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Found 5 results

  1. A long time ago, I made an online tool located here That basically let's you fill out your character information. And use it as a signature. I haven't really been too active with advertising it. As I've been busy with other stuff, and not really sure if it's ready or not. But some of you have already been using it trough my signature. Which is awesome! I never actually expected to see anyone else actually using it on the forums. But I have, and it's so awesome. Thank you to those who have already been using it. And I do hope more people will find it useful as well, and might actually enjoy it. Of course, this would not have been possible without the great art work by @Bryzha. Because I'm a terrible artist. And Bryzha is amazing! And I also had a little help from EasterEgg and Kuzkay. (Who never got back to me with their forum usernames so I can't properly credit them.) With that said, if you wish to help out by making more overlays. Send me a PM, and we can talk about the technical details. Again the URL is if you're interested in checking it out. Oh, and feel free to post your creations in this thread. I would love to see what people come up with! I'll start with a couple...
  2. I propose this subject so that we all help to create / modify your logos for free, Until the release of the game. Preferably logos and signature for a company or other! Not for any purpose other than for this game. Of course I put my help at your disposal, but everyone can contribute and help! This is the purpose of this topic ! (Until the release of the game, because the other artists and I will charge our services in game, for my part anyway) ! " A logo reflects the values and quality of your business. It is the first link between the customer and you. A poor quality logo, not worked, with bad colors or bad layout will not attract the customer. On the contrary, a simple, clear and timeless logo will attract a wide range of customers ! " _______________________________________ List of works : JamesLuck01 : Canceled. Mattrock607 : Finished. NyanRadscorpion : Finished. _______________________________________
  3. Signatures

    Hey everybody 'Nanar here, So I did a not so quick Photoshop job and made myself a image for my signature; but now when I am trying to add the image to my signature(via other media options drop-down) there's only two options: Insert Existing Attachments & Insert Image from URLS. Well the first option just gives me a pop up saying my account isn't authorized to do this & the latter option... well my image is saved to my computer not hosted on a webpage so there's no link. I figured maybe if I saved it to my Google Drive then technically it's being hosted there right? Wrong! (Already to my extent of knowledge) it didn't work and just tells me that it can't retrieve the dimensions. So do I need to find a website to host my image? I honestly don't know and any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated.
  4. Perhaps 300 is too much

    Well, as you can see from my current signature a 300 line maximum is a bit extreme. I'm thinking that it should be reduced to ~25 as to avoid spammers and trolls (I'm keeping my sig like this for just a tad to help explain my point - I'll change it back soon) Edit: I've changed my signature back to the regular size. But, while I had ~300 lines my posts alone took up well over half this page. Perhaps someone should reduce the max?
  5. Hey all, If anyone's getting the message "This image is too large" when they try to upload a signature to their account, try changing the size of said image on this site: Simply give it the picture you want to change and then click Custom Size. Set the values to a minimum of 600x150 px, and try uploading it again. You should find that your problems have been fixed Hope this helps! Felix