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  1. Can you own a real estate company ?

    Thank's for correcting me
  2. Can you own a real estate company ?

    What do you mean with several? You can own multiple apartment's, which you can rent out to people at your own price, Meaning having apartment 1 with 2 bedrooms getting lent out to let's say John and then apartment 2 with 1 bedroom being lent out to Zoe, as an example and in that way you are making money every month or week.
  3. Can you own a real estate company ?

    Yes, the DEV's have said you could own several apartments or build housing in the world! and then be able to rent it out to people at your price, this could happen either on the official servers but also on community ones, but on the community server's the rules might be different!
  4. Customer Customisation

    Just a thought because to me it just seemed like some player's might mind that!
  5. Community Events

    Would there be any community events setup with goals that could either be completed solo or as a whole when you come together as a group with random people and be able to complete such event and then get money or items for housing, also will there be sponsored items from companies, I remember having PlayStation home on PS3 and in there you had your own home! you could invite people and also complete event's and get items and stuff like that!
  6. Mizm electronics

    PC's with customisation internal parts LED's that can be put around the house DJ Decks?
  7. Npcs

    It's true they do not think, by them selves but there are companies that are working on AI that allows them to make their own decisions but also adding fail safes and restrictions so they don't go on a killing spree, I am sure that they can make AI that can judge decisions of the player, and reply accordingly.
  8. Customer Customisation

    I wonder, if well have laws like, when you in a shop getting clothes and you want to try and put those clothes on in a booth, what will happen if someone walks in on you! will there be a full on raid to find the person who did it? or let it slide?
  9. Customer Customisation

    It would be rather an amusing sight!
  10. Customer Customisation

    Oh cool, thank you for that funny example it was just a thought because my brain likes adventures.
  11. Customer Customisation

    I had an idea, for the player customisation when it comes to facial features have a feature that will scan your face with a webcam or have dimensions which can be changed to a precise "mm" so you can actully make your character look like you in real life! To make the game feel even more realistic! In other games when it came to customisation of the character it sucks because it usually messes up for the customisation is just terrible and the options are too complicated. Just had a thought! Thank you for reading (if you did)