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Found 2 results

  1. One way up, two ways down.

    Before I get lost in my thoughts and start spouting rhetoric that compliments whatever mood I'm in, I'd like to give a big thanks to both the developers, and the community surrounding this game, as this is the first time in years that I've felt the urge to actually participate in a forum discussion. (I believe the last time I did so, Runescape "3" was just being announced.) Anyways, onto the topic at hand. While the politics of this world have yet to be discovered, the notion of political coalitions having the capacity to look out for anyone's interests but their own beyond the founders of the part(y) is far-fetched at best, and ridiculous at worst. While I don't expect to ever earn the favor of the citizenry in the beginning stages of this world's development cycle, I only ask for one chance to prove my metal. The concept that conventional leftism/rightism are adequate methods of representing the ideologies of the masses is nothing more than pandering to those whom benefit from numbing the masses. Whist I cannot even guarantee I make it onto the ballet, if by some miracle all of you *choose* me, I can guarantee that my government will operate on a term-to-term basis, with politics taking a backseat to the well-being of the people. I won't feed in to emotionally fueled pejoratives, nor will I overlook my own shortcomings, nor will I attempt to utilize an extended vocabulary. (either to confuse the average person, or attempt to marginalize my opponent) In short, we'll have to see how the politics of the island pan out, but once it solidifies itself, and a hierarchy is established, I'll be there.
  2. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    Anarcho-Capitalist Movement Anarcho-Capitalist Movement is an ideological and philosophical movement that focuses on influencing politics and government towards a more freemarket and anarchist approach to our society, either through bribing politicians to our ideological gain, protesting, or joining and inflitrating right wing political parties or simply inspire people to support our ideas, creating our own little suburban freetown community. We are not a political party we are a freemarket anarchist movement with no leaders or rulers fighting for liberty from government regulations and laws that hurt our freedoms. We are the most friendly political group towards entrepreneurs and we fight foremost for the interest and the rights of business owners, gun owners and individuals that value freedom from regulations, taxes and economic restrictions. In short words we are rebels who want to be left alone without the interference by the state laws, government police, leftist or far-right politics, petty criminals, organized crime, corporate power and regulations that hurt our individual freedom and businesses. By arming ourselves to the teeth and spreading our ideology, we hope to live in a peaceful prosperous society, where we can enjoy maximum freedom and minimal crime. We will fight tyranny when freedom is at stake, we are the resistance. To become an Anarcho-Capitalist you have to follow certain principals, ideas and strive towards these following goals. * Abolish all forms of taxes. (0% Taxes. Taxation is Theft) * Establish Laissez-Faire economics. * Legalize all drugs. * Legalize all firearms. (Armed society is a polite society) * Privatization of state owned institutions. (Police, Hospitals, Military, Special Security, Education, Courts, Fire Department etc.) * Promote ideas of individualism, freedom, voluntarism, gun ownership and disregard all forms of collectivism. * Create a peaceful suburban anarchist community based on Non Aggression Principle. * Hijack and abolish the government, crush its monopoly on force. PS. We have started a private military company and we are hiring now! Don't miss it! Check out on the board room forums, Blackwood Corporation - Private Military Company.