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Found 10 results

  1. Mein Traum (TTP)

    Mein Traum: My Dream The Totalitarian Party (TTP) I dream of a society where no law abiding citizen, who contributes to society and continues to strive for improvement, will ever have to feel threatened by the lack of job security, failed economy, or anarchy. I dream of a place where people are given the chance to succeed, regardless of their economic background. I dream of a near-perfect meritocracy. Centralizing all forms of major public transport, electricity and energy sources, military, law enforcement, healthcare and other core, essential aspects to society will ensure that no private organisation is able to profit off these industries by taking more out of the government fund through contracts, but instead will allow the government to reinvest in these facilities and industries for the common folk. Achieving autarky (self-sufficiency) will allow the city and the country to avoid horrific trade deals with other nations, prioritizing our nation's needs first. This will also be ensured by having a strong, patriotic, nationalistic leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the loyal citizens of the nation. Any questions ask (BTW I don't speak any german)
  2. Idea: Different Continents All one world - Must take actual ship/plane to the continent This allows for expansion for corporations The continents could be seen as like a 3rd world country Each one is a different nation They even can go to war every now and then opening up a career in each island's military Each country has its own government, own people, own military, own economy Trade between the countries could also make an entire world economy I know this will never happen but hey possibilities are endless *wink wink* maybe a dlc!
  3. It could be anything from uniforms to an actual military base? As an example, I have a navy base in my town.
  4. The Royal Family

