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Found 5 results

  1. The Toxic Havoc of Genocide Jack

    Jump down this rabbit hole of mine and join a villainous gathering of chaos and crime. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the player known as Genocide Jack, but you'll grow to know me for my ripping path of havoc. The name of the game is survival of the fittest and I only work with those who can keep up with the pack. For instance a zebra doesn't have to be the fastest to escape the hungry lion but they also can't be the slowest. See what I mean, the ones who fail to keep up will be devoured by the ravenous others. And those who cross me or slow me down will be cut from the havoc as well. You can't put a speed limit on ambition. And my ambition is a society where chaos is an everyday occurrence, I want total anarchy so that everyone associated with me and affiliates will be the royalty of the world that we have brought out of the fire in which we lit. If you want to be a part of something that would earn you not only respect but fear as well then join me. My arms are always open to those who think they can handle the bittersweet yet rewarding Toxin of Genocide more thing, I love to play games. especially those of the mind. And our crime formation will be built around using your wit to always keep one step ahead of the others. if you wish to join simply add a reply at the bottom of this page and I will welcome you. Although be warned, those who are among the first to join will have it easy for a while but there's always competition in life so be wary of those who are stronger than you that happen to be making their way up the ranks. I will view all of my followers as precious assets and rest assured if one goes down the rest will pick you back up. now of course ill need an overseer for the unlikely scenario that genocide jack goes down for a bit but ill need time to establish trust and figure out the best candidate. the overseer will be my right hand and over time you'll see them handle things for me as well. (if you have any questions be sure to leave them at the bottom of the page in a reply and I will get back to you ASAP). now we cant have an organization that's disorganized can we? ~Basic Rules 1. homophobia, sexism, racism and discrimination of any kind will be intolerable and breaking this rule will be the biggest and easiest mistake you will ever make. 2. trust must be established before you become an official member, you can prove this trust by performing a designated task to fit our groups needs at the current time 3. there will be absolutely no aiding the enemy of any sort unless there has been prior consultation with me 4. you fight to defend this cause, this organization, and the person you see when you look in the mirror 5. backstabbing, lying, stealing, or breaking any of these rules will result in immediate ban from the organization. I don't tolerate the rats 6. respect those in rank above you unless they have broken a rule 7. upon initiation you are sword to secrecy and you are forbidden from revealing sensitive information 8. when a member falls PICK THEM UP 9. if you have any questions, concerns, or info, consult Genocide Jack, (you will be rewarded for useful information). in the case that Genocide Jack is unavailable consult the current overseer 10. Genocide Jack's word is final ~Ranks Genocide ~ "Genocide Jack" leader and high court Overseer ~ (Pending to be chosen by Genocide Jack) advisor and right hand to the Genocide rank. will oversee the organization while genocide jack is unavailable, reinforces the rules and sends orders to the Arsenic ranks. Arsenic Corporal ~ (open) oversees the Arsenic ranks Arsenic ~ (open) will fill in for the overseer in case of emergency, looking out for the ranks below them and organizing crime Arsenic ~ (open) Hemlock Corporal ~ (open) oversees the Hemlock ranks Hemlock ~ (open) goal is to carry out the orders of an arsenic and lead the mission Hemlock ~ (open) Hemlock ~ (open) Hemlock ~ (open) Night Shade Corporal (open) oversees the Night Shade ranks Night Shade ~ (open) mission is to follow the Hemlock ranks orders, do spy work, and be assigned solo or CO-OP missions. Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Toxin Corporal (open) oversees all of the Toxin ranks Toxin ~ (unlimited amount ~ open to anyone) polices the organizations turf, follows orders from above ranks, assists on missions when needed and will be chosen for missions by the Arsenic ranks who organize the crime. is also responsible for bringing in revenue for the organization. Sincerely ~ Genocide Jack ~{ × _ × }~ "Those who fail to follow the rules will be subjected to a fate worse than death"
  2. Heathens MC is an Outlaw motorcycle club (1%) motorcycle club who are classified as an Organized Crime Syndicate by the Local Precincts, FBI and DEA. Heathens MC was formed in January 2016 when identity was announced making it one of the oldest and one of the 1st of several Motorcycle clubs in the identity world. Wanna find out more info on how to join and or support? Ask a Heathen.
  3. LF Staff for NFFA Party

