Grand theft auto/Motor vehicle theft like i am not meaning like a GTA Look on the game but just like a criminal side of things. Like if you want to start the car you need to hook wires together to start the car and you need to keep it like that to move. You also need to do it when no police or anybody is watching like for instance in a parking lot or down a alley way. I would also like special types of cars that are made by police that they can use as bait cars to track down suspects and lock the vehicle as stop it. I really want this game to become a Mature and friendly place to RP with your friends and meet new people without the world. I am also wanting for you guys to add in robberys on people done by thiefs or just normal citizens robbing people for the sake of it and just wanting to get money. I am not wanting the police force to be used by discord or the dispatch be used in discord i really want it to become a Radio ingame perk. I really want Police to have a sort of Website slash login pannel where they can reply to the dispatcher and get knowledge of the situation at hand. I want also in the Police Database a Name Searcher and Number plate Searcher, so if you ask for his name and licence. You can runn his name and it has some features such as wanted level, age, name, photo, Any Citations in the past. I am also asking if you get your own IDs and when you join in the game you get an ID. I am also asking if you can become a Baby, Toddler, Child and teen and get to go to school or college and learn grades but have a online Dad and Mother. I am also asking if i can read books in the game to gain knowledge of intellect and learn new things and gain achievements for learning new things. I am also asking if you can add in fast food restraunts and we can go there and grab something to eat and drive to the beach and eat it there. If you guys were wondering what job i will pick when i get the game i am going to pick Police or Swat Because i really want to make Police Department videos on my YouTube: ProtectedSquid : I also want you Developers to add in Power Companies not produce power and give it to certain cities and towns and give power but if you live in a house you need to pay bills for like power or water use. Also add Electrians and plumbers that fix Toliets and Lighting. Police Chiefs should be well experienced players of Police work and people who have played these types of games before. I also want you guys to add in the FBI or Secret Service. You can also become a political candidate and people of the community vote for one of those Political candidates on a specific date or Month and have Presidential Debates. Presidents are people in game who run the country and can control anything a bit like the Owner But if the President does something wrong the Owner can pick to vote him off or the Public can vote him off. During Police Training days. They should bring some former police officers and high ranked officers to the meeting to show what they did and tell stories about police work. I want to become a Air one Pilot but if i dont gain that permission or responsibillity i will just stick with my police job. I would compare a FBI Agent as a Undercover policemen but they are completely different things. Undercover are poeple who look like citizens or undercover people such as undercover drug dealers or crims. FBI Agent is a person who investigates Terroist attacks and other Smuggling things. I am so excited for Bounty Hunters I watch alot of Bounty hunter videos on YouTube and love them. Going to peoples houses and asking them why the didn't go to their court date and then taking them to jail. I would love if you have Court Cases and other really cool Police judgement areas. I would love if you guys could add Morphing into pets or Animals and roleplaying the lives of them. like barking or meowing or doing other cool Animal noises. also like becoming a bird and flying but i can also see the bad side of that. This is supposed to be a job simualtor and real life game you cant really become a bird or animal in real life but it would be just a great thing that you could do. When this game comes out i am not really going to play alot of games except for this one because its the only City RPG Game there is and i can find. Also Reply back and tell me if this game is free because i dont really want to spend money on buying it because i need to have a demo first before buying it. I would also prefer adding in YouTube to the TV or computer but instead of searching up YouTube videos it sticks with a YouTube called IdentityTube and it pretty much has only videos that have identity gameplay, And how you get your video up on there is easy just send you link on the community page and the Video will go right onto it Easyily. I also want little News Programs on the TV and you can also become a News Reporter can stream life from somewhere where you can watch someone streaming live from the TV. I also want like working Weather News and storms such as, Lightning, Thunder, Rain, Hail and over storms like cyclones and hurricanes or typhoons. I would also like to make like a company that sells cars and makes cars, So in game you can design and make cars and make different brands and sell them for money. Also add Beachfront Houses and really good views. Thats it from me for now i may come up with more stuff i want to add and maybe extend it and add more in but thanks for reading i took only 50 mins to write so thanks for reading this cant wait till game full releases. Thanks ProtectedSquid Channel link
  5. Crafting

