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Found 4 results

  1. Army and Navy Careers

    I was thinking that if there is going to be gangs which take control of turf and power, it would be interesting to have a United States Army or Navy which you could join as a career, where you work up the ranks from Private to Captain. That way, the Army could work to retain control of turf to the government (basically no gang land), where the gangs could try and get it back. In essence the Army and Navy is to tackle major gang power? What do you guys think about it? Good or Bad idea? Any additional ideas?
  2. The Identity Duck Army

    Join the Duck Army today and become one of the mighty ducks to fend for the Queen! Quack!
  3. We the people of identity have Been lied to by our greedy Ruler Leaders Brothers And Sisters It is time for our freedom fighters to take to the streets to penetrate the spirit of these evil corporate money hungry thieves who look down upon us We must Revolt For Our Future We must exterminate and Take down each and everyone until the streets belong to us and these leaders Rot down in hell WE the people will not be intimidated by Police and Government leaders We will not Conform the Identity world we make our own rules anyone who doesn't agree with our way of life will pay the price of torture or even death we will go to war with the government and anyone who opposes us we will cause havoc and terrorise the citizens and destroy their freedom The rich despise us because of our economic status Brothers and sisters in the name of the almighty God Bare Arms Set explosives in business building police stations target government officials and rich citizens we will terrorise the people of identify brothers and sisters let us rise let us take over and Be your own leaders!!!! Terrorise and attack to Liberate the impoverished poor voiceless citizens Take down the scum of identity !!!! let us rise from the graves And kick these Police and Foolish Citizens of this corruptive system exterminate them I CALL UPON MORTARS PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO DIE FOR A GOOD CAUSE TO LIBERATE THE PEOPLE (Please note) The following statement is none realistic this account is not affiliated with any organised crime nor would we ever have any intent or desire to harm anybody in real life outside of the game this is total and utterly fictional None of this applies to real life)
  4. Army

    How about a military idea where 1 world could declare on another world to start a war for land money etc.... Join an army to train, rank up different ranks and become general, field marshal or captain..... Gain money from being in the army and stuff, i believe it would make a good new feature in the world of identity and really make an awsome reality or if my suggestion of world vs world is too much somethiling like it.... Instead of just gang wars how about actual military wars too.