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Found 3 results

  1. Alright so since we already know that we will be able to use our own custom logos made within the game's logo creation tool, I was wondering if there was anyone in this community with some sort of photoshop/graphic design experience who would be interested in partnering in game and creating graphic design for logos as well as merchandise within the world of Identity. If there is anyone out there who is interested in such, send me a private message along with your contact info so that I may get in touch with you once the game launches!
  2. The full game Questions&Suggestions

    Hello! I have some questions about the real game and some suggestions. My questions are... How often will you earn money from your job? How many jobs will there be? Suggestions... Put the game up on steam. (My parents only buy me games on steam.) Make the map bigger maybe? Make the game have a push to talk. (If that isn't something that you already are working on having.)
  3. Beta Characters in Full Game?

    Hey all. EDIT: Also the modules. I'm considering purchasing the passport that grants you beta access but I'm not sure yet as I have this question. In many games that have a beta testing period you can make a character but once the full game is released, that character is deleted. Will this be the case in Identity? So if I made a character in beta would it be deleted when the full game is released? Thanks~