    I apologize if this was already a topic going on, but I suggest that there be a crafting system in the game. Apart from designing furniture and clothes. Say I wanted to make some moonshine, I go collect the raw resources, and craft a makeshift distillery. You could buy a professionally made distillery as well. It then can be used to distill many different alcoholic beverages. And say I wanted to make a specific kind tent and a fire. I don't want it to turn into a survival game, I'm just saying if you could do those things I think that would be cool. Maybe with the hunting you can skin and cook the animals and craft specific foods. Just ideas, albeit unoriginal.
  6. After playing Altis Life In Grand Theft Arma Server for a very long time, I am very known to RPG type games and i seriously believe they being a mod of a completely different game dosent give them much possibilities but i believe that IDENTITY is gonna change all of it and gonna rock the RPG genre like crazy. Suggestion A - I believe having right and left car indicators light (set to maybe Q or E keys) can be really useful and will stop unnecessary crashing of cars, and strict rules can be made about it which can be regulated by police. Where crashing and dying to it can possibly lose you a lot of money at the same time having indicators in cars and having a strict regulation about it can save a lot of people's hard work and useless VDMers (vehicle death match - where people illegally try to kill people by crashing them in their car) Suggestion B - Second idea which i think can change this game completely would be able to consume the drugs use in illegal activity, it will provide so many Roleplay possibilities, from police checking drunk or under the influence of drugs Drivers to people selling local drugs in hidden dark places to hobos of the city. People can have parties in their houses which can be raided by police as a roleplay to check drug use or people can have a good time roleplaying as under drug usage. City can have legalized weed shops as well where people can buy weed for recreation opening again loads of and many roleplay stories.
  7. Idea: Different Continents All one world - Must take actual ship/plane to the continent This allows for expansion for corporations The continents could be seen as like a 3rd world country Each one is a different nation They even can go to war every now and then opening up a career in each island's military Each country has its own government, own people, own military, own economy Trade between the countries could also make an entire world economy I know this will never happen but hey possibilities are endless *wink wink* maybe a dlc!
  8. Weather Events

    So I live in Califonia where earthquakes are always a threat and they are also in many games as an event. Something that came to my mind due to recent events is like large fires. Possibly a wildfire event or add something to cars that would allow them to backfire which would cause a large forest fire that the fd would have to then go and respond to. This would also make owning houses out in the wilderness a risk. Also, things like hurricanes and tornados depending on the climate you live on (of course if you do separate places into climates) however I can see a fire being the most interesting. Let me know what you think about what you think of this or something like this!
  9. Careers we need

    There should be jobs in the educational area. We should be able to be a principal, a teacher, or a school nurse. The children could be AI characters as for any other job that requires multiple people!!!! There should be jobs in the law enforcement area such as: Police officer, Detective, FBI agents to take down "super criminals", DEA agents, Probation officers, jail officers, judges, random unpaid jury appearances, and social workers if children exist There should be basic government jobs so new laws can build into the game, like real life, and laws can be removed as well. like: president, vice president, voters, political parties, and the cabinet branches of the government. We should be able to become farmers, grocery store/ furniture ect. owners, factory owners, truck drivers, or someone who makes money by selling things at a flea market. There should be jobs in the medical field like: Peramedics, surgeons, doctors, dentists, and nurses. or other jobs like taxi driver, school bus driver, bus driver, burger flipper, cash register attendant. ect.
  10. Suggestions #1

    Throughout the course of this game, I'll try and do my best to leave suggestions to make this game as authentic as possible for the developers to hopefully consider. This game has real potential and I hope it will be a real long-term success. Suggestion 1: Game world time. There should be a game world time: a full day should be 24 hours (real world time) or 2 seconds in the real world equal one Identity 5 minutes or 1 second real world equal 1 minute? *Consider job's working hours for example, a player may have a 7 hour shift but they might not want to work for 7 hours (real world time)* Therefore game world time is important for authenticity. This game should be built around authenticity. Suggestion 2: Mobile Phones and Technology. I have not heard much about the uses of technology in this game but I have heard about the uses of computers. Mobile phones should have basic things such as Contacts, Messages, Games, Camera and (most importantly) a Web Browser. *There are lots of things to talk about in terms of technology and how it can be utilised in the same ways as in the real world so I will only talk about it after the game has been released as I can look into more depth on how they can improve on this important feature* Suggestion 3: Main focus on this game should be the game environment (surroundings) and character. Game Environment = Being able to interact with the surrounding environments as much as possible. The environment should also act as it would in the real world. From the wind blowing the leaves gently to your character accidentally walking into a bin and knocking it over. Funny that. But it is just an example of gaming authenticity. I have seen many games before in the past where if you accidentally walk into a building, your character just acts as if nothing has happened but instead of this: *In Identity, we should start to see more realism come into play* Character = Once again, I can only comment so much about characters in this game therefore, I shall only talk about characters once this game has been fully released (which should hopefully be soon). However, from character customisation to character relationships, this should all be possible. Even as smaller details as a character having a hunger bar or a sleep bar like in a Sims game. Conclusion: I cannot wait for the game to come out. I wish the developers the best of luck and I know this game will be a long-term success as long as everyone in the community gives as much support as we can towards this game.
  11. Ranks in pre-set jobs?

