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  1. "Star Child" Clothing

    Just to be clear, are you going to design and manufacture or just design the clothes.
  2. Those videos are unavailable.
  3. Airsofts can create a lot more opportunities in game

    Exactly the point being, they can add a mechanic where player can only access their airsoft guns in an arena or a field that would solve most of the issues.
  4. Airsofts can create a lot more opportunities in game

    No, that's completely different than airsoft. See mechanics for both of those sports are similar to some extent so they can use paintball mechanics as a base and modify on it that would be great.
  5. I asked about Airsoft in a stream a few weeks back and Motown listed out the problems that might occur like: 1) Airsoft guns look similar to real guns 2) Having it on yourself could give someone false idea of you carrying a real gun. 3) Those are the only ones I can remember Since I want Airsoft in the game so much that I did found out some solutions for it: 1) Make it so the player can only carry guns in a gun case in the city and only open/use the guns in Airsoft arena 2) Or you guys can make so that player can only put their airsoft guns in a locker provided on airsoft arena and not carry them outside it. 3) It would provide for great past time, plus it would be cool to see player owned Airsoft fields/arena that is also designed by them. Possibility of manufacturing those airsoft guns. I hope airsoft can make it in game
  6. Arma Inc.

    Really Nice post, you might encounter a problem regarding the business tho as the guns can be player crafted so everyone can craft their own gun and don't necessarily have to buy it from a store.
  7. Payment Option

  8. Payment Option

    Hello folks, I have come across many people not able to buy packs due to limited "payment option". I bought a founder pack and I don't have paypal account. Just add the pack to your cart and proceed to checkout and then click paypal option and then you should see that you can pay with your credit card or debit card with paypal guest without even login in. Sorry for Grammar errors, I hope this helped at least one of you out
  9. Horses

    I agree, having horses in the game could open up so much game possibility like breeding, trading/selling horses, having a horse race, etc. I hope they add horses in the game if not at the release then as a DLC.