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  1. Français National {FN} (Brand Update)

    Thanks for supporting the party!
  2. Identity News (Manager, Reporter etc.)
  3. Français National {FN} (Brand Update)

    Français National's New Open Door Policy Français National is launching a new initiative where we will now be taking open suggestions and queries through the Identity Private Messaging. The aim of this new initiative is to be a more transparent party and engage the public more in our progress as a party in Identity. We are also congratulating the Identity developers on their progress on Identity. Great job to everyone involved in the games development from Français National. Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  4. Coalition Union against Strange People (CUSP)

    Oh, Another "I'm different to every party alignment slightly so now I've decided to create an entire party based on a single opinion" Well, you're not off to a great start. Attacking the highest members of the political community and having no actual manifesto other than just disliking the other candidates. At least try to be civil about it? Regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  5. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    I am half French and half Irish! I don’t see many Irish members in the forums but I’m sure there is! -Marie Clare Bouchard
  6. The older the wiser! Brian and I may be the youngest of the political group! Happy Birthday Lucious! - Marie-Clare Bouchard
  7. Français National {FN} (Brand Update)

    Plans to set up a Twitter for my party (Francais National), will be finalized upon the Town-Square's release! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  8. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    Plans to set up a Twitter for my party (Francais National), will be finalized upon the Town-Square's release! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  9. Identity TV (IDTV)

    We would like to remind the Identity community that all of our programmes are trademarked as products of IDTV. We ask all other TV stations to not use our programmes for their stations. Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  10. [IPO] June 2018 Poll

    Francais National - Marie-Clare Bouchard
  11. Hello From France

    Welcome to the community! I would also like to welcome you to the French community of Identity! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  12. Bonjour de France

    Bienvenue! J'espere que vous vous amusez ici! Sincères amitiés, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  13. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    As the Town Square Module release date draws closer, I would like to remind voters that most of the major candidates will be competing in the same server against each other when the election system is introduced. Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  14. March 2018 Poll!!

    Delighted to be Identity’s 3rd largest party and the largest dedicated right-wing party! Kind regards, Marie-Clare Bouchard.
  15. Identity TV (IDTV)

    Eight confirmed show: Talking Point Channel: IDTV 1 Synopsis: Discussing current events, both in Identity and the real world with a panel of guest speakers to hear their inputs. Hosted by, Marie-Clare Bouchard.