    Is this already a thing because if not it would be really cool to have a rank system in pre-set jobs so that people can learn the real way.
  12. STOCK MARKET FOR IDENTITY < > Creating a Stock Market in-game is something which I personally and I think many others, would appreciate as it is a large part of the economy which we live in today. Making it related to the actions that happen in game would make it even better, this may though be hard due to the fact that, there will most likely be a lot of different things happening at the same time. However it would make the game feel even more like real life, in my opinion. It could give people the possibility to learn more about one of the leading economic segments in the world. And if stock marketing in-game was made possible a further improvement of this could be, an application made for iphone/android, where you could invest and sell stocks on your phone IRL, I believe this would be something that many would find interesting. And for my 2nd idea if stock market was in-game, jobs as stock brokers could become a possibility, telling other people what to buy, and earring commission of what they sell.
  13. The full game Questions&Suggestions

    Hello! I have some questions about the real game and some suggestions. My questions are... How often will you earn money from your job? How many jobs will there be? Suggestions... Put the game up on steam. (My parents only buy me games on steam.) Make the map bigger maybe? Make the game have a push to talk. (If that isn't something that you already are working on having.)
  14. Prison Breaks

    Hey! Im pretty new to this game and i can't imagine how many times you have got this as a suggestion, but being able to break out of prison would be amazing and a fun thing to do. If 1 person in my gang is in prison, why not break himk out of there with som kind of heist? This would allow for longer sentences in jail. You will also have to be smart and have a high IQ to acctually come up with a great master plan to escape. Thanks for reading. - Tobbetobster
  15. Store Items and Businesses

    Within Gas Stations, you should be able to buy, Cigarettes, Lottery, Beer, Soda, Cigars and other stuff you would find in a Real Gas Stations. As Stores you can create work uniforms and rules to work in a specific store. Create Pizza Delivery places. Working and functional cash registers.
  16. IDEAS for Game

    After reading through the forums I have come up with some ideas for the game. SORRY IF ANY OF THESE HAVE ALREADY BEEN ASKED OR SUGGESTED Will there be a waypoint or GPS system Gun Customisation; What will it be like Taxes, Mayor being able to raise and lower and change laws Will there be motion blur in the game, If so will we be able to turn it off Sharing houses with friends; Like sharing rent like a roommate or something like that, or Marrying somebody like of the Same Gender or different Gun Factory to make guns, and sell them In the future will there be Planes or Helicopter or expanding of the land to add more, like an island Possibly being able to build cars in factories like cars or a job like mechanic What will the radio be like in the cars, like what type of music, maybe people could make there own music with instruments that they can buy and sell it or play it on the radio. Do you think that different maps could be released after the game is fully released and different server will use different ones Maybe there could be a newspaper that a company could make or job that is sold on the streets or delivered to your house with the latest news and tips Maybe like a wifi system where you can only use certain apps where you have wifi maybe in your house or like shops that have free wifi or internet cafes, and when you dont have wifi you have data that you can buy from like something like verizon or a phone company that you buy cell service from Sorry if this is in the wrong place
  17. Ideas and Suggestions

