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Found 5 results

  1. ATTENTION DEVELOPMENT TEAM Development team a very important thing that I always hate in game developers is that they hardly ever release games on Mac, I would love you so much and back you 100% if you can confirm that you WILL release this game on Mac, and Windows. Macs have pretty good specs and its a shame to put them to waist. Identity has so much potential to be one of the greatest games ever please, don't ruin it by being windows only. #IDENTITYHASSOMUCHPOTENTIAL PLEASE CONFIRM IF IT WILL BE RELEASED ON MAC BY REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT
  2. Will Mac be supported in the first module? Also, Im about to purchase the game but it doesn't say anything about mac download anywhere? Thanks.
  3. Hey

    I'm happy to check in and see a thriving forum community to dive back in to, so I finally whipped up an account to start chatting. I am here from Asylum, being on the servers since mid 2014. I've racked up around 2000 hours on server 3 alone, before focusing on a wider variety of games and working to make more video content for YouTube and Twitch. Others here who have been on the Asylum servers as long as I have, have seen players and staff come and go, keeping to our grinds and preferred play styles, but I am just like the many others who just kinda got burnt out a bit. It got kinda stale, but far later than I expected. Asylum made it to where ArmA was well worth it's money. I'm so fucking excited to see this project be as good as we had hoped. Asylum has grown to a huge community and being apart of that active community growth was pretty damn great. THIS, looks like a whole different 'something' to be apart of. This looks like it scratches and itch that you didn't even know ArmA gave you. Happy to say I'll be on board 100% and will be there beta day #1, ready to go. Over the years you run into devs on servers, either having good or bad experiences. Every time you get into some type of dev or admin shenanigans with these guys, they always end up as good times. That's a great team to trust when helping a game be developed. I want to say hello to everyone from the Asylum servers and everyone who has come here from other ArmA related life servers. I also want to say hello to everyone who is new to this type of community and are potentially even more excited than any of use spoiled life players could be. Anyone who stumbles upon this game will really have their mind blown away. Where are you guys from? I'll be contributing regularly here from now on, having realized the website is so polished now. I feel bad for being so late. Can't wait to see you guys in the beta! YouTube: Twitch:
  4. Not sure if this has been asked before, but will we have Mac support? Heresy, I know! Please don't hurt me?