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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I was just wondering whether something like this was implemented or planned to be implemented into the game. A lot of the issues I find with games like this, are that they lack some depth within the characters themselves, especially in-game. I've seen previews of the characters customisation menu and i haven't seen any options pertaining to body-type/ build? I'd find the game a lot more interesting if something like that were to be added, as it would make customisation more realistic and would allow you to create a more diverse population of people and people could also replicate themselves as an in-game character more accurately. If this isn't something you'd add to the character customisation menu, maybe allow it to be done over time in-game? e.g, eating excessively causes weight gain, training at a gym increases muscle mass etc. I believe adding such realistic options to the game adds more depth overall and would really make it interesting to me. thanks for listening, personally i think options like this would be quite immersive, adding such a high level of detail and customisation really creates a life-like game.
  2. im not sure if this has already been asked but I cant seem to find the answer. Does anyone know how the clothes customisation will work like can you put images on them or will it just be changing colour?
  3. Customer Customisation

    I had an idea, for the player customisation when it comes to facial features have a feature that will scan your face with a webcam or have dimensions which can be changed to a precise "mm" so you can actully make your character look like you in real life! To make the game feel even more realistic! In other games when it came to customisation of the character it sucks because it usually messes up for the customisation is just terrible and the options are too complicated. Just had a thought! Thank you for reading (if you did)
  4. Customisation

    Idea or suggestion about customisation the cars.I know, identity got customisations for cars, but what you mean by that?When somebody talking about customisation I think about this - What do you feel about it?)
  5. Car Customisation Queries

    Can you do engine swaps? That's where you take the engine out of one car and you put it in another car. Can you adjust tyre width? Can you tune a car? What cars have been confirmed in the game?
  6. so we know theres gona be weapon customisation in identity, there are a few specific things i would REALLY like to see post things you want in the way of weapon custiomisation, personally i think the ability to paint your weapon or have skins would be awesome.