    Hello, So Here is some suggestions and Ideas I think that If its in the game ( If its not already ) it would really make it great! 1- Sport Teams ( Football or basketball ) So we could for example start a team and start playing against others! ( this might already exist but just in case, Here it is ) 2- News Stations/TV Shows ( Owned by real players ). I've Heard in the last trailer that we could watch TV and so on, But it would be really awesome if we could start making our own Shows on TV and get money for every watcher! For example I am really interested in making a news station where it would be both on Radio and on Newspapers and TVs, so we post car chases, Weather news, Political news.. and So on. 3- Cinema Films ( Filmed by real players ). Iknow that Cinemas will be a real thing and we would be able to see movies and films, But how about if we were able to create and film ones ( Based and acted in the game ) And we would show it in these cinemas, And we will get money by everyone who goes to see the movie. 4- More Usable Props. Such as Professional Cameras, Microphones, Headsets... 5- Special Vehicles. This might be Suggested a lot, and it might be in the game, But I think we should have Special vehicles such as Helis, and Maybe a News Van ( If news was a possible thing.) And so on. Thats it, Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked my ideas. I would love for you to tell me if these ideas might be a real thing or if it would be very hard to do, But either ways, Thank you again. -drJames
  18. Hello, I got some questions and suggestions about the game. It would be awesome if you could help! So I was wondering if we will be able to make Movies or TV shows or any kind of shows that could be shown in TVs at home. For example, Im thinking of doing a News Station, So we have our own TV show that we must stream.. and so on. And so we could build up this tycoon and Start getting News vans or even Helis ( Maybe not that far but it would be awesome anyways lol ) So we could capture car chases and so on. I could do all the video editing or even do this as a stream on twitch or what ever. But would it be possible to show it on TVs? Also will we have props as Cameras, Microphones, Books, Stuff like that? For example we could use a camera to capture stuff for the News, If you get what i mean. Also what about Cinemas? Would it be possible that we can make our own Movies? Honestly that would really be amazing. I heard that Movies will be shown, But can we make our own? and get money through it? And One thing, If we make a Company like a News Stations ( If it be possible ) or Radio stations, Will we automatically get paid for doing it as like a normal tycoon, Or people must watch or listen to it in order for us to get paid? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ On another topic, What are the devs Opinions on Sport, I've heard some stuff about it, But how will it work exactly? Thats it, Thank you very much!
  19. ATTENTION DEVELOPMENT TEAM Development team a very important thing that I always hate in game developers is that they hardly ever release games on Mac, I would love you so much and back you 100% if you can confirm that you WILL release this game on Mac, and Windows. Macs have pretty good specs and its a shame to put them to waist. Identity has so much potential to be one of the greatest games ever please, don't ruin it by being windows only. #IDENTITYHASSOMUCHPOTENTIAL PLEASE CONFIRM IF IT WILL BE RELEASED ON MAC BY REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT
  20. Just ideas

    Hey guys! I made this account like yesterday and these are the ideas I came up with: - First of all, doing bad stuff must be hard. We all know that almost everyone is going to just kill people when they made their character like a minute ago. Your character must be weak without all those training and more police on your butt if they can't catch you in like 5 minutes and not just give up if they lost you. - Going to the gym to be stronger and look fit etc. You can collect gym XP and can unlock like a new form of tricep or something. Each body part should have their own XP bar. Ofcourse your XP should go down after like a month, meaning your slowly going back to your older body. This also should affect how strong you are. - Trusty gamers should get chosen by the creators to report who is cheating. People caught cheating should get banned forever or start from zero. That will piss them fucking off and let them be scared so they can't do that anymore. - Not showing username. I feel like this a stupid idea but also good because it's going to force the gamers to find out who they are and so on. - An App that you can check on your real phone to see who is online in the game. Also all kinds of other stuff in the app similar to Instagram. The app's name should be 'Identified' - Graffiti in the game should be awesome. Under your art must show your username so it can prevent stupid things. It can also be voted to stay or to be removed. - Importing your own 3D model or making models in the game could help the game big time. You can also see wonderful stuff in the art world of the game. Also making your own animations too (like for dancers in the strip club , dance events, creating your own walking style). - Fighting system: You should be weak and don't know much moves besides a basic weak punch. Just like how I find the gyms should be, the same should be with boxing clubs. I really like the UFC game system. Your stamina should go down when you perform a technique so you have to fight carefully. You have to be in a fighting state to fight like a boxer,... - Scrap things like hair growing, having a baby and so on. Little things that don't make sense to me. But I think a character should get hungry and thirsty. So they can perform better. - Realistic money like in the real world. A push to work harder for gamers. - Omg please not a gun shop on every street corner. It should be far away in a hidden place. Carrying a weapon should be visible but you can hide lttle weapons. - Parcour training! - Death: Accidental deaths should let characters wake up in a hospital (if a player shoots you too and you didn't want to fight). By crime, in prison .Back zero when you die is extreme. - Driving: Everyone should behave when they ride. Random speed limiters? on streets. Police should punish you when they see you driving fast or parked wrong. Gas should be optional. - Making your own hairstyles!. You can make different sections of your hair longer, braided, stiff, curly and play with hairpins.
  21. Health Bar?