    For everyone joining , Welcome to The Royal Family! You are here because you are a leader or member of an elite business, private military, or police group and would like to be protected by other players, aided by other players and in a brotherhood with other players. Codes the name, The Royal Family. Also, financial benefits are given to leaders of organizations! $$$ I, Mr. Lucious Lee Times aka PrezLegend have wisely constructed an alliance of Businesses, Military, and Police Officers all together under the loyalty to myself as Governor. Royal Guard: Alpha Military Corporation Businesses: The High Society, Identity Broadcasting Police Officers: @CadeStrikemen _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Policies (Simplified) : Gun Control: It's necessary that each player be equipped with some sort of protection. The crime rate is going to be ridiculously high. I'll permit each household to have either one shotgun or pistol for protection. This applies to common citizens, not police officers. However, you must be registered to own a gun. Government: My envisioned government will be a Constitutional Dictatorship. It's the best way for the leader to make decisions quickly and get things implemented! I say constitutional because the leader must still abide by laws. He can't just do as he wishes and have all the say so. Voting will still exist, representatives will as well. Only thing truly different is that the leader gives the final yes or no. Taxes: Taxes will be a very simple flat tax for the game. 10% of whatever your career makes you must give in taxes. 10% tax will also be placed on corporation income. Drugs: Weed, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Over-The-Counter Medicine will be legal drugs on the island. Minimum Wage: $10 an hr is the lowest wage businesses will be allowed to give to employees. Healthcare: We want everyone to be able to have care with all the obvious crime there will be. So, if you make less than $20 an hr you will be granted a fee of $100 per month. If you make $20 - $50 you'll be charge $200 and if you make any higher than $50 an hr you'll be charged $300 towards your health insurance. This monthly bill will provide unlimited health coverage for all your health needs. Laws (Detailed) : Justice: "Eye for an Eye", what one man does to another illegally the government will have done to him. For example, you steal from a man. Whatever the worth of the items you stole the government will take from you and give to the one you stole from. You kill a man with no regard, the government will kill you with no regard. Five Characteristics of a Lucious Times Economy 1. The government creates a central economic plan. The five-year plan sets economic and societal goals for every sector and region of the country. Shorter-term plans convert the goals into actionable objectives. 2. The government allocates all resources according to the central plan. It tries to use the nation's capital, labor and natural resources in the most efficient way possible. It promises to use each person's skills and abilities to their highest capacity. It seeks to eliminate unemployment. 3. The central plan sets the priorities for the production of all goods and services. These include quotas and price controls. Its goal is to supply enough food, housing, and other basics to meet the needs of everyone in the country. It also sets national priorities. These include mobilizing for war or generating robust economic growth. 4. The government owns monopoly businesses. These are in industries deemed essential to the goals of the economy. That usually includes finance, utilities, and automotive. There is no domestic competition in these sectors. 5. The government creates laws, regulations, and directives to enforce the central plan. Businesses follow the plan's production and hiring targets. They can't respond on their own to free market forces. (Source: Bon Kristoffer G. Gabnay, Roberto M Remotin, Jr., Edgar Allan M. Uy, editors. Economics: Its Concepts & Principles. 2007. Rex Book Store: Manila.) Advantages Planned economies can quickly mobilize economic resources on a large scale. They can execute massive projects, create industrial power, and meet social goals. They aren't slowed down by lawsuits from individuals or environmental impact statements. Command economies can wholly transform societies to conform to the government's vision. The new administration nationalizes private companies. Its previous owners attend "re-education" classes. Workers receive new jobs based on the government's assessment of their skills. Disadvantages This rapid mobilization often means my economy will mow down other societal needs. For example, the government tells workers what jobs they must fulfill. It discourages them from moving. The goods it produces aren’t always based on consumer demand. But citizens find a way to fulfill their needs. They often develop a shadow economy, or black market. It buys and sells the things my economy isn't producing. Leaders' attempts to control this market weakens support for them, SO I won't try to control it! The Tale of Lucious Times Lucious Lee Times (myself) is a character that grew up homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. In a city of crime Lucious had to be on the lookout at every turn. In Lucious' young life he grew to be very aware of the crime filled city and knew he had to do something to ensure his safety. At 15, Lucious started an organization with a few neighborhood boys called "The Peacekeepers". These boys were brutal. They cleaned the streets of crime in the most direct ways possible. Showing up to criminal hideouts and wasting away every member present, making fake visits to prisons and jails to poison and eliminate those criminals on the inside, making appointments with the LAPD to let THEM know how things would be done. The Peacekeepers were vigilantes at the finest. The city soon had a crime rate so low new schools were being built and more people migrated to the lovely city of Los Angeles. Through all the harsh deeds The Peacekeepers had done Lucious never was present for the actual action. He was the mastermind, the planner, the brain of the whole operation. Sitting behind a desk as leader of The Peacekeepers. Oh how things looked great! Lucious had made something out of nothing and became a city icon and hero as he grew older. Though soon, things made a turn for the worst. Lucious' closest partner, his beautiful fiance was capture by a man known by the name Gustavo Fring. A now well-known high profile methamphetamine drug lord. He did so becuase by cleaning up the city Lucious' made distribution for Mr. Fring come to a complete stop in the area. Lucious grew furious, so furious he began to walk into a whole new light. The Peacekeepers became a weapon at Lucious' disposal. He thought long and hard and then finally had a plan. After finding where Fring was located Lucious and his team of over 200 men approached the location, guns loaded and ready for anything. However, Fring was already aware of Lucious' presence and decided to retaliate. Fring killed Lucious' fiance, then sent out total war upon Lucious and his men. In the end only two men were left standing; Fring and Lucious. After few words, Lucious caught leverage and killed Fring. Though Lucious was severly injured by gunshot. He called the LAPD. With quickness, Lucious was saved and had chance to speak with the LAPD Chief of Police. He thanked Lucious for his doings and after a long conversation of tears the chief left. Lucious began to realize how much he'd loss. All his men, his fiance, his hold on the city from crime all gone! Three weeks later Lucious walked out of the hospital, grab all $789,211 he'd raised with his people, and began to leave town for a new home. A place called Turtle Beach on Identity Island. However, when he got to the town line he found something waiting for him. Over half the city was standing their with gold-colored gold-scented candles. Some of them stood to give thanks, but many stood ready to follow him wherever he went. A woman by the name of Dorris Jean approached Lucious and told him this: "We give these candles to represent who you are to the city. Forever will you be the gold we all love, the gold we all know has provided, the gold we all know will pay the price. For to us you are a leader and friend. For you have become like royalty in this city. And with you royalty we be your royal family." Lucious was proud. All negative feelings previous washed away. Lucious now felt the obligation to continue to lead. For he knew he was wise and could give great leadership. This time he wouldn't limit himself to the leadership of a groups of boys who run a city, no. That was below him now. Now he needed to lead in higher heights where he could have greater impact and influence. A position of power such as Governor would do the trick! So he then decided to venture into the political field of leadership once he arrived in his new home. A few hours later after a celebratory evening Lucious and the now called Royal Family left. 12 days later they arrived in Turtle Beach on the Identity island and the rest is soon to be foretold...
  5. if their were some kind of military wearing or dress that can be bought, then absolutely i can make my own "Militia Clan" and paint our cars with military camo.
  6. Army

    How about a military idea where 1 world could declare on another world to start a war for land money etc.... Join an army to train, rank up different ranks and become general, field marshal or captain..... Gain money from being in the army and stuff, i believe it would make a good new feature in the world of identity and really make an awsome reality or if my suggestion of world vs world is too much somethiling like it.... Instead of just gang wars how about actual military wars too.
  7. The Enigmas

