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Found 6 results

  1. Gang war [pt/br and en/us]

    PT/BR A guerra de gangs com certeza é algo que vamos ver no jogo, porém o que todos nós estamos ansiosos para ver é como vai funcionar essas batalhas mortais ! Esta publicação tem varias perguntas que para os olhos de um desenvolvedor podem ser ótimas ideias para implementar no jogo. Acredito que um RANKING com as principais gangs do servidor seria uma ideia ótima para implementar no jogo, pois iria despertar a competitividade dentro do jogo. também seria legal, se houvesse uma fase de aprovação para entrar em uma gang, exemplo: Assaltar uma joalheria famosa ou ter entrado na prissão pelo menos 3 vezes para entrar na gang. Google Translate EN/US Gang warfare is sure to be something we're going to see in the game, but what we're all looking forward to is how these mortal battles will work! This publication has several questions that for the eyes of a developer can be great ideas to implement in the game. I believe that a RANKING with the main gangs of the server would be a great idea to implement in the game, since it would awaken the competitiveness within the game. it would also be cool if there was a passing phase to get into a gang, for example: robbing a famous jewelry store or entering the prison at least 3 times to get into the gang.
  2. Revolutions

    I understand that this will be a role playing game. I also understand that it's suppose to have a player run government. So I was wondering if it would be appropriate to allow peaceful and not so peaceful revolutions in the game in order to re-instate the Government? Any thoughts?
  3. Wars

    Will you be able, as president/mayor, to start a war with some other city or something, which has another mayor? Because I would find it cool to be in the military in the game, and be able to fight for "Stroodum" or something. If this isn't gonna be a feature, that's pretty chilled, but it would make an epic feature. (sorry for alot of posts, I'm extremely hyped and I need to know what I am gonna do when I play the game)
  4. Army

    How about a military idea where 1 world could declare on another world to start a war for land money etc.... Join an army to train, rank up different ranks and become general, field marshal or captain..... Gain money from being in the army and stuff, i believe it would make a good new feature in the world of identity and really make an awsome reality or if my suggestion of world vs world is too much somethiling like it.... Instead of just gang wars how about actual military wars too.
  5. ShadowSmuggles

    Hello, I am ShadowedNation the CEO of ShadowSmuggles. Along with my friend, and Head Of Operations, Croft we will be working to create a drugs and weapon smuggling company which supplies you the citizens with weapons and drugs not sold over the counter. I am creating this topic to not only raise awareness of our company but to also give you an opportunity to work for us in our missions. Pay will depend on the type of job you're doing for us and how well you do it. if a job is uncompleted and we lose stock unfortunately that will have to come out of your pay but don't worry there is plenty of opportunities to redeem yourself. The jobs we require range; from simple delivery drivers to salesmen and even up to professional hitmen. Please respond to this topic if you're interested and we will contact you as soon as possible with details of our operations and when we will be starting. Sincerely, CEO, ShadowedNation (c) ShadowedCompaniesLTD [Unregistered]
  6. Civil War

    Can civil war happen between two different cities or two campaigns? or the north of identity vs south of identity? Country boys vs city boys?