    "Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and America, A Nation Reborn" The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) is a group of people just like you that value freedom, family and human rights. We are a new Totalitarian government that have devised a plan to help stabilize Western society and culture. We are currently looking for strong willed individuals to assist us in our election that's soon to come. If this interests you at all or you have any questions, please feel free to comment or send me a private message. The rules for the annual Purge are as follows: -Sirens blare throughout the land at 7:00 p.m. and 11 p.m. every second Thursday to signal the start and end of The Purge. -All police, fire, and medical emergency services remain unavailable or suspended for the 4-hour Purge. -Government officials with authorization levels of ranking 10 or higher are granted immunity. -Weapons of Class 4 and below are permitted for use while Class 5 weaponry (explosive devices such as grenades, rocket launchers, bazookas, etc, weapons of mass destruction, and viral/biological and chemical agents) are prohibited. -Public execution method decided by citizens is the penalty for violators of any rules. Positions within Party Senior Leadership Supreme Leader- Trappedinpet (Robert Campbell) Supreme Foreman- steiner0400 (Nick Sider) District Leader- open (multi) District 1- tyronethecalzone (Tyrone Ramsey) District 3- Preston_bodhi_343 (Bodhi Winters) Deputy District Leader- open (multi) Administration Supreme Department Leader- open Department Leader Foreman- open District Assistant- open (multi) Public Relations- open (multi) Volunteers- open (multi) Security Supreme Head Of Security- Bob the Baron (Bobby Campbell) Deputy of Security- Malistad (Malistad Gyorr) District Head of Security- open (multi) District 1- Alpha (Alpha Regal) District 2- Crawely (Stuart Billington) District Security Deputy- open (multi) District 1- ScottV10 Security Official- open (multi) If Interested in a position, please mail us which along with a bit about yourself and the reasoning you believe you'd do well. Any questions feel free to ask. NFFA Supports: Boosting local small-medium business through tax breaks. Academic Tax Breaks Right to Bear Arms The Military Environmental Preservation Standards
  4. The Accession Party

    "A star, for the future." ______________________________________________________________________ Political Views: Corporation and Business: Corporations and Business will have significantly lower tax rates if Identified by the state as a legitimate business that serves as a complement towards the economy. The Accession Party does not accept to any form of Crony capitalism as we respect the people's ownership over their goods and establishments and further more we believe there should be no connection or relationship with government and business (this excludes taxes). A Free Market for the people, corporations and business will not have abusive restrictions held upon them so they may increase their percentages of expandability and contribute to the economy. Taxation: All Men and Women have the right to be taxed equally; The Accession Party will ensure proper taxation and proper usage of such when put into treasury. Male or Female, you both will be taxed equally by default no matter what career field you have assigned or represent yourself in. Though the Accession Party aims for progression, furthermore those that own any sort of business or establishment will be taxed on a lower rate as you have identified yourself as a positive contribution to the people's economy (Creating Jobs, Assembling/Creating for those which live within our state). Taxation will be forwarded in this order (Least to Greatest) Special Accommodation Purposes (Creation of Parks, Playgrounds) > Mass Public Transportation > Maintenance and Stabilization of Highways, Roads, Streets and Tolls. > Water, Sewer and Power Facilities > Hospitals and Extended Health Care Services > Law Enforcement > Primary and Seconday Education Property Ownership: The State does not have ownership over the people's properties, Every Man or Women has the right for complete ownership over their land. The Accession Party will allow the individual(s) to protect their land under circumstances of burglary at any cost. A Law shall be created to protect an individual right's to protect their home. The law gives property owners the right to defend themselves with a reasonable response. That means any force used against a trespasser must usually be proportionate to harm that is reasonably perceived. Gun Control: The People have the right to defend themselves using a firearm in any life threatening situation. The Accession Party is a stronger supporter that every man and women have the right to bear arm as a form of personal protection for themselves and their loved ones. Though, Any who wish for any sort of ownership or possession of a firearm must apply for government assigned licensing ___________________________________________________ VOTE FOR FELIX DAVIDSON! Chairman: Felix Davidson "Cubtheman" CO-Chairman: Alan Stryker "TheLeaf"
  5. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    Anarcho-Capitalist Movement Anarcho-Capitalist Movement is an ideological and philosophical movement that focuses on influencing politics and government towards a more freemarket and anarchist approach to our society, either through bribing politicians to our ideological gain, protesting, or joining and inflitrating right wing political parties or simply inspire people to support our ideas, creating our own little suburban freetown community. We are not a political party we are a freemarket anarchist movement with no leaders or rulers fighting for liberty from government regulations and laws that hurt our freedoms. We are the most friendly political group towards entrepreneurs and we fight foremost for the interest and the rights of business owners, gun owners and individuals that value freedom from regulations, taxes and economic restrictions. In short words we are rebels who want to be left alone without the interference by the state laws, government police, leftist or far-right politics, petty criminals, organized crime, corporate power and regulations that hurt our individual freedom and businesses. By arming ourselves to the teeth and spreading our ideology, we hope to live in a peaceful prosperous society, where we can enjoy maximum freedom and minimal crime. We will fight tyranny when freedom is at stake, we are the resistance. To become an Anarcho-Capitalist you have to follow certain principals, ideas and strive towards these following goals. * Abolish all forms of taxes. (0% Taxes. Taxation is Theft) * Establish Laissez-Faire economics. * Legalize all drugs. * Legalize all firearms. (Armed society is a polite society) * Privatization of state owned institutions. (Police, Hospitals, Military, Special Security, Education, Courts, Fire Department etc.) * Promote ideas of individualism, freedom, voluntarism, gun ownership and disregard all forms of collectivism. * Create a peaceful suburban anarchist community based on Non Aggression Principle. * Hijack and abolish the government, crush its monopoly on force. PS. We have started a private military company and we are hiring now! Don't miss it! Check out on the board room forums, Blackwood Corporation - Private Military Company.