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Found 10 results

  1. Backstory of a stuggling artist

    Initially a struggling portrait artist, D. Marlboro began his career capturing the character of Ash Hill’s most lively citizens. Rarely getting paid for the pleasure however, he reluctantly turned his hand to forging fine art. His attention to detail and undeniable natural ability quickly made him successful and with this success came money, more money than he had ever dreamed of making as an artist. With the money however came pressure, pressure to churn out forgeries, pressure to perform, pressure to undertake more lucrative cons like counterfeiting…his small cosy studio quickly became more and more like a sweatshop with deadlines, backlogs, angry (and dangerous) customers. Coping poorly, and as many of the creatively inclined do, he turned to the bottle, and then, to various other…substances. This dependency quickly overtook him, driving him further from the artistic expression he cherished and pursued initially and culminated in a severe case of writer’s block. Unable to summon the energy to meticulously scour over and reproduce the more popular workings of the grand masters, his debt began to mount exponentially and it quickly became obvious something needed to be done. Being all too aware of the value of art (real and fake)and with his contacts in both the artistic community and black-market he figured he could flip an original painting or two for a tidy profit, pay off his debt and escape the criminals he had inadvertently fallen in with. The challenge however was doing this without any capital. A cheap plastic party mask and an old, rusted unreliable shotgun later he had pulled off what the press described as a ‘strong arm robbery’ but in reality was much more like a hectic smash and grab. Regardless, a new bug had bitten; he no longer craved the chemical highs but the massive and natural adrenaline rush which comes post heist. The arm full of paintings he had secured from his first job where enough to cover his debt and buy his freedom. Finally free but with only a couple thousand dollars to his name he retired the old shotgun replacing it with a much more manageable and reliable .45 pistol, replaced his plastic party mask with a non-descript black ski mask and began planning his next hit. It wasn’t long before the target of his heists became irrelevant and he branched out from galleries into local shops and businesses and eventually into the realm of banks and the ever more challenging stash houses of drug dealers and criminals who had harassed and threatened him in the not so distant past… Thoughts, feedback appriciated!
  2. Bank Heist Crew

    I just need a few people to rob banks with me, we will call ourselves The Counterfeits.
  3. Stealthy Heist

    Hey guys do any if you know if you could possibly commit a heist using stealth, like payday 2? or will heists be always loud?
  4. Prison Breaks

    Hey! Im pretty new to this game and i can't imagine how many times you have got this as a suggestion, but being able to break out of prison would be amazing and a fun thing to do. If 1 person in my gang is in prison, why not break himk out of there with som kind of heist? This would allow for longer sentences in jail. You will also have to be smart and have a high IQ to acctually come up with a great master plan to escape. Thanks for reading. - Tobbetobster
  5. Rippers Gang

    Ripper's Heist Gang We are 6 friends. We are from Argentina but we speak english too. Our idea is form a group of ppl capable of performing fast heists, assassination, persecution of politicians during capaing by contract and traffic. We have a lawyer already, who ironically is lawyer irl. And if it's possible an informatic brain. We are looking for someone who loves driving and, if it's possible a policeman associated to us. We are so excited about this game.
  6. The Network

    ???????, ???? ?? ???????, ??? ????? ??? ?????????, ??????? ???????????, ?????? ???????, ????????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??????? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ????. ??? ??????? ???? ???? ??? ??????????? ?? ??? ??? ????????? ??? ???? ??? ??'? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ???????? ???'?? ?????. ?? ???? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ??, ???? ??? ????? ?? ?? ?????????. ?? ????? ?????????, ????????? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ???, ?????? ??? ???????. ????????? ?? ??? ??? ?????, ????, ???'? ?????... ??? ?? ????: ?????? ???? ??! - - The Network - More info regarding the Network -
  7. Crack Heist Team

    Hi I'm a guy that needs money to fund a little business of mine and I'm looking for a crack heist team to hire so far I've got an expert hacker and lockpicker all I need now is: -A demolitions expert -A sniper -A badass -A guy that doesn't cooperate -An escape driver.
  8. Heist planning

    Ok so, you invite your friends over to your house,apartment etc. And you come up with the idea that you (and your 3 or 4 friends) should do a bank heist, so first you get yourself and one of your friends to drive down to the bank and scope it out (taking pictures for later in this scenario.) (Optional) you or the other friend goes inside and take pictures or just inform you of how many staff and guards are there. You come back to the house and attach the pictures to a white board and you and your friends can draw up the plan (escape routes etc.) and discuss if extra equipment is required(cable ties etc.) And of course your gonna need a van to get all of you out, since there will be no armor modifications to vehicles you'll have to get out fast. Now this is obvious thing, guns you can't do a heist without guns, so either you have a connection with a gun dealer or one of you is a gunsmith and make the weapons for the job. Now the final part is the cut each person gets, now of course you can cut it however you like but you need to put how well they did into consideration, basically if someone did a bad job they would get less of a cut than a person who kept they're cool and did an excellent job. There you have my idea of heist planning.
  9. Dye Packs

    Since this is a game all about realism, so what if from time to time your doing a bank heist and and you get away but then your a bang and you and the money are covered in dye. Could be a nice feature
  10. Payday 2

    I trying to find a new crew to play this game with so hit me up if you want to play. Also since the game is on sale, I would gladly buy you a copy if you dont have it and wanna play.