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Found 2 results

  1. So I was thinking that not everybody wants a motorbike if they have pledged that much and might a car instead or in my case, I have pledged enough money so that I get the one bedroom apartment but I don't want that one I would much prefer the studio apartment. So what you could do is let people who have paid for multiple packages chose what they want so in my case I would be able to pick between a rusted car, an old dirt bike and a used motorcycle for what vehicle I would be given when I get into the game and also be able to choose between a studio apartment or a one bedroom aperment and so on for anything that is unlocked in the higher packages.
  2. Selling & Flipping Cars/Car Theft

    My favorite thing to do in games is to steal a nice car off the street and go on a joyride, then flip them for money. My question is, are there going to be any tools in identity that make breaking and entering cars (and other things) easier and/or quicker than just punching the window in? Like a lock-pick kit? And will we be limited to how many cars we can sell? GTA restricts you from selling more than 1 car every 40 something minutes, and you are only able to sell vehicles worth under $80,000, which is sort of unrealistic and a waste of time. I'd like to see an unrestricted, fair means of selling cars for profit. What do you guys think? Also, i really hope that when you commit a crime in Identity, and you're miles away from anyone else, that you don't automatically become wanted... If a bear craps in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, it DOES make a sound. However, that crap DOES NOT set off a Nation-wide alarm.