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Found 7 results

  1. Identityrpg icon

    This is a simple identity desktop icon in png format. I couldn't find one so i quickly put one together, and wanted to upload it here, for anyone interested.
  2. What are the rules for custom Logos? Im pretty sure i cant use the "Nike" logo.... can i use my own company logo ea. no profanity i guess.... rules for that would be nice to know ^^
  3. Need logos? I can help

    Hello, new to the community today. I can do logos for free, but my style is uncomplicated and elegant. I used to do work as a professional graphic designer, and I work with Illustrator and vector images. Vector means that you can make the logo any size, from as small as a pinhead to as large as a billboard, and the lines will always be crisp. Let me know if I can help!
  4. Freelance Graphic Designer

    Hello all! I'm an IRL freelance graphic designer who specializes in logo design and branding. I understand that for a game like this, there will be many businesses that are in need of advertising, logos, website designs and much more to represent your company in the game! If you need help with anything like this and would like more information on my services, feel free to contact me here on the forums My portfolios:
  5. I propose this subject so that we all help to create / modify your logos for free, Until the release of the game. Preferably logos and signature for a company or other! Not for any purpose other than for this game. Of course I put my help at your disposal, but everyone can contribute and help! This is the purpose of this topic ! (Until the release of the game, because the other artists and I will charge our services in game, for my part anyway) ! " A logo reflects the values and quality of your business. It is the first link between the customer and you. A poor quality logo, not worked, with bad colors or bad layout will not attract the customer. On the contrary, a simple, clear and timeless logo will attract a wide range of customers ! " _______________________________________ List of works : JamesLuck01 : Canceled. Mattrock607 : Finished. NyanRadscorpion : Finished. _______________________________________
  6. Born To Bleed is a professional boxing team looking to turn our fighters into champions by helping them achieve their full potential and bring greatness to all of Identity RPG. The 'Born To Bleed' Team competes regularly and are very competitive always looking for competition. We want to motivate our fighters to give their best effort at all times whether it's in the ring or training.To join you must train with a Trainer which can be found below along with other information. If you want to set up a fight with one of our fighters message the Team Leader or a Trainer on the forums or come into our gym so we can schedule a appropriate time for the fight. We also host events sometimes with a grand prize! If you are wondering why there is so few openings, it's because we need to focus on our fighters and having too big of a team can be pretty difficult. We want to be able to give everyone even attention and opportunities. If this team is manageable we will create more openings and jobs. Born To Bleed Boxing League Website: Born To Bleed Boxing League Events: Born To Bleed Sponsors: Supreme@SupremeLeader Born To Bleed Members: Amateur Record Pro Record Forum name In-Game Name W - L - D W - L - D CEO/Team Leader/Fighter (Closed) - Mastahakill (Name) 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Representative (Closed) - PRINCECHAWMIN - Timone Garcia Representative (Open) - (Name) (Name) Trainer/Fighter (Open) - (Name) (Name) 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Trainer/Fighter (Open) - (Name) (Name) 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Fighter (Closed) - HeapyHoo-Jesus Araya "Chut" Ernesto 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Fighter (Closed) - GGTZEALOT (Name) 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Fighter (Open) - (Name) (Name) 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Fighter (Open) - (Name) (Name) 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Fighter (Open) - (Name) (Name) 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Fighter (Open) - (Name) (Name) 0 - 0 - 0 0 - 0 - 0 Jobs: CEO/Team Leader: The job of the CEO/Team Leader is to find sponsors, match ups, and events for the fighters to compete in while keeping track of their records. His job is also to scout and recruit fighters IF there are openings. His job is to also enforce the rules and train his fighters. He is also the chief executive officer, the highest ranking person of the company and makes the managerial decisions. Trainer: The job of the Trainers is to recruit fighters IF there are openings. He also trains fighters for upcoming fights. Trainers are allowed to compete in fights as well BUT, they might not to get to compete as much because we need to focus on our fighters.