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Found 1 result

  1. Unified Party

    I will be accepting no salary as governor. Instead I will donate my cheque to the police force to keep them well paid without raising taxes to high levels. Unified Party The Unified Party is a Bipartisan political platform dedicated strictly to the creation and stabilization of a clean government choice and a thriving economy. Our goal is to prevent YOUR governance to be ran by a slew of children bending to the whim of criminal networks. The Unified party will ALWAYS stand direct to the majority populace of popular favor. Our representatives will not be swayed by dirty money, backroom politics, or standardized threats. Platform Policies Our platform polices will be and will remain always to support small government, the lowest possible tax rate, and Marijuana legalization to stimulate the economy. It is the right of the citizens to have the means to defend themselves against vagrant criminals. If we take the firearms out of the hands of the citizens we leave them defenseless against the criminal organizations that reign over black market economies. Where we believe in the capabilities of the police force, we also believe that an armed society, is a polite one. We will not be concerning ourselves with things of lesser consequence, such as jaywalking, or noise complaints. You won't see Draconian Laws or penalties under the Unification Party; We believe in Bipartisan policies, that benefit the community as a whole and endorse economic stimulation and growth. Our policies will always reflect these basic values and understandings, you won't be distracted with flashy websites to disguise corruption or totalitarianism. Sleight of Hand Don't fall prey to the sleight of hand tactics being utilized by other "fundamentalists" parties. You do NOT require high tax rates for a safe community. The citizens have a RIGHT to protect themselves with firearms. Business' shouldn't be taxed more because they make more. We believe in flat rate taxes across the board, unlike the majority of our competition that want to increase taxes dramatically dependent on your yearly income. The successful shouldn't have to pay for the unsuccessful, nor will they under the Unified Party. Don't fall victim to false politics, corrupted deals, and high tax rates. Unified The Unified Party is a stand against corruption. It's a champion for the legitimate citizen and business owner. We will not stand by idly and allow competing political parties to lord themselves over the civilians. We will not settle for the lesser of the two evils. Divided we fall, but UNIFIED WE STAND. A personal thanks to @Jax for designing and creating our insignia and helping the campaign along since it's creation.