    Will there be a health bar feature in the game? I think that if it's realistic, wounds will be categorized as fatal and non-fatal. Fatal obviously being headshots and non-fatal being injuries to legs or other limbs (speaking in terms of gunshot wounds). And also, is there going to be other ways to die besides guns, like car accidents or falling from a certain amount of stories? Will there be animations of doctors desperately trying to save a player, but it's too late?
  22. Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. DM/KOS/RK/PK/CK/Body hiding/death timer/Hospitals/DNA 3. Detaining system/ropes/zip ties/handcuffs 4. Deep web/dark web/black market system 5. Corruption/CIA/Police/Government officials faction 6. Theft/robbery/bank 7. Crafting/objects eg. (piano wire/gun barrel) and Weapons 8. Licences eg. (Hunting) 9. Vehicles 10. Houses/basements/Raids 11. Drugs/effects/farming 12. Seasons/day time/game time/weather 13. Leisure activities 14. Natural events/disasters 15. Hunger/thirst/temperature 16. Damage system 17. Lotto system/gamble 18. Hitmen agency(Faction) 19. Gang territory/graffiti 20. Segregation/pay to win 21. Storage 22. Stamina/gym system 23. Character weight 24. Admins 1. Introduction. The purpose of this post is to suggest game ideas, that me and others believe will drastically improve the games realism, as well as immersion in order to get the best experience from the game. All of these suggestions are from Role-players with over 1000 hours on role play games, such as San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP), whom have played servers such as "Los Santos Role Play", "Next Generation Gaming" and "Moving Target Gaming". Finally i hope that this post gives you an insight into some players likes/dislikes and you can gain inspiration. Remember this is only an opinion of how we would like the game, it may not be to everyone liking. And we understand somethings mentioned may not be possible. Thank you. 2. DM/KOS/RK/PK/CK, Hiding bodies, Death timers, Hospitals (DNA etc.). - DM/KOS/RK/PK, Ok to begin with, this is a huge problem in most role-play games. How do you stop large random kill sprees? Huge penalties. Meaning 10 hour prison sentences that you are forced to sit in game, and roleplay with other inmates until your time is up, also large DM/ serial killing you should be considered for a CK, bringing me onto the next point. Also after a person is killed (PK) they should not be allowed to return to the point in which they was killed for 30 minutes, to avoid revenge killing (RK), once the person is dead, they should role-play no memory of the death. - Character Kill (CK), this means that the "Character" is completely removed from the server, i believe that this is a good penalty for murder, as it will add weight to killing someone, meaning they lose everything. Also they should not be able to rejoin that same server for a 3 week real-time cool-down period, to prevent someone mass DMing, then just rejoining as a new character. The only thing that should be able to CK a person is the hitman agency and government , through a trial which leads to Death row, where the CK will be broadcast onto live television. - Hiding bodies, we believe that this will be a good addition to the game, as it forces a "Murderer" to think about his actions, and the need to hide a body or take caution after killing some. The hiding of a body can be done by actions such as digging graves, dismemberment, burning, hiding (under floor boards/basement etc). - Hospitals, these should be another faction similar to police and government. These hospitals should treat illnesses, such as STD's, pneumonia, cancers (e.g if you have been a heavy smoker for 40 in game years, you might get lung cancer). And should have a ranking system like the police, which means the need for doctors, nurses and paramedics. - DNA, the police service should have a forensics subsection, meaning that if someone is murdered the body shouldn't de-spawn until it is taken away by the hospital service and disposed of, we understand this could cause performance issues, however with a good functioning factions in-game and the hefty penalty for intentionally killing someone, it should not cause a huge amount of problems for performance. A person should be able to "mask" their DNA, by wearing masks and gloves to cover them from being traced. 3. Detaining system, Ropes, Zip ties, Handcuffs. - Detaining system, this involves a person being subjected to movement restraints, we believe that there should be a system to break loose from these restraints, our initial thought, was to add a system that allows the person to press a sequence of keys on the keyboard, similar to how guitar hero works, so a key will show up and they will have to press it once every 5 seconds and if you miss a key it will add time onto it, but it will be capped at the maximum time of the specific restraint. An example of how long it should take is; 5 minutes for zip ties, 15 minutes for rope and 30 minutes for hand cuffs, however there should be an animation for this, so that people can see when the person is trying to escape. Also the persons fatigue should play a part in whether they can break out or not, for example if the person is severely beaten and has broken limbs he should not be able to break free from restraints. 4. Deep Web, Dark Web and Black Market System. - This is a topic that may be difficult to implement, however we believe there should be a black market, where you can buy higher grade weapons off of the internet from other players which have created them, however this should be limited by shipment times, meaning that people can't just pump out large amounts of black market weaponry. Also there should be a deep/dark web application that you can download to your personal laptop (Similar to Tor), which you have to find out from other people the sites which they can visit and purchase black market goods. These black market goods should have high prices and risky logistics to transport them to your chosen location, meaning you could waste your money and have a risk of being caught out. Also on the deep web you are able to hire hit-men for role-play reasons and if you get caught hiring a hitman you will get less jail time than actually killing someone, also they will carry out your request (if you want the body hidden or not), however only if you find the correct sites. 