(This applies for the Team Leader as well.) Fighters: The job of the Fighter is to train and compete in fights when they are ready gaining recognition and possibly getting a sponsor for themselves or the team. Representative: His job is to speak for our team/business and showcase our fights/events and stay in contact with our sponsors and help manage. The job of the Representatives also are pretty much assist the CEO/Team Leader with his job because it can get overwhelming. Team Application Process: To join you must talk to the Team Leader or a Trainer on the forums,with a direct message, or in-game. (Forum Name) (RP Name) (Do you have a mic?) (Age):Optional (What position are you trying to get?) (What makes you wanna join the team?) (How active are you?) (Tell us a little about yourself) (Anything else you would like to tell us?) After talking to us, we will call In-game or let you know on the forums or direct message if you got accepted into B.T.B. (most likely on how you contacted us.) Rules:No weapons, The fighter must only use their boxing gloves (or fists if there are no boxing gloves) to fight.No drug use such as weed,cocaine,heroine,steroids, etc. Use of these drugs will automatically disqualify the fighter.No bad sportsmanship, Fighters must not curse or insult the other fighter or this can result in a warning or a disqualification.Fighters must obey the referee at all times or they will receive a warning or disqualification.Fighters must not attack the referee or they will receive a warning but most likely a disqualification.Fighters must not attack the other fighter after the bell (or the end of the round or match) or it will end in a disqualification or the fighter will receive a warning.If a Fighter "floors" their opponent, they cannot hit them when they're on the canvas.If a fighter is absent when his fight is up, he has 1 minute to show up or it will be considered a no contest. If it is an event, the fighter that is missing his opponent will move on to the next fight.Fighters only have a 1 minute break between rounds, taking too long will result in a warning or disqualification. When a round is over, the fighters must return to their corner.(These rules only apply if there is mechanics in place for these.)If you score a knockdown on your opponent, you must go to the farthest neutral corner while the referee makes the count.The floored boxer has up to 10 seconds to get back up on his feet before losing the bout by knockout.A boxer who is knocked down cannot be saved by the bell in any round.Referee/Judges:Referee's and Judges will most likely just be hired to avoid cheating and/or favoritism. If we cannot hire one, we'll have somebody on our team and/or the other team to judge and/or referee to fill in the spots. The Referee will be in charge of enforcing the rules, stopping the fight if somebody is knocked out, or if nobody is knocked out the Referee will announce the final decision made by the judges at the end of a fight. Judging: Since there is no take downs,kicks and other stuff, The judges will keep track of whoever ever lands the most good punches,using good technique and blocking. If nobody is knocked out, the decision will be made by the judges. They will choose whoever they thought was the best fighter and be announced by the referee after he gets the final decision from the judges.Rounds and Time: There can be 3-5 rounds and each one will be 3-5 mins. It depends on who's fighting and what kind of fight it is.Amateur Fights: I match up one of my fighters with another fighter from another gym/club who are around the same skill level, unless there is nobody else to fight and they still want to fight but they risk a butt whooping and a loss on their record that I'll keep track of. A Amateur Fight will be 3 rounds and 3 minutes with 1 minute break between rounds for corner men to tend to their fighters.Professional Fights: This is when I match up my best fighters with the best fighters out there and put their skills to the test and put it on their pro record, no matter if it's win or loss. Possibly being a reward at the end A Professional Fight will be 5 rounds and 5 mins with a 1 minute break between rounds for corner men to tend to their fighters. Special Events: I might host special events and might have people pay for tickets to enter the fight and spectate it. We'll have people from multiple gyms and teams to compete for the grand prize while trying to improve their record while getting recognition. Each event will have at least 8, 12 or 16 fighters. It will be set up like this. All fighters that participated will get a shout out for their teams and a thank you at the end of the event. Match Up and Event Example:
  7. Video Editor / Logo Maker

    Hi everyone I am looking to practice my video editing, Photoshopping and logo making skills. If you want any logos made or videos edited i would be happy to do them for free.