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Found 3 results

  1. Identity Theft

    How about some identity theft, like players could put scanners on ATM's, or you could peep over at someone and get their PIN number while they're typing it in, or maybe just mugging someone and taking all their information, and then afterwards you could either use it for yourself, or sell it on the black market, which you would be able to access from the dark web on a PC.
  2. Identity (or to be more exact the idea of Identity) wants to change what an mmo is, a grand gesture indeed. In reality however most of these changes are going to have to come from the players themselves, sure Asylum can present their 'vision', they can provide the tools, but it's how those tools are used that will, ultimately, make or break Identity. Crime & the criminal are going to play a large part in that. So what makes a successful criminal? Simple....not getting caught. Now most of us think that is a fairly obvious statement, but when you consider it in terms of online 'games', it really isn't. In fact, in most 'life' sims the average criminal, more often than not, will go out of his way to bring about some kind of conflict with law enforcement. If anyone hopes to build a server that caters to ALL walks of life, then this is going to be one of the most difficult problems to solve. Because there is another very simple statement that is also true, having to duck bullets & avoid being mown down on the sidewalk every thirty seconds, drives 'community' players away. Go from one extreme to another, look at the toxic world of GTA Online where you can't even manage to get through three words without someone throwing a bomb, then consider what Identity 'could' be. Criminals live ordinary lives too, they co-exist with the rest of the community, they go shopping with their wives, go to clubs, bars....they even bathe! Think about it, IF (and yes that's a big if) you stick to one server, once you've been arrested the police are going to know you. For example....Herzog is only the President of a Motorcycle club....until he, or one of his club, get arrested for gun running.....then, in the eyes of the police, he's the leader of an organized crime gang. What all of this means, for the potential criminals of Identity, is that if they attempt to live their lives of crime OFF the police radar....then Identity has the potential to be a real game changer. If not, then we're looking at GTA with frills. It's the players who will make Identity great, you. Think outside the box, be the best.
  3. Selling & Flipping Cars/Car Theft

    My favorite thing to do in games is to steal a nice car off the street and go on a joyride, then flip them for money. My question is, are there going to be any tools in identity that make breaking and entering cars (and other things) easier and/or quicker than just punching the window in? Like a lock-pick kit? And will we be limited to how many cars we can sell? GTA restricts you from selling more than 1 car every 40 something minutes, and you are only able to sell vehicles worth under $80,000, which is sort of unrealistic and a waste of time. I'd like to see an unrestricted, fair means of selling cars for profit. What do you guys think? Also, i really hope that when you commit a crime in Identity, and you're miles away from anyone else, that you don't automatically become wanted... If a bear craps in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, it DOES make a sound. However, that crap DOES NOT set off a Nation-wide alarm.