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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I was just wondering whether something like this was implemented or planned to be implemented into the game. A lot of the issues I find with games like this, are that they lack some depth within the characters themselves, especially in-game. I've seen previews of the characters customisation menu and i haven't seen any options pertaining to body-type/ build? I'd find the game a lot more interesting if something like that were to be added, as it would make customisation more realistic and would allow you to create a more diverse population of people and people could also replicate themselves as an in-game character more accurately. If this isn't something you'd add to the character customisation menu, maybe allow it to be done over time in-game? e.g, eating excessively causes weight gain, training at a gym increases muscle mass etc. I believe adding such realistic options to the game adds more depth overall and would really make it interesting to me. thanks for listening, personally i think options like this would be quite immersive, adding such a high level of detail and customisation really creates a life-like game.
  2. What do you guys think?
  3. Will our Usernames we chose be our in-game Names?
  4. In-game Community Boards

    Hi all, I had the idea that boards can be placed around in certain locations in the game which could be called "Community Boards". The idea of Community Boards would be so that players can interact with these boards and see the latest news and announcements which are made (especially useful for private RP servers). Moderators/Admins can submit articles to be placed on community boards and the boards can be split into IC and OOC sections. OOC sections would contain updates to the server for example and IC sections could be latest news that has happened in-game such as: "Male killed in car crash outside City Hall" (for example). Community Boards could also have extended sections for example: In the IC section, their could be Job Advert section and a general advert section so that people who are employing can advertise their job or people who are offering their job service to the community can advertise there. They might or might not need to pay for this (up to admins). Let me know what you think of the idea!
  5. TeamSpeak or Voice over?

    Hello all, i was wondering if the game will feature in game voice over or a mod for TS, since i know many modded Arma 3 servers have Taskforce, in my own opinion i love this mod since it really give a sense of realism. But the question is will there be a Mod similar to TFR or will there just be realistic In-Game chat ?