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  1. Suggestions #1

    This is good. How about 3 hours day, 3 hours night? Some players might prefer to play at night for whatever reason so maybe balancing out could be a possible suggestion? Can't wait to take selfies and post it up on the wall. Although I think the web browser would also be a good addition to the computers and phones in this game. You can search up and buy apartments through the use of a website. You can perhaps even manage your own personal ATM through the web. Yep that is right. Besides the game looks decent judging by the screenshots and the videos on YouTube. However, maybe for the future. It is not the game's most important feature or a character's functionality but as long as it affects you somehow, I guess it will add something to the game but overall, game sounds solid and hopefully, when it is released, it will be a success.
  2. Suggestions #1

    Throughout the course of this game, I'll try and do my best to leave suggestions to make this game as authentic as possible for the developers to hopefully consider. This game has real potential and I hope it will be a real long-term success. Suggestion 1: Game world time. There should be a game world time: a full day should be 24 hours (real world time) or 2 seconds in the real world equal one Identity 5 minutes or 1 second real world equal 1 minute? *Consider job's working hours for example, a player may have a 7 hour shift but they might not want to work for 7 hours (real world time)* Therefore game world time is important for authenticity. This game should be built around authenticity. Suggestion 2: Mobile Phones and Technology. I have not heard much about the uses of technology in this game but I have heard about the uses of computers. Mobile phones should have basic things such as Contacts, Messages, Games, Camera and (most importantly) a Web Browser. *There are lots of things to talk about in terms of technology and how it can be utilised in the same ways as in the real world so I will only talk about it after the game has been released as I can look into more depth on how they can improve on this important feature* Suggestion 3: Main focus on this game should be the game environment (surroundings) and character. Game Environment = Being able to interact with the surrounding environments as much as possible. The environment should also act as it would in the real world. From the wind blowing the leaves gently to your character accidentally walking into a bin and knocking it over. Funny that. But it is just an example of gaming authenticity. I have seen many games before in the past where if you accidentally walk into a building, your character just acts as if nothing has happened but instead of this: *In Identity, we should start to see more realism come into play* Character = Once again, I can only comment so much about characters in this game therefore, I shall only talk about characters once this game has been fully released (which should hopefully be soon). However, from character customisation to character relationships, this should all be possible. Even as smaller details as a character having a hunger bar or a sleep bar like in a Sims game. Conclusion: I cannot wait for the game to come out. I wish the developers the best of luck and I know this game will be a long-term success as long as everyone in the community gives as much support as we can towards this game.