5. Corruption, CIA, Police and Government faction. - Corruption, this is a very serious matter, however it shouldn't just be removed from the game. People should be able to be corrupt, but at their own risk and a large penalty. For example if a police officer wanted to steal high grade weapons and sell them privately he could, but if he is caught whilst doing this, there will be a penalty similar to murder. CIA will be able to assassinate government officials and high ranking policemen (Player kill, not character kill), at their own risk, however they can get over thrown if found out, minimizing the faction, but not completely removing them, as they are an essential faction to the game. - CIA, the CIA should be responsible for underground and black market activities, and have the purpose of finding any illegal weapons and underground criminals, as well as keeping track of detective work and general protection of the land. The leader may choose to be corrupt or not, however the whole faction will pay the price for it. - Police, we believe that the police should be able to assist in bank robberies and if any corruption is found in the police force it should negatively affect their characters. If they want to be corrupt they should do it at their own risk, but it will cause massive repercussions if found out, such as it being very hard to get any other jobs and ruin their careers, causing huge fine penalties and jail times, also they will face a trial, giving lawyers responsibility. - Government, the government will most likely have some corruption in the game, as expected. However if an official rises to power through corruption, then found out, he will face similar consequences to a police officer, or given a lower ranking position. 6. Theft, Robbery and The bank. - Of course everyone wants to rob the bank don't they? Some people will play this game with the sole intention of robbing the bank, however you should not be able to spam rob the bank, which is probably already being dealt with, however we believe it should be one step further, with huge penalties for attempting a bank robbery, which will lead to people think about their approach to the robbery and hopefully should bring elaborate plans and teams together to rob the bank successfully. - Robbery in general, you should only be able to rob someone if subdued and restrained, for example if they have their hands up and you frisk them, then you are able to take what you want from them, also on death you should be able to loot the persons corpse for any items on them making it meaningful when you die. 7. Crafting, Objects (Piano wire, Gun barrels) and Weapons. - Crafting, Crafting should be a key element in both general life in the game, as well as black market aspects, meaning you can craft fishing rods and weapons if you have the correct means to do so. This will add a new level of depth to the game as people can become proficient in crafting and the time they put into it should be valued. However people should still just be able to buy what they want with in-game cash if they want to, you shouldn't feel forced to craft. - Objects, building your own furniture should be an elaborate but simple system, for example you can get wood from the forest and then go to someone who is proficient in making furniture, to then create and deliver the set piece that you want. - Weapons, of course weapons should be difficult to come by, and there should be set rules in place unless laws are changed by the government faction. This goes into more depth in the Licences subsection. 8. Licenses. - This is a very important subject that will regulate gun use, we believe that there should be gun shops, however you should have to apply for a license on the forums, either a Concealed carry weapons license (CCW) These licenses allow you to store and transport a firearm on your person. They may only be kept concealed and may not be visible in an exposed holster. CCW Licenses may be taken away if a person is arrested for any crime or found violating any of the terms of the CCW agreement found in the application. This change will decrease the ability to legally obtain a firearm to use illegally or illegally possess a firearm obtained legally. A highly strict application process for a CCW license will ensure only those qualified are allowed. Those who abuse the PF license system to carry a concealed weapon will simply have their license and firearms taken away. And PF license these licenses allow you to buy firearms for personal protection or sport. They may be stored in a house, business, or other approved area. They may be used for hunting in a designated area. They may be transported only in a locked case in the trunk of a car. PF Licenses may be taken away if a person is arrested for a felony, arrested for possession or use of a controlled substance, or found to be carrying a concealed weapon without a proper CCW permit. - Any other licenses, such as vehicle license should be obtained through in-game training and the need for a driving test. 9. Vehicles. - Vehicles should be as realistic as possible, meaning when you crash your vehicle it can become permanently damaged, adding the need for a mechanic job and the need for vehicle insurance. Having a realistic vehicle model will make racing fun and intense for licensed racing and underground racing. Also you should be able to perform your own vehicle repairs if you have the skills necessary to do so. 10. Houses, Basements and Raids. - Houses, houses are an important factor in identity, and can mean the world making them nice, or people can use them as a hiding and place of storage. We believe you should be able to break into houses and do what you will, this adds the need for alarm systems and other means of housing protection. Adding a potentially high risk, high reward aspect to robbing a house. - Basements, these are a necessary feature in housing, and will change the value of the property as it adds great role-playing elements to the game, such as kid napping and assists with types of disgusting role-play, as well as non-disgusting role-play, such as a games room, gym or in house bar. - Raids, we believe that raids should be a key element in the game, adding an extra need for a co-ordinated SWAT team, so that houses with a search warrant, can be search in a controlled fashion. Adding a potentially intense element to a crime career. 