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Found 2 results

  1. Identity Security Management

    To whom it may concern, I would like to open up the idea for a private security company called "ISM." After sifting through the forms and reading up on what people currently want, I took a stroll down criminal lane and noticed that for every "legitimate" business idea, there was easily two or three criminal masterminds ready to take over the world... or something close to it. With my initial intentions of pursuing an advit carrier in law enforcement in the Identity realm, I have sense been turned off by the idea. I have noticed a very strong brick and mortar like structure behind what is to come of law enforcement and this is something I hope to lean away from. My out reach is this, If you have an interest in owning you own bar/night club, producing artwork of the verbal or written type, delivering goods to customers, or even if an independent civilian just feels scared; what happens when public law enforcement isn't enough? As a bank owner, or store manager, what happens when you call for help and that help takes 5 or 10 minutes to arrive? What happens in the mean time? Who makes sure your precious creation, your work of art, is safe during a public ark showing? Political figures and upper class citizens, who is to keep you and your family safe when police officers can't be there 24/7? If you would like to express interest in ISM please let me know, or leave an idea.
  2. Services We strive to be the most militarized security company out there, we offer much more than just contract services but also military equipment, clothing, military weapons and tools are all for sale. We offer military personel who will professionally peform special operations where the threat levels are very high, such operations for example would be taking out terrorist targets, rescue hostages, protect high value assets under high threat. We are the only company out there ready to the dirty job taking out bad guys for money contracts. No non-sense negotiation, pure firepower and guts is what we have to offer to the table when we the deal with the bad guys. We also offer military training for those intrested to become future employees or for you who simply want to learn how to use militarized weaponry the professional way, our military academy will make sure that you´ll become a well trained mercenary who will have skills that will attract future opportunities after our drill. . Firearms? You bet, we sell the best military firearms out there for the cheapest prices if you make a special order, want an M41A1 or a good ole' AK47? Don't worry we will never run out of stock even if our mission is to arm the whole city near you. We hire the best gunsmiths to our Corporation that get well paid for producing top notch guns, we have a 24/7 delivery policy, just send a text message to one of our gunsmiths and a firearm will be delivered to your location in no time by one of our boys with 2 boxes of ammo for free on your first Blackwood purchase. Looking for something extra special like silenced pistols, bullet proof vests, gas masks or prehaps sniper rifles and things that make your car go boom? You guessed it right! We got those bad boys too, we never try to limit what we can do when it comes to guns and military equipment. If you don't like our product, please leave a review and tell us what we can do better to satisfy you, you'll get full refund if you send back our product within 24 hours after the purchase, we look foward doing business with you. Make sure to visit our gunshops for smaller arms. Academy Want to learn how to shoot like a pro and be more tactical in combat situations? We will fix you up, our Academy drill is a one payment service. We will teach you how to use a knife ,pistol, shotguns, assault rifles and snipers in useful ways to cause as much damage as possible in a combat situation, you'll get a speed and accuracy training by our most professional trainers, you´ll be shooting flies with your eyes closed. The drill is a day long and you can feel free to leave it whenever you want to, if you pass the tests then you'll be offered a Blackwood Diploma that will give you some credit for being an approved badass by the Blackwood Corporation Team, you'll get hired as a professional security either by us or else. Who are we looking for? We're mainly looking for high-skilled gunsmiths and military men who are ready for whatever, we pay very well and hire only a few, we try to hire the best and only the best will keep their jobs. We´ll start recruiting once we get closer to the release of Identity, meanwhile we chat on skype and make up new ideas how we can make this Corporation even greater. Do you think you got the guts to join the Blackwood Corporation? Do you think you got the skill to take on the toughest terrorists and criminals out there, are you ready to be armed to the teeth and be ready for combat at all times. If you answer is yes than hit me a message and I'll give you my skype. I'm also looking for assistances that can help me to produce a nice looking site, and that can be a manager while I'm gone, send me a message if intrested in this opportunity.