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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Asylum ( @Paratus , @Motown , @Beach_Ball ) as "complicated" systems are done. Would you maybe want to talk about the remaining tasks? What is being worked on, what gameplay mechanics are left? Maybe some of the challanges overcome, and the ones that are left? Thank you!
  2. One way up, two ways down.

    Before I get lost in my thoughts and start spouting rhetoric that compliments whatever mood I'm in, I'd like to give a big thanks to both the developers, and the community surrounding this game, as this is the first time in years that I've felt the urge to actually participate in a forum discussion. (I believe the last time I did so, Runescape "3" was just being announced.) Anyways, onto the topic at hand. While the politics of this world have yet to be discovered, the notion of political coalitions having the capacity to look out for anyone's interests but their own beyond the founders of the part(y) is far-fetched at best, and ridiculous at worst. While I don't expect to ever earn the favor of the citizenry in the beginning stages of this world's development cycle, I only ask for one chance to prove my metal. The concept that conventional leftism/rightism are adequate methods of representing the ideologies of the masses is nothing more than pandering to those whom benefit from numbing the masses. Whist I cannot even guarantee I make it onto the ballet, if by some miracle all of you *choose* me, I can guarantee that my government will operate on a term-to-term basis, with politics taking a backseat to the well-being of the people. I won't feed in to emotionally fueled pejoratives, nor will I overlook my own shortcomings, nor will I attempt to utilize an extended vocabulary. (either to confuse the average person, or attempt to marginalize my opponent) In short, we'll have to see how the politics of the island pan out, but once it solidifies itself, and a hierarchy is established, I'll be there.