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  1. Nominate Identity for Steam Awards!!

    yes let's give an award to a game that has yet to exist.
  2. so they have given estimates for the next modules.....

    even speculation is pointless given how long it has taken town square. baring in mind how complex programming a working system for guns must be, i would say always expect longer than advertised.
  3. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    how is this "the elephant in the room" it is literally all anybody ever talks about
  4. "founder hat" instead of a kickstarter hat

    really appreciate the clarification, this makes sense now. sorry for jumping to conclusions
  5. "founder hat" instead of a kickstarter hat

    it's a hat that recognises you were there from the very beginning, a unique item that only a few thousand people will have. moreover, it was promised in the initial Kickstarter that we would have it.
  6. Much upgrade higher prices now

    scummy move my ass. as the game moves towards completion things will prise to its full price. they haven't raised the item from "normal price" to "expensive" they raised it from "discounted" to "slightly less discounted"
  7. so it seems that I have been granted a founders hat which only seems to be related to pledging to identity "early in development." it seems it matters not whether you pledged on Kickstarter or the website. this is a little disappointing, i assumed from the very start there would be 2 separate hats. anyone else upset about this or is it just me
  8. Younger players

    in all honesty there are plenty of players in that age range that are coherent enough for me to be willing to play with, its just that their voices make me want to fucking slap them. my hope is that the game will have a serious enough tone to turn away players in that age range
  9. Backer Only Area?

    genuenly fab idea, im a backer myself and would love to see this. the one problem I can see is that I don't think the images would be exclusive for long, as soon as they are posted In the backer only area they would be posted on external sites/services as well. Im not trying to say that only us BACKER SUPERIOUS can see the new content, just that we wouldn't exactly see it first if the femtosecond its posted there it gets posted every where else. as well. just a thought
  10. Update The Module Percentage

    i feel that they should push it up in smaller incriments but more often, that way it would seem like its actually building up to the release. and when i say small increments i mean litteraly %1 every one or two weeks

    i hate to burst your bubble but the game has been heavilly delayed. the first MODUAL (a very small taste of the game) is set to be realeased in a coupple months. the full beta probobly wont be released for at least a year, likley longer.
  12. Alright, lets discuss kids.

    thinking about it if the comunity plays the game with a more serious tone and treats it like a prooper rp games maybe kids will think its no fun. fingeres crossed they get the fucking point and it wont turn into dark rp
  13. dude that would mean literaly no progression. in identity the roof is pretty high, you can go all the way from homeless to millionare buisiness owner, that could take WEEKS of time to acomplish. so you're probobly never going to get there if you loose your life with every death, that and perma death would just not work in identity. i couldnt play a game i loose all my progression on so easily. sorry for grammar /spelling
  14. [Closed] IdentityRPG Discord Server

    you got an invite?
  15. Town Square Screenshots! [UPDATED APRIL 2017]

    thanks! the discord you sent isnt valid, dont suppose you could hit me with an updated invite?