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  1. I can't link my steam account?

    Well it's kinda odd that that one branch of the website doesn't work, but the rest of it does.
  2. I can't link my steam account?

    After I sign into steam to link my account, it just says that’s server IP address could not be found, and I have tried on multiple browsers.
  3. Who or what will you become?

    I'm gonna be a good, honest worker, that may or may not rob banks on the side.
  4. Bank Heist Crew

    i have 182 hours
  5. Second life!

    I was planning on being the leader of a bank heist crew, heh, hopefully too many cops don't see this.
  6. Dark Web

    I think this might have been asked but I couldn't find it after searching, but there should be a dark web system for computers, where you can find different types of black market websites for drugs, counterfeit money, weapons, etc.
  7. Bank Heist Crew

    I've played plenty of PAYDAY 2, although I no longer have it installed.
  8. Bank Heist Crew

  9. Bank Heist Crew

    I can't tell if that's sarcastic or not, but I tried to be original.
  10. Bank Heist Crew

    I just need a few people to rob banks with me, we will call ourselves The Counterfeits.

    Wow, that's an original name.
  12. Identity Theft

    How about some identity theft, like players could put scanners on ATM's, or you could peep over at someone and get their PIN number while they're typing it in, or maybe just mugging someone and taking all their information, and then afterwards you could either use it for yourself, or sell it on the black market, which you would be able to access from the dark web on a PC.