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  1. ah you mean bots for players that own a business in-game?
  2. there will be tons of servers I guess. I guess there will be npc or they will recruit people to help other people on every server.
  3. Is this taking too long? Poll

    Sorry , yeah no poll post. But still, even if people would vote for the poll. It would not help anything or anyone. It's just kinda hate to the developers for no reason.
  4. Everyone gets an Alias Card

    Great idea! What happens when your alias gets out? Can you get a new one? May people tell about your aliases?
  5. Is this taking too long? Poll

    too many posts about this. You should read some other posts about this for more information.
  6. just pledged!

    Welcome! Sorry to say but you would need to pledge another 15 dollars to get access to the module. Btw I'm doing great, what about you? Hope to see you around
  7. Hi there! Just Arrived

    Welcome! I just came back from italy. It was lovely, such kind people. I hope you have a great time <3
  8. Is this possible?

    It's just clickbait, this game is wildlands.
  9. Hi

    Welcome! Also looking forward, hope to see you in-game. Have a great day.
  10. New from France

    Hi there, You can just read some posts of people here and you will see they are much more mature then you think. All the people here are lovely and also getting weapons or a place where you could just kill someone, won't be that easy. I hope you will enjoy your time on here!
  11. Hello from eastern USA

    Welcome to the lovely Identity community! I hope you will have a great time on here. Btw what package did you get?
  12. dev blog missing

    I saw one, but oh well it's not a problem. In their last stream they said there would be a devblog like very soon. Maybe today or tomorrow + they will stream tuesday.
  13. dev blog missing

    I only know there will be a stream on tuesday and there also will be a post very soon. Making a post about this won't really help since a lot of people do it right now.
  14. folder

    Hey guys! I had a suggestion about folders. So I'm a manager of a model agency, if I would give events I would like to advertise them. I think the best way is to give people folders of your event, or a sheet of paper. There are of course other ways, but I think these ways are at the start way to expensive. Will this be people does anyone know? ~ Greetz Dean
  15. June 5th

    Game like identity needs a ton of time. It is delayed but I like to see that actually. It gives me the feeling they really care about what our first experience will be. It doesn't tell me they are just lazy. Because you can see they spend a lot of time in this game. You don't want a game that has tons of bugs, looks ugly and where developers only want money. There is nothing to worry about, we will get a GREAT game when it is released, because they took their time. Unlike other developers.