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Found 1 result

  1. Hello To, all Identity Fans and Staff Members I am here for my Weekly Suggestions I have missed a few weeks but are back with the suggestions, so I am here to present some of my suggestions that I think will be really good for this Game so here are my suggestions. Create a News Channel I would love to have a news channel where players who want to become a news reporter can go and talk about new updates on the servers I would also love for you guys to add a Live Stream Camera that Presents live to everyone around the game on their TVs So they can watch the News Channel. Create TV Programs/Films How awesome it would be Loading the game up and just thinking let’s go watch TV. It would be awesome, Acting and Filming Movies would be awesome, and you can make them and sell the movies at a nearest Retail store or Movie store. I know Town Square is about Meeting and talking but I am talking about Night-time Maybe Watching TV With Wife or Husband or a Couple of Friends. Like Movie Night, maybe bring out some Lemonade and some popcorn and watch the movie with the family or friends. News Reporter This Job Would be cool You Can Film and talk about what has happened over the week and some new updates, Film Crew would be Awesome You can star as the person who films the News Reporter and Films the Live Camera and presents to the crowd. News Reporter Has Special Permissions allowing them to predict the weather and can do other stuff. News Reporter can talk about crimes and other entertaining stuff Place-able Cameras on Vehicles, Houses and other Items Place-able cameras will allow you to have security cameras and allow you to see your house when you away from home, Place-able cameras will allow you to do the Carpool Karaoke or If you want to do a Livestream you can have Place-able cameras on your Vehicles. Live Camera Allows you to Go Live on TV If you want to become a News Reporter, It Allows you to Livestream and people can watch you on their in-game computers. Thanks for listening to my Suggestions See you next time