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  1. I like reaching out to people who aren't involved in politics in order to get a common sense perpective. Would you support me and The Royal Family for Governorship of Identity.

  2. Silversmith Pictures - Media Company (Idea only)

    Sounds like a cool concept if you can pull it off

    @SupremeLeader look at the application form
  4. Looking to join a business.

    There is a CFO space at my company. If you are interested check this out Crown merch will allow big persoanlities and businesses to sell their merch safely and securely. We will also have our own clothing line. If you want more details pm me
  5. ?Crown Merch - NEW WEBSITE?

    You sure can once the game is out. It will prob cost more than normal merch just because it is custom and isnt made in bulk
  6. ?Crown Merch - NEW WEBSITE?

    thank you
  7. ?Crown Merch - NEW WEBSITE?

    Thank you
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