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Found 1 result

  1. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! I am officially throwing my hat into the ring for the role of governor! I am the official party nominee for the Fran├žais National and I am calling on all party members to vote for me! All other citizens in other parties are also welcomed to vote for me too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Manifesto ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Healthcare: I believe that citizens should have the choice to pay for a universal healthcare. If you want universal health care you will pay a flat charge of an estimated $500 per real life day. Paying the $500 will entitle you to free healthcare for that entire day, once the day is over then you must pay another $500 if you want to continue on with universal health care. Abusing this system force you to pay a fine of up to $15,000, if you refuse to pay you will be banned from being able to receive universal health care. Please keep in mind that the costs and times you must pay the charge may change when we know more about times and incomes in Identity. I believe in large funding for the public hospital system as it is much more affordable for most citizens in Identity. I would also like to introduce the new role of Minister Of Health. This role will be offered by me to a politician who has some experience with the health care and knows how to run a good healthcare system. This role will not have any income, it is just a massive help to a politicians career and will give them a lot of positive publicity. Law Enforcement: I am strongly pro-police. If elected I will introduce the role of Police Commissioner. The Police Commissioner will run all police related business and issues. Again this role will not offer any additional pay, and you will receive a normal police officers wage, it is an honor to receive this job as it is regarded as the best job in the law enforcement occupation. Fire Related Issues: The Fire Department will not receive as much funding as the police or the healthcare system, as fires are not predicted to be that common. We will give out the basic needs for a working fire department, a few fire stations scattered around the map, plenty of fire trucks, wages for the firemen and women and of course a banquet dinner in the name of the cities fire department will be held while I am working in my term. Terrorism: I will give special funding to the police for to fight terrorism in the city and will set up an anti-terrorism force within the police department. I will touch on this subject in more detail in the religion portion of my manifesto. Religion:I am a Christian and want Christians of all types, Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics to be able to exercise their religion freely and if it is in the game, I want Christians to be able to go to church. I also support the religious freedom of, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Atheists. Other small religions like, Scientology are allowed to express their religion freely. On the topic of Islam, I will put in place a complete and utter ban on Burqas. Any other face masks must be removed if you are asked to remove them by the police. That goes for all religions. I am willing to hold a public vote on the topic of Burqas if wanted by the public. If Islamic terrorism finds its way into the city and a terrorist attack takes place, then a stricter ban will be put in place by me. Other than that Muslims will be allowed to practice their religion freely. I do not in any way want to ban Islam, and the government will stay out of religion if I am in charge. LGBT+:LGBT+ rights will be fully supported by the government and I will allow all LGBT+ marriage and adoption. Voting: All citizens will have the right to vote in elections and referendums. Death Penalty:Death penalty will only be used on terrorists in extreme cases. If someone commits a terrorist attack, is involved in a terrorist attacking, plotted or is plotting a terrorist attack, etc, then they will receive the death penalty. Drug Usage: Alcohol, tobacco and prescription medicine will be the only legal drugs allowed if I am elected. Marijuana will be banned, however we will not go after a marijuana company as long as they publicly announce that their company is shutting down. If this decision upsets our citizens, I may hold a referendum on the topic. Welfare:A job seekers tax cut will be available to all unemployed players for 3 real life days, there will be no welfare for players to receive. Tax: I believe in a flat 12%, however there will be tax cuts for players, some examples are, job seekers tax cut, single parent tax cut, etc. If you vote for me you can be assured of a safer, cleaner and better Identity! If you have any queries about my campaign fell free to reply to this article. "Vote Marie-Clare Bouchard, For A Safer Identity".