11. Drug, Effects and Farming/cultivation. - Drugs are necessary in the road of crime, and will need to be implemented. However they should not be completely pointless. Drugs must have certain advantages and disadvantages to them, so that they are not only used for role-playing reasons, for example alcohol will make you more immune to the cold, however you have the risk of getting drunk and blurred vision. Cocaine will give you more stamina for a certain time, before reducing your max stamina bar, when coming down from the drugs. This gives a use to drugs and adds the want for them. - Farming and cultivation of both food and drugs should be added, as they will add more diversity to the game, as it brings more careers, as you can be a simple farmer or drug lord. 12. Seasons, Day/night cycle, weather. - One crucial element to the games immersion will be the day and night cycle, in our opinion these should be 4 hour real-time day and night cycle, allowing people who may not get much time to play, to see both the day and night, to get different experiences in the game. - seasons, these will bring another level to the game, meaning every 90 in-game days, the season will change obviously going from spring, summer, autumn and winter and adding different effects to the environment adding a great real effect to the game, these season will also affect the in-game weather types during the season. Therefore it cannot snow during the summer. 13. Leisure activities. - Activities such as playing basketball, swimming, skiing and football should all have their own professional teams which can be viewed at an arena or on TV every week. Characters outside of these teams should be able to place bets on who they want to win. 14. Natural events/disasters. - Admins and the community should be able to organize events such as terror attacks or flooding which can change the game play immensely. Making insurance play a bigger role and keep the game feeling more natural and fresh with new things that are unsuspecting. 15. Hunger/Thirst/Temperature. -Hunger/Thirst: In order to make Characters feel more realistic/immersive a system like this should be implemented in which allows a Player to craft their own recipes then be able to eat/drink them. It should also be that depending on what a Character eats will lower/higher the chance in which they could catch illnesses. So if someone was to eat raw meat or live a very unhealthy lifestyle then their chance will be greater compared to someone who goes to the gym and eats healthy foods. To balance this out, healthy foods should be slightly more expensive and less common whilst there are more fast food restaurants with cheaper prices. -Temperature: Characters should be able to freeze/over-heat depending on the environment they are in or their clothing. This should also change depending on the season in which they are in so going to a snowy mountain in winter with no clothes on, should be suicide. 16. Damage system. - his system needs to be kept as realistic as possible by things such as, a percentage in which a bone will break from a height/bullet wound depending on the height of the drop or the caliber of the round. With broken bones should limit movement and stamina and the ability to wield weapons/carry heavy loads. There should also be a bleeding system in which a Character needs to stop the bleeding either through a makeshift tourniquet or medical help. This will help bring the Emergency/Health services Faction more viable as there will often be times in which Characters may hurt themselves and need this aid. 17. Lotto system/gamble. - This is a small scale feature that I believe will help the immersion of Identity. It can also be a fun/social thing to do by chancing your luck with your peers. It should also have a possibility of completely changing a Characters wealth. This should be kept as realistic as possible by having the Player choose a number, 1-300 and then the lottery should draw at the end of the week. If nobody wins, then the money should roll over. There should be Casinos which should include all sorts of gambling games. 18. Hit men agency(Faction). - We believe that this should be an aspect of Identity. The Hit men agency should be a Faction which can only recruit internally. This Faction should have a very limited amount allowed in and should remain completely secret in having its own Forum page and be available to contact through the Deep/dark web. To balance this Faction out and to make it have a solid purpose in the game, members in this Faction need to agree upon joining that any member in the Faction can CK(Character kill) another member for any reason. This is to make the Faction extremely risky and makes selection a very critical task. Also, those in the Faction should be able to CK anyone with a contract on their head. This makes the Faction a viable role and will help minimize the amount of DM's (Death matches). The prices for these contracts should be extremely high and not available to everyone. 19. Gang territory/Graffiti. - Gang capture points/zones should also consist of territory through Graffiti. This gives no real additional advantage other than the purpose of role play. Gangs should be able to over-paint other gangs markings and of course role play that area as their own land. This should be illegal and the police should be able to remove these markings completely. This will help to make gang warfare more immersive. 