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  1. Need A Graphics Designer

    Oh, put 2 images and text is called graphics design ? Insulting the work of others to valorise his own, is anything but professional.
  2. Cuuka's drawings.

    This is not for server. And please, post only drawing, no spaming pics
  3. Wheelchairs

    Oh, i see, personally it's not my opinion, I've never seen a person piss out of a person in a wheelchair.. I admit that there are, but it is extremely rare.. Make jokes yeah, but that's something else. But I do not "insist" as long as i'm not concerned and as there is no more request for this addition.
  4. Wheelchairs

    Don't understand, you mean that some people would laugh at people in armchairs ? (I really need to improve my English ..) If that's what you mean, I do not see why people would trolling .. And even if that was the case, it's not a reason not to include armchairs, in my opinion
  5. Wheelchairs

    Very good idea, I do not have the memory of having read information on wheelchairs. It would add to the rp, and it would be even indispensable for people who are in wheelchairs in real life and wish to represent themselves in the game =) @LuckyDuck Some info ?
  6. Cuuka's drawings.

    Oww thanks you ! Do not hesitate to post one or two of your paintings if you wish some advice, or just show them =) thanks
  7. Cuuka's drawings.

    Progress on colorization :
  8. Hello!

    Welcome here @Wolfsaz =) If you want information about the game, first read the 2 FAQ here 'n here (if not already done). Hope to see you in game !
  9. Need A Graphics Designer

    The search function is good sometimes.
  10. Vigilantes?

    Excuse me, but what is a Vigilante? A super-hero ?
  11. Which Pack?

    Hi and.. hm.. strange name.. You are in the best position to choose the offer that suits you, As said @TheNerdyChef, the $30 offer will allow you to test the alpha as soon as it is released. This is the most chosen offer I imagine. Some prefer not to buy anything and wait for reviews to get an idea, Others have chosen to trust developers and buy more expensive packs, to get the bonuses they offer (which will no longer be available later), or to support them and help the game to develop. We can tell you what offers the packs, but it is impossible to tell you which one to choose =) It all depends on your preferences, and your wallet. Personally, I chose to buy the $90 package in 2 payments, for its bonuses, and to support the developers on the progress of the game.
  12. what type of brand soda u want to see

    Some Cuuka-Cola would be great and delicious..
  13. Death-EMS

    Death is not permanent no, fortunately =) I'll give you my answer based on everything I've seen from the answers of devs, moderators etc. So all I'm saying is to confirm : - If you die, you respawn in a safe zone (at home I imagine, if you have a place of residence). You will only lose what you were wearing on you at that time. So weapons, money (that will be on you, not in your bank account) etc. You'll keep everything else, house, etc ... even your clothes. At the skills level, no idea .. - If you are wounded, you will have to wait until an ambulance arrives to treat you, if you do not die before. I do not know if there will be diseases, but it has been said by devs that a large drug intake will give you a gradual lack of effect. (So I imagine that for big drugs, meth, for example, you can die of it) If it's not in a safe-zone, I think if so, one player can kill another one. I think the stress gauge is there to avoid the mass-kill especially =)
  14. Hello of Deauville in France

    Welcome here @Dragonefly =) I can not tell if your English is good or not, but I can tell you that not being English, I can very well understand it If you have any question about the game, first read the two FAQ Here & Here. See you ! (Et bien content qu'il y est un peu plus de fran├žais ! ahah)
  15. DLC Ideas

    If they do not add a helicopter or any other player proposals, it is because they have good reasons, whether for technical or practical reasons. I think they are in the best position to know if an addition can be made, and has its place or not in the game. I find it already nice that they allow players to make suggestions, Given that it's the play of their dream that they create by passion (as they already mentioned). And let's not forget that the first module is not even released yet, the additions will be made as the development, and after the final release of the game =)