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  1. They are definitely playing. I jumped on for a bit, and the karaoke was packed.
  2. Eve and Entropia Universe come to mind. Hell, on EU my family owns $20,000 worth of stuff. Yes, people spend real money on virtual stuff, just like people spend money on hookers and booze.
  3. Why wouldn't you have hope? Every single person here has hope. Our money is already invested, it's gone and not coming back, and all we have left is hope that something will come out of this investment. Everyone who has pledged any amount of money and is still on these forums or discord have hope, despite what they may claim. They may claim they've lost hope, but the fact that they lurk around means that they really do have hope for this game, however small. Those who've truly lost hope are no longer here, they aren't trashing it or trolling, they've just cut their losses and left.
  4. Are they any screenshots of initial release?

    Search YouTube, you can see some of the initial gameplay, not just the screenshots.
  5. its broke already

    The servers are offline, so you won't be able to play. It's "broke" because this is basically pre-alpha, and the TS hasn't even been out 12 hours. They couldn't fix bugs and glitches that they didn't know existed. The module released and these issues were discovered, and therefor need to be fixed. This is how game development works, and this will continue to be a common occurrence over the next couple of years as the base is polished and new modules are released. If you can't handle the development process, stay away until the end game is finished. There will be a lot of development issues, so there's no point in getting upset over it now.
  6. Very disappointed, how about you guys?

    I am understanding his point. This game hasn't been in development for 4 years, it required a kickstarting funding before anything could begin. Also, people are expecting Rockstar development from a small team of brand new inexperienced developers with limited resources. Many games take years to become anything worth playing, especially if they're developed by small companies. This is an ambitious game being created by a small team of amateur developers, something that has currently only been done by major gaming companies with ample experienced staff and near endless resources. You're expecting a Lamborghini when you're paying for a Chevy Spark.
  7. Very disappointed, how about you guys?

    It's not intended to be a finished game, it's the first module. This has been said from the beginning. This is a pre-alpha version of a game in development, NOT a finished game.
  8. Very disappointed, how about you guys?

    Not disappointed, I expected this. The game is hugely ambitious, and the development team is inexperienced. If this had been a Rockstar game I would have been disappointed, but it isn't - it's a major game being developed by inexperienced developers, so many people have just placed unrealistic expectations on it. Frankly I think what has been created so far is beautiful and promising.
  9. It isn’t going to be in your game library yet, the error is normal. You linked your Identity account with your Steam profile, that’s it. It will be in your game library later.
  10. Getting Keys!

    So this is definitely exciting. Now, will we get time to download before the server goes live, or will we even get any warning?
  11. Getting Keys!

    So it’s my understanding, unless the rules have changed since I was last here, that live streaming and recording and sharing video of the content of the first module is permitted?
  12. Real talk, Crimes Needs to Be Scary And Risky.!!

    Half the player population plans to be criminal, so I'm not sure how well that would work. Being caught can have severe consequences, or it can have none, depending on how much you have to lose. I don't believe they will make the punishments harsh at all, since that is half their player base, and if they aren't having fun they'll likely quit.
  13. Police Violence Are Important.

    From my understanding there can be no bad cops in this game, aside from perhaps solicitation on extortion. If you do something wrong, you'll be flagged for it, and the cops pursue further. I don't believe it will be possible to arrest you if you haven't done something wrong. Let's not play antifa simulator.
  14. When do you think the town square will be availabe?

    I'm always a little hyped about this, though I've learned to not worry much about it. I'm looking forward to it, though I'm not holding my breath. I'll get hyped once they officially announce it, or release the next video.