20. Segregation/Pay to win. - This is an important topic as this can make or break a community. Segregation SHOULD NOT be incorporated in anyway. That means: No VIP zones, no Backer zones or anything of that matter. All players should be joined together and treated equally no matter if they pay for VIP or not. The reasons for integrating the entire community is so that nobody feels left out or feels that VIP users get an advantage over them. This way, it will create full immersion and fairness. Segregating could cause favoritism for Factions/Admins and all together could really hurt the community. 21. Storage. This needs to be realistic as in, you shouldn't be able to fit a hunting rifle in a backpack and would have to carry it through a gun sling or a vehicle. Carrying through a gun sling should be visible to everyone and therefor you'd only be able to conceal carry firearms which are of a realistic size such as handguns. Storage should also be based on weight and you should be able to store objects in your house/vehicle. Another purpose for storage could be for fishers. Storing the fish they catch in a cool box should preserve the quality of the fish they catch if they wish to sell it on or even eat it. 22. Stamina/gym system. - There needs to be a solid purpose other than a role play reason in which going to a gym could benefit you. I've seen in role play games before features similar to gyms/working out are simply ignored by the majority of the Server. As there is almost no need in going there, many people just abandon it. Which is why making Gyms a purpose can shine the light on this feature and make it both fun and immersive. There are two main reasons to go to a gym: - The first being, it will increase your characters Stamina -The second being, it will increase the amount of weight your character can carry (This will be talked about more in the next point) Now going to the gym SHOULD NOT; increase the amount of damage you do, the amount of health you have or how fast you can run. As this can easily be abused. The Disadvantage for going to the gym should obviously be you'd have to pay and also it should take a long time to build these stats up. And, like in reality, not going to the gym for a significant amount of time will impact your Stamina/weight carry back to the stock stats. This way only those who truly want to work their character out will have these benefits but also will face the costs of not keeping up with their routine. Going to the gym should also be fun. To make this fun, the Player should be engaged in a mini game as they are training. Rather than sitting there doing nothing. 23. Character weight. - How do you keep game play realistic and fully immersive when you can carry 5 assault rifles on you at once? The solution to this is adding a maximum weight in which a Character can carry. This will bring a need in for accessories such as backpacks and also make gyms more viable as with working out in a gym should bring greater stamina, which in return will allow you to carry a small amount more of weight. This should of course be capped to stop a ridiculous abuse of strength. The more weight a Character carries should also depict how much Stamina that Character has at that time. 24. Admins. - Admins are an important factor in maintaining the structure and community of a server. Every vanilla server should have at least 5 active admins on to deal with any mass PK/DM or any other problems that may happen. These admins should be recruited through the Forums and should gain no other benefit or abuse their power. They should have their own Character like anyone else but can then go on Duty to deal with any /reports that come up. They should not be able to Spawn or /kill anyone they please and should remain professional when on duty. 25. Rape/Gore/18+ servers (Full immersion). - How do you control disgusting role play? Well, there is actually a very simple method for this which is making 18+ servers. The reasons behind it? Players who enjoy this type of role play want to fully immersed in their game play. I've seen a lot of servers which prohibit disgusting role play unless if all parties comply to it, together in-game. Now this can arise a bunch of problems such as slowing down role play, making it feel more sluggish and less fluid, pulling each Player out of immersion and also causing Players to get violent in OOC(Out of Character) which can ruin the community. In some other cases, Admins are called to the scene just to calm things down. By having these 18+ servers, before joining it, Players already agree to disgusting role play and should be informed about this, which should lead to a fully immersed RP experience.
  23. Some ideas

    Bank Card's - wouldn't it be good to have the option to apply/buy a bank card where you can carry money round without the fear of being robbed for cash. you can make purchases from it with a !0% charge? of course your card can be took from you but any transactions made will show up and the game tag of the player will show and can then be reported to the police. owning a country house - you can plant illegal drugs on your land business partners - you can invest in a business with a friend, half the costs half the profits Buying and selling vehicles - you can buy second hand or impounded cars (used in heists or drug carrying seized by the police and sold to a wheeler dealer in turn he can make a small profit when selling. or damaged cars brought to a scrap yard in turn for money where the car can be scrapped for resources or fixed up and sold off any other ideas?
  24. Job Ideas

    So far i'm new to this Game and i'm just checking it out but I've taken a look at the Jobs and i was wondering about Ideas. So far i haven't really seen many Jobs that interest me, so i was wondering would we be able to be a Freelance Photographer considering the World and also maybe an Entertainer/Musician?
  25. Driving License

    Could there possibly be a driving license that people will need in order for them to drive? so people don't end up driving recklessly. Well in order to have this driving license they will need to do a simple test before they can purchase a vehicle.