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Found 2 results

  1. The Civic National Party

    Hello, and welcome to this overview of the Civic National Parties policies. Taxes. Taxation under a Civic Nationalist government will be moderate. Directing the funds in the essential with a large portion going to a couple of key ideas which we will go over. Healthcare - One of the high points of tax payer money at work, we wish to establish a form of National Health Service for all citizens. To live a healthy life is a liberty undeserving to no one. The Justice system - funding of this will be standard, as offenders are to be punished rather than rehabilitated. Rehabilitation will be reserved for those of first time offences and minor crimes. Policing - Like healthcare this will be another key topic of high funding. Police will not only be more militarized, but we also propose the first ever installment of a special counter terrorist unit to protect and neutralize all potential threats. Corporations - To benefit us as a nation and to put the nation and it's people first, we will impose a Corporate Tax on all big businesses to assure that they do their part for society just as much as everyone else does. Public transportation - We understand that not everyone has the ability to own a vehicle, so we aim to make sure there is a public transport for the city and outer city limits. This will also increase job opportunities. Work Induction Programs - To get people on the right path in life(Or for new players) we wish to establish career programs that will help citizens get into their preferred job role, as well as to be shown all the pointers of how best to perform in that career. Crime. To protect and serve our people better - Law enforcement officials will be given more legislated jurisdiction when tackling gang related crime and terrorism. We will also make it mandatory for all serving officers to take part in a public relations program to make sure they uphold and represent the ideals and values we hold so dear. Minor offences - For offences such as possession of illegal narcotics for PERSONAL use, offenders will find themselves likely with fines rather than jail time. However depending on the type of crime, drug and intention, offenders can face jail time with rehabilitation or community service. Major offences - Offenders of severe crimes that have endangered those around them or intended to do harm will face Jail time with no rehabilitation. They will serve their time and punishment. Drugs. Categorization - Drugs will be categorized into three classes, Class A, B, and C. Class A being a substance that is completely and utterly band and will be highly illegal, Class B being a drug that is not exactly illegal to use but can earn a fine to those caught using it and jail time for those selling it, and Class C being legalized drugs. Legal Drugs - Other than typical prescription drugs, Marijuana and Psychedelics will be legal. However an employer has the right to turn you away from employment if they believe you to be a liability or risk. So use within moderation and take responsibility for your actions. Driving under the influence - This goes without say that any drug driving or drunk driving will be faced with jail time with rehabilitation. Firearms. Every citizen will have the right to bare arms - However this will be only permitted if they under go vetting and can give a legitimate reason for owning the weapon, as well as proving that they are not a danger to the public or themselves. Handguns - Hand guns are the only permitted weapon to be sold as a form of self defense once the vetting process has been successful. Rifles - Assault weapons will be completely band and reserved for law enforcement and counter-terrorist units, but small low caliber rifles such as bolt action hunting rifles will be legal for those outside the city limits and only for hunting/pest control purposes. Licenses - There will be two major types, standard which will permit you to own the weapon within your home for home defense, and open carry which will cost more, but give you the right to carry as long as it is not concealed. All other weaponry will be strictly illegal, including knives unless the knife owner has a permit and proof that it is being used for hunting or building purposes. Voting. The right to vote is a crucial principle for our party. On each and every bit of legislation that is being proposed the people will have a right to vote and have their say. The only time this is every excluded is in times of national emergency. The only people who will not have the right to vote are those currently serving prison sentences as they are prisoners for their sentence, and not citizens. Miscellaneous. To go over a couple of things we believe might not be fully understood. Work induction programs - These are designed to take players and get them familiar with the career path they wish to take, as well as helping those coming out of prison on rehabilitation programs to get back into work and become valued members of society. The Civic National form of rehabilitation - We believe that to get offenders ready to go back into society they should under go different forms of community services, whether it be sanitation or working crops for the local farmers. Counter-Terrorist Units - These units will be created to handle situations beyond the SWAT teams means. From riot control, to gang war neutralization. These units will be assigned to taking on the Cartels and bringing them to their knees. As this is a new and first draft of the parties manifesto, we have not had the opportunity to be asked questions yet. But if you do have any questions, or wish to express criticism, feel free to message me. Signed, Ryder Saxon. Party Leader.
  2. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    Anarcho-Capitalist Movement Anarcho-Capitalist Movement is an ideological and philosophical movement that focuses on influencing politics and government towards a more freemarket and anarchist approach to our society, either through bribing politicians to our ideological gain, protesting, or joining and inflitrating right wing political parties or simply inspire people to support our ideas, creating our own little suburban freetown community. We are not a political party we are a freemarket anarchist movement with no leaders or rulers fighting for liberty from government regulations and laws that hurt our freedoms. We are the most friendly political group towards entrepreneurs and we fight foremost for the interest and the rights of business owners, gun owners and individuals that value freedom from regulations, taxes and economic restrictions. In short words we are rebels who want to be left alone without the interference by the state laws, government police, leftist or far-right politics, petty criminals, organized crime, corporate power and regulations that hurt our individual freedom and businesses. By arming ourselves to the teeth and spreading our ideology, we hope to live in a peaceful prosperous society, where we can enjoy maximum freedom and minimal crime. We will fight tyranny when freedom is at stake, we are the resistance. To become an Anarcho-Capitalist you have to follow certain principals, ideas and strive towards these following goals. * Abolish all forms of taxes. (0% Taxes. Taxation is Theft) * Establish Laissez-Faire economics. * Legalize all drugs. * Legalize all firearms. (Armed society is a polite society) * Privatization of state owned institutions. (Police, Hospitals, Military, Special Security, Education, Courts, Fire Department etc.) * Promote ideas of individualism, freedom, voluntarism, gun ownership and disregard all forms of collectivism. * Create a peaceful suburban anarchist community based on Non Aggression Principle. * Hijack and abolish the government, crush its monopoly on force. PS. We have started a private military company and we are hiring now! Don't miss it! Check out on the board room forums, Blackwood Corporation - Private Military Company.