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  1. [Retired campaign] The Egalitarian Party

    Go ahead then, make an argument.
  2. [Retired campaign] The Egalitarian Party

    and all you can do is throw ad hominems.
  3. [Retired campaign] The Egalitarian Party

    Not an argument. Ad hominems are not an argument.
  4. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    Oh I see, true but carrying weapons does not mean open carry right? If everyone is open carrying their weapons than yes I would agree this could be a possible problem because everybody has a rifle on their hands and if somebody is planing to start shit it´ll be harder to spot them before hand, true and that's not a bad argument. But you see if people don't open carry then it´ll be easier to spot a preperator, anyone who has a weapon drawn will have more eyes on them than a person who dosen't open carry or least have their rifle on their back or holster. Either way staying armed is still a better alternative than being unarmed in a terrorist situation.
  5. [Retired campaign] The Egalitarian Party

    Not an argument
  6. [Retired campaign] The Egalitarian Party

    "what I'm saying is that your party is a shit show (sorry about language)"....Not an argument. "that is it were to get into power would last about a week before either the server died or an organised group tried to seize control"..Not an argument. "this party doesn't actually have any major issues with it so far unlike yours"...Not an argument. "my co-worker used the example of the French revolution but I'll put it differently"...Which has nothing to do with Anarcho-Capitalism whatsoever. "what you would create is a power vacuum, this is where there is no leader or government creating a hole were anyone can try to become leader, this would attract progressively worse groups, gangs and mafias and triads, to your server so they can attempt to take over with out the police stopping them. the way you have bluntly ignored most people telling you these things also shows how you are not fit to take office as you would ignore all political advice and would likely cause an economic crash and housing crash as suddenly, there are no police or firefighters so a simple house fire could devastate the city and people would be murdered on the street over something as simple as taking the last Twinkie."...Nope. You obviously haven't read about the NAP or how we´ll deal with criminality in a anarcho-capitalist society if that's what you think we´re striving for. "are you starting to understand what people are trying to say"...What people? Your party? The conservatives? I don't know what type of people you´re talking about.
  7. The Peoples Party

    Nope! a : a reason given in proof or rebuttal b : discourse intended to persuade
  8. [Retired campaign] The Egalitarian Party

    SJW is not an insult, what? Projection much?
  9. [Retired campaign] The Egalitarian Party

    This must be the ultimate SJW party, throw some feminism in there and you´ll be legit.
  10. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    Sure I'm aware of the possibility of stray bullets and misfiring could've cause innocent deaths too, but it would be a smaller death toll because the innocent people could've taken cover and defended themselves from the terrorists. I´m not saying all lives would've been saved if everyone was armed but it would´ve been less innocent lives lost and this one of many other incidents right? I mean this just one example. Same could've been said about Columbine Massacre and many other incidents. "and secondly how do people know who to shoot at?"...If they look like terrosist, walk like terrorist, shoot into a crowd of people with kalashnikovs and shout things like allah akbar. Well I think at that moment I know who my target is. "also if paris was a gun legal country it would become harder and harder to see people planning to kill 90 people as everyone would be armed."... Yes? That's the point right? "although a bit of a minarchist (in the sense i want less control from the government) myself i do not believe in this extreme end of the spectrum." ...Okay, where is the argument?
  11. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    That solely depends on the contract between the actor and the bank.