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  1. Painfully Waiting....

    OMG so true. The female clothes in GTA were just awful. They didn't even have skirts!
  2. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    They should give you temporary buffs and if you stop taking them you would get some major debuffs.
  3. This game looks promising

    You couldn't think of a more original name than "ricegum"?
  4. Where did the Discord server go?

    Yeah i noticed that too
  5. Luxury Hotels

    Penthouses are Confirmed i think
  6. I would love to see drag and drop character customization like they have in the sims 4
  7. Truck Hijacking

  8. Folie - Clothing Line

    We will be taking applications for in store positions after the launch
  9. Folie - Clothing Line

    Of course.
  10. Video Editor / Logo Maker

    photoshop and gimp. only basic ones tho
  11. Video Editor / Logo Maker

    Hi everyone I am looking to practice my video editing, Photoshopping and logo making skills. If you want any logos made or videos edited i would be happy to do them for free.
  12. Consoles

    That was the only thing i posted in this thread
  13. Consoles

    That was directed at the people who were arguing not at you. I just added you because i wanted to end this thread
  14. Consoles

    Can everyone just stop being petty and move the fuck on! @Cornholio @Shimozukachi @Kickapoo