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  1. Discord NL/BE

    looks good, i joined
  2. How long do you have to wait when you died before you respawn. Or is this not how it Works ?
  3. Identity Political Roleplay Story

    Keep going please
  4. Cartel suggestions

    The Emilio Cartel
  5. hello from the nederlands-Amsterdam

    hey welkom man en succes
  6. Keysers Oil

  7. Will there be Oil in The game i would love to start a company specialized in Oil mining
  8. Investment System (That Works)

    I love this you should write a book about it in-game.
  9. If i start à company could i buy à office or a big building as headquarter of my company. Where other people Also could get in
  10. Family?

    Would be cool if you could get officially Married