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  1. No update for 2 month??

    Too many unfortunately. I for one think the steam reviews are a disgrace. Ppl reviewing it like it is full game and in all fairness to the devs they clearly stated it was just a module. Any small bit of research would have shown this immediately. No doubt these reviews turned alot of ppl away from purchasing it.
  2. No update for 2 month??

    Sorry dude but you're wrong. I myself put alot of thought into it and I pledged knowing Damn well it was going to take years. But if we hear absolutely nothing from the dev team for months then of course ppl are going to start asking questions. That's only normal.
  3. Servers

    Yea you're right, maybr they're not experienced enough. I feel a bit sorry for them tbh.No doubt they've worked hard for this. Must be tough to take. My feelings are mixed also. As with the majority of ppl waiting I do want them to succeed. Hard to see it tho at this stage.
  4. Servers

    Dude as much as those that moaned daily about a release annoyed the shit out of me too, you can't blame them for this. Asylum didn't release this under pressure. They took there time and still got it wrong.
  5. Waiting a year in between each module will be tough for the game I think. I'm wondering will town square continually get added too within this waiting period or is what we get on Nov 30th going to be everything until the swat?
  6. Developer blog.

    Beachball has left Asylum. Very strange in my opinion considering the "imminent" release of town square
  7. R u Kiddin us??

    That's very true. But if you think of it. Even if they released the full game bug free tomorrow. Ppl will still complain. The joys of being a gamer. They are a little bit behind schedule if we're honest 😉 I agree with your other part tho. I was surprised and impressed with keys coming out too.
  8. Much upgrade higher prices now

    It's been said that prices are going up once the new website is up.
  9. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    I'm Irish. Living in Norway.
  10. Haha. Dude I was the very same a few weeks ago. Was convinced it was gonna release while I'm away. Two more weeks to go. Sadly I'm not that worried anymore tho.
  11. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    Irish man here, Republic of Ireland that is. Just finding out that @LuckyDuckis English. My plan is to invade his land and take all he owns ???
  12. My one problem with Identity

    Losing clothes and debit cards isn t really my issue to be honest. All that is easily replaceable and will give little or no affect to the player continuing the game, just the cost of replacing the clothes and such. I do understand that if someone spends months building up a character and then die and lose absolutely everything to the point that they have to completely restart the game, then this will be extremely frustrating, even to the point that some players won't bother playing again. We don't want this. I still think death should be more punishable. Even if it's not a complete restart,but it should have a serious impact on there life. Maybe a considerable amount of there wealth should be taken from them. Or even there job should be affected. Losing a rank in there current field of work so they are forced to work there way back up the ladder...
  13. My one problem with Identity

    If you manage to climb social ranks and earn prestige. Would it not be a lot more rewarding to do so with just one life?
  14. My one problem with Identity

    Then get better internet ? Serious note though. That can be said about a lot of games. It isn't really a valid reason to not have it in this game though.
  15. My one problem with Identity

    Yea but to my understanding it won't be that easy for players to kill another player. And as I said, you still have the chance of paramedics saving you. On your other point of players accidentally killing themselves. Well then it's there own fault and of course though, this will make players a lot more careful while playing when they have so much to lose. It will add to the realism that identity is looking for as well I imagine.?