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  1. Fan artwork submission!

    I would love to see something like this in certain districts. If they are abandoned or for sale it could be possible to buy it and/or squat there.
  2. Supercar Saturday!

    SS, ok.
  3. Rally at the Town Square

    We’ve allowed ourselves to be trapped, into this impure way of life, Into this society in which does not hold the values and ideals of every man and woman. Our teachers, our mentors and our politicians do not teach us the right way to walk. Instead lead us down a dark, gloomy path ridden with shadows and forgery. As humans we pick and choose what to think, what to say and what to do In the eyes of what is morally right due to our own opinions and identities. If we are led down this path it is due to to people in which hold high status in society, obviously. Over the course of time we’ve come to identity our politics and beliefs on personal ideals and worries found through the people we want to be, we want to see, we want to believe are better than us. We believe these ideas and beliefs as if it were true even if it was horribly in-correct. The idea in which humans who cross that dark and gloomy path are set to become ones who hold high values of virtue. The ones who choose not to spread their decency and integrity will be set to stay in that gloomy forest until their day is done. Our past generations shared the simple thought of etiquette and dignity. Today we do not share that thought of dignity and etiquette. Oh such a simple thought, oh such a hard thing to learn Tell me how we’ve come so far into the future, we’ve made great strides in science and great strides in social equity, but we cannot think of even learning how to have common dignity towards our fellow American. Why has it come down to this? We've got everything we need and more, yet we want more. At this moment I cannot think of any reasons. Why is there a cloud above our heads raining hate and lies on the commonwealth, why can you not pick up that umbrella which is right in front of you with no barriers That umbrella, open it up and you'll quickly realize that everybody has equal opportunity. No matter who you are. Sponsored by Better Dead Than Red.
  4. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    Post Scriptum, GTA V
  5. Hello!

  6. Hello from Chicago

  7. Hello from Canada

  8. Random Polls | Vol. 3

    The Sopranos ofcourse!
  9. How long does it take to open the beta?

    You must have patience my freind!
  10. Posters

    I'm sure this was talked about in a video or blog, but what are the restrictions on posters and artwork around someone's house/apartment? I would love for my apartment to be covered in political propaganda and posters. Thanks.
  11. Aloha comrade, how was your day comrade. I would love to chat with you comrade. Join the discord comrade, gander down yonder below to check out the group I currently reside with comrade. I shall message you in the open party software discord comrade.
  12. This is a calling. We've posted at the same time. Join our organization and to hell with the reds! Better dead than red.