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  1. The man, the myth, the legend. 

  2. The National Socialist Identity Party

    Hey DLimit: It's cool that you clearly have a lot of passion for your party and whatnot, but don't go around hijacking other people's threads with stuff regarding your party. Your party is not relevant at all to the topic of this thread, and you should keep that shit in your own thread.
  3. The National Socialist Identity Party

    This will be the Navy Seal copypasta of the Identity forums
  4. Regulation Lobbyists

    But that's not at all what @Xilvius was proposing...
  5. Regulation Lobbyists

    In what way does regulation on the free market lead to economic equality?
  6. Regulation Lobbyists

    Equal in what sense? Economically equal? Equality in opportunity? Elaborate.
  7. Regulation Lobbyists

    The free market is a good meme until you have massive monopolies controlling industries, and destroying competition. You can look at the lassiez faire 19/20th century Great Britain for as to why regulation is needed to control a free market from getting out of hand. No. That's not what regulation on the free market means. At all. EDIT: Forgot- U.S. steel industry of the early 1900's is a better example.
  8. Unified Party

    Giving out government subsidies to businesses the state wants to support is one thing, but to have to tax businesses 100% just to gain control of everyone's property (yes, within the confines of this game it is THEIR property) is a ridiculous notion. You're deepthroating a system which promotes nothing more than mediocrity.
  9. Unified Party

    I’m not a politician, nor do I want to be one. We just are on the opposite end of the political spectrum and I took issue with a few things he advocated for. After all, who the Governor is will massively impact my experience in the game and I just want to make sure we have the right people in power.
  10. Unified Party

    You do understand that there’s a distinction between the population deciding to buy my product or not, in comparison to the population deciding the DIRECTION of my company, right? This is VERY different from one another.
  11. Unified Party

    Great.. under your administration my business will be at the will of the 14 year old majority player-base. How motivating...
  12. Unified Party

    Because the business' success would be at the will of the government, not on their own volition to succeed.
  13. Unified Party

    This would seem like a wildly unpopular idea among anybody who seeks economic success via the means of their own ideas being translated into the game. So, your plan is to tax businesses to hell until they die, so the state can buy them for cheap?
  14. Unified Party

    This isn't possible with how the game has been currently presented. As of now, the game will function as such: 1) Each person can have one business to their name (per server) 2) Each person can have one job to their name (per server) Nowhere has any developer stated that the government can take control of small business, because it's in the rightful property of the people who started them. For example, once I start my business in game, you can't do anything to touch it, as you have no powers to do so.
  15. Unified Party

    What are you talking about? We're speaking within the confines of the GAME, which has an inherently capitalist economy with a backbone of small business. You can't just take away the ability for people to create a business, because that's an integral part of the game mechanics. Your argument should not be whether communism is applicable to the real world, but rather if it is AT ALL possible in this game, which it isn't. Being a Governor does not give you the power to change the mechanics of the game, no matter how hard you RP.