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  1. How to add photo's to posts?

    got the same problem...
  2. Model Agency

    Is there a Possible way I could become a Photographer with you guys? (:
  3. Forum Help

  4. Hello, I have a quick question about forums. How could you make signatures and Insert pictures (PNG/JPG) or is it even possible?
  5. Identity Today News Agency

    Yes that is what we are thinking of doing. We will have a twitch account where we will stream an in-game news show. Thank you for clearing it out (:
  6. Identity Today News Agency

    Alright sure, I will contact him. And We would probably have special talkshows with Candidates and other politicians and we would love to interview you!
  7. Identity Today News Agency

    Yes, Sure! Sport news will definitely be a main thing. Also you can capture some stuff and send them to us, And we will put it on, and give you credit for it. ( we would give you money but we wont be able to since we are not getting paid for doing these news. )
  8. Identity Today News Agency

    IDENTITY TODAY NEWS AGENCY Hello, I am James. CO of ITN ( Identity Today News Agency ) ITN Is the first News Project to enter Identity, We believe that the Island of Identity needs a News Agency to keep Players around the Island updated of what's going on, From Political news to Car chases and Criminal reports.. and much more. We will provide our News through all kind of medias available in the game, Such as Radio, Newspapers, And TV. We will host (In-game) Daily news Reports at specific times in the game. And People who joins us will be able to put Reports on news papers and Host Talks and so on. And People who joins us also will be able to host their own Shows Related to News But after ranking up. Which will be stated later in another post. We will try our best to convince Identity to be able to give us specific props and stuff to use for the News, such as Microphones, Cameras, Special vehicles, And so on. Also we're not sure if its able to host the shows and Get paid for it untill now, So we will not be able to pay you if you join us, But your name will be famous around the Island, and experience the journalism experience. So, If you're interested in joining us, or have a Suggestion or a Question, Make sure you put it in the Comments! Thank you for your time. Sincerely James. ITN CO.
  9. Wilson Private Military Corporation.

    I do not think Military cooperations would be possible, But you could do a mafia-type of armed group, or just get a group of people and join in the Police force, you could communicate with eachother through teamspeak or something like that.
  10. Questions and Stuff about the game

    Oh. Well thats unfortunate. But thanks anyways.
  11. Questions and Stuff about the game

    Thank you a lot!
  12. Ideas and Suggestions

    Hello, So Here is some suggestions and Ideas I think that If its in the game ( If its not already ) it would really make it great! 1- Sport Teams ( Football or basketball ) So we could for example start a team and start playing against others! ( this might already exist but just in case, Here it is ) 2- News Stations/TV Shows ( Owned by real players ). I've Heard in the last trailer that we could watch TV and so on, But it would be really awesome if we could start making our own Shows on TV and get money for every watcher! For example I am really interested in making a news station where it would be both on Radio and on Newspapers and TVs, so we post car chases, Weather news, Political news.. and So on. 3- Cinema Films ( Filmed by real players ). Iknow that Cinemas will be a real thing and we would be able to see movies and films, But how about if we were able to create and film ones ( Based and acted in the game ) And we would show it in these cinemas, And we will get money by everyone who goes to see the movie. 4- More Usable Props. Such as Professional Cameras, Microphones, Headsets... 5- Special Vehicles. This might be Suggested a lot, and it might be in the game, But I think we should have Special vehicles such as Helis, and Maybe a News Van ( If news was a possible thing.) And so on. Thats it, Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked my ideas. I would love for you to tell me if these ideas might be a real thing or if it would be very hard to do, But either ways, Thank you again. -drJames
  13. Hello, I got some questions and suggestions about the game. It would be awesome if you could help! So I was wondering if we will be able to make Movies or TV shows or any kind of shows that could be shown in TVs at home. For example, Im thinking of doing a News Station, So we have our own TV show that we must stream.. and so on. And so we could build up this tycoon and Start getting News vans or even Helis ( Maybe not that far but it would be awesome anyways lol ) So we could capture car chases and so on. I could do all the video editing or even do this as a stream on twitch or what ever. But would it be possible to show it on TVs? Also will we have props as Cameras, Microphones, Books, Stuff like that? For example we could use a camera to capture stuff for the News, If you get what i mean. Also what about Cinemas? Would it be possible that we can make our own Movies? Honestly that would really be amazing. I heard that Movies will be shown, But can we make our own? and get money through it? And One thing, If we make a Company like a News Stations ( If it be possible ) or Radio stations, Will we automatically get paid for doing it as like a normal tycoon, Or people must watch or listen to it in order for us to get paid? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ On another topic, What are the devs Opinions on Sport, I've heard some stuff about it, But how will it work exactly? Thats it, Thank you very much!
  14. Stock Exchanges and Investments

    Ah I see, Much thanks!
  15. Stock Exchanges and Investments

    So I have been thinking of doing a Stock Exchange company on Identity so people Could invest in big companies in the Actual game and get more money through it, Anyone interested of helping and suggesting more stuff and ideas, Please contact me on skype. So far I'm Still not sure if its possible to do something like so in the Game but I will be suggesting it to the Developers Incase they didnt think of it yet. The way Im thinking about doing this, Is to give the abilities to Companies to make Stocks and other People would be able to invest in it so they get money if the Stocks have risen. ( Very similar to real life. ) (Skype username; XSMX_Services) - James.