    The Enigmas About us The Enigmas was founded in 1998 by a group of four ex-special forces members. With over 50+ years of experience, you will be in the safest hands in the town. Trained in hand to hand combat, stealth, advanced weapon handling, building clearance and counter terrorism. We might be watching you right now, and you wouldn't know it. Unless your mission involves us face to face with you, you probably won't see us, just the damage we can cause. Services Our services vary massively. This is list is an example, but is not limited to, what we can do. Security Special Operations Reconnaissance Home Protection Armed Escort Over Watch Spying Private investigations Don't see what you require here? Don't worry! We can probably do it anyway! Prices Prices will vary on the job, and the time it will take, so for an accurate quote feel free to ask me. Regular customers will get a discounted price, plus additional support and monitoring for free. Message for gangs, police, PMC's and special forces As well as doing all these missions, we can also offer training. Our training is state of the art, one of the best programmes in the world. With over 50+ years of instructing. No matter which one of our agents you pick to train you, you will have certainty that he or she is extremely experienced. Remember, war has no rules. With the best tactics taught, including hand to hand combat, weapon handling, sniper operations and breach and clear, you will come out a better soldier. Recruitment As of 2017, we are recruiting new members. We have room for four more agents on our team. We are looking for the best of the best. Think you have what it takes? Let us know. If you pass basic training, the rest of your training is paid for by us, as you learn lots of new skills, from survival to sniper training. Progress your way up our ranks, make your way to squad leader. Then its over to you. You're in control of a squad of 4 highly trained men. Complete the mission assigned to you in any way you feel is necessary. Good luck, soldier.
  8. Services We strive to be the most militarized security company out there, we offer much more than just contract services but also military equipment, clothing, military weapons and tools are all for sale. We offer military personel who will professionally peform special operations where the threat levels are very high, such operations for example would be taking out terrorist targets, rescue hostages, protect high value assets under high threat. We are the only company out there ready to the dirty job taking out bad guys for money contracts. No non-sense negotiation, pure firepower and guts is what we have to offer to the table when we the deal with the bad guys. We also offer military training for those intrested to become future employees or for you who simply want to learn how to use militarized weaponry the professional way, our military academy will make sure that you´ll become a well trained mercenary who will have skills that will attract future opportunities after our drill. . Firearms? You bet, we sell the best military firearms out there for the cheapest prices if you make a special order, want an M41A1 or a good ole' AK47? Don't worry we will never run out of stock even if our mission is to arm the whole city near you. We hire the best gunsmiths to our Corporation that get well paid for producing top notch guns, we have a 24/7 delivery policy, just send a text message to one of our gunsmiths and a firearm will be delivered to your location in no time by one of our boys with 2 boxes of ammo for free on your first Blackwood purchase. Looking for something extra special like silenced pistols, bullet proof vests, gas masks or prehaps sniper rifles and things that make your car go boom? You guessed it right! We got those bad boys too, we never try to limit what we can do when it comes to guns and military equipment. If you don't like our product, please leave a review and tell us what we can do better to satisfy you, you'll get full refund if you send back our product within 24 hours after the purchase, we look foward doing business with you. Make sure to visit our gunshops for smaller arms. Academy Want to learn how to shoot like a pro and be more tactical in combat situations? We will fix you up, our Academy drill is a one payment service. We will teach you how to use a knife ,pistol, shotguns, assault rifles and snipers in useful ways to cause as much damage as possible in a combat situation, you'll get a speed and accuracy training by our most professional trainers, you´ll be shooting flies with your eyes closed. The drill is a day long and you can feel free to leave it whenever you want to, if you pass the tests then you'll be offered a Blackwood Diploma that will give you some credit for being an approved badass by the Blackwood Corporation Team, you'll get hired as a professional security either by us or else. Who are we looking for? We're mainly looking for high-skilled gunsmiths and military men who are ready for whatever, we pay very well and hire only a few, we try to hire the best and only the best will keep their jobs. We´ll start recruiting once we get closer to the release of Identity, meanwhile we chat on skype and make up new ideas how we can make this Corporation even greater. Do you think you got the guts to join the Blackwood Corporation? Do you think you got the skill to take on the toughest terrorists and criminals out there, are you ready to be armed to the teeth and be ready for combat at all times. If you answer is yes than hit me a message and I'll give you my skype. I'm also looking for assistances that can help me to produce a nice looking site, and that can be a manager while I'm gone, send me a message if intrested in this opportunity.
  9. SCO19

    SCO19 Should be called in for specialist operations? Bank robbers are tough, armed criminals are cunning, SCO19 are both, but working for the good guys. SCO19 Would deal with armed situations, and help keep things under control. I'm not sure how this would work, and how you would be trained etc for it, but I'm sure there is a way! Add your opinions, ill add more to this post later
  10. Hello and welcome to Big Dog Corporation, we are a PMC (Private Military Corporation) You are here because you want to join or because you want to look at the page or you want to do stuff either way let me straighten some things out. We will do any job that deals with conflict and transportation ect. We will kill targets, bomb places, steal cars, protect places, act as a military force. We do not care what type of job it is, we will do what ever you say. If you say to pay attention to law and just protect you we will, if you say to ignore the law and bomb a building or anything we will, it does not matter we will get the job done. To join you have to be ruthless but not stupid. If you have played CS:GO or Arma or any such First Person Shooter we will gladly accept you if you are a newbie do not fear as long as you aren't stupid and survive the one week of evaluation we are fine with you. Payment is situated according to rules or on mission bases (can be negotiated.) (These are loosely based off USSR/USA/Boluvik/Custom Ranks: -Vatutin General (Revy Man) -Colonel General (KittydeKarebu) -I.D (Sisyphus) -Lieutenant General -Colonel -Lieutenant Colonel -Major -Captain -Lieutenant -Officer -Sergeant -Private 5 -Efreitor (Optional basically a specialist ) ([DATA EXPUNGED]) ([DATA EXPUNGED]) -Private 4 -Private 3 -Private 2 (T.N.P) -Private 1 -Civilian