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Found 53 results

  1. A character(s) that takes drugs, then does crimes should have a greater increase to being caught, due to more mistakes, and greater carelessness. I really don't want to see some pipe blasting scrud-cake, effortlessly be in control of their character as I am trying to bust them... ha ha. If too much drugs be done in 1 session or, too often, I wish I could identify them by example: (excessive itching, stumbling, mumbling or, the shakes). It would be nice to frisk the back alley salesman too. Just a thought...
  2. Esqueletos MC

    ESQUELETOS MC Founded - 2013 Years Active - 2013-Present Platform - Pc / Playstation 4 The Esqueletos MC has been a club for 5 years now the club started on GTA San Andreas as a couple of like minded people just trying to Role Play. Not knowing that it will expand as much as it has. As the release of GTA 5 came, an original member from the charter named Skully went to Playstation to expand the club. Skully grew the club and eventually brought the club to new gen PS4. At which Esqueletos MC was at its prime with 40 members and one of the most respected and well known club in the GTA community. The next step in the journey is to establish an Esqueletos Identity Chapter. The Charter will be ran by Ajax and Pzycho, two first 9 members of the PS4 Charter. Being long term members for 4 years. Ajax as President and Pzycho being Vice President we set out to make it as strong and respected as the chapters before us. Join us in this new beginning as we build this club. The 1% As a club the Esqueletos MC follow the philosophy that it stands for. The 1% percent of the society that does not follow the rules and abide by the norm. The Esqueletos MC is an organization surrounded by the fact that we take no shit and take no hesitation on making a first punch. We proudly wear out 1% diamond on our front cut and make sure it's clear we don't care if your alive or not. We pride ourselves on needing no one but the club. We demand respect and if not given it's taken you will either respect us or fear us. Requirements *+18 of age *Must have Discord *Mic required *Basic MC knowledge *Mature Mindset NOT REQUIRED TO BE HISPANIC OR SPEAK SPANISH If interested or have any questions join us on our club discord. RP Background Founded - 1978 Years Active - 1978-Present Established - Los Angeles, CA Key People - Hispanic Type - Outlaw Motorcycle Club Region - United States, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina Membership - 300-400 Esqueletos MC is a hispanic themed club that is based around the west coast style bikes and lowriders. The club was originally formed as an act of peace and brotherhood and a stand to the cops and the oppressors that surrounded the mexican communities. In the 80’s the club took to gang and violence as the club grew. In the late 90’s the club decided to support the act of gun running and drug smuggling and distribution with a hand in prostitution to afford to keep the club up and running with a stable income. Now in present days the club still continues the illegal activities now having a strong connection to the west coast mexican mafia and surenos. P R O S P E C T The prospecting period is one of the most crucial parts of being apart of the club. The prospecting period shows us who you are what your morals and values are and weather or not you fit in to be an Esqueleto to claim a full patch it takes hard work and dedication that consumes your time quite well in and even out of game sometimes. This club relies on brotherhood, trust, and loyalty. There is no time period, the prospecting time period is completely up to how you perform as a prospect. You will wear your prospect cut at all times and participate in all club events. MORE PROSPECT RULES IN EFFECT FOR MORE INFO CONTACT A PATCHED MEMBER. S U P P O R T Old Club Memories
  3. SOUL'D OUT - NIGHT CLUB Title: SOUL'D OUT Owner: Jeru Jones Type of Business: Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar 1. Primary ~ Night Club 2. Secondary ~ Bar 3. Tertiary ~ Restaurant Slogan: N/A (VOTE IN POLLS!) Location: Ash Hill, Roseport, or Turtle Beach Theme: Disco, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, R&B, and Hip Hop "Soul'd Out" is a Night Club that also functions as a bar and a restaurant, which also hosts live events and performances by either official bands or the attendees within the club. Special events may include: 1. Disco/80s Night 2. Spoken-Word Poetry Night (Self-explanatory) 3. Expressive Art Night (Gallery) 4. Lady's Discount Night (Discounted price for women) 5. Dance Contest 6. Costume Night & Contest 7. SOUL'D OUT RAFFLE (Paid Lottery with Reward) 8. Chess/Checkers Tournament (Day & Night) 9. Poker Night (If Available) 10. Karaoke Night 11. Buy Two, Get One Free (Alcohol) 12. "Fight Night" AND MANY MORE.... -------------------------------------------- NOW HIRING!: 1. Co-Owner (Resume and Interview Mandatory) 2. Bartenders (1-2) 3. Servers (2-4) 4. Chefs (2-3) 5. Out-Door Security (1-2) 6. In-Door Security (2-4) 7. Transporters (1-2) 8. DJs (1-2) 9. Cleaners (1-2) NOW ACCEPTING!: 1. Musicians/Bands 2. Poets 3. Painters 4. Dancers SEARCHING FOR: 1. Brewery Companies 2. Farmers 3. Herdsman/Hunters 4. Interior-Designers etc... ------------------------------------------------- RULES: 1. Any firearms or blades, whether legal or illegal, shall be seized and stored within a security lock box until your departure from the club. 2. LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS OF THE STATE: - Law enforcement agents, whether on-duty or off-duty, are NOT permitted to enter the club. A Law enforcement agent of the state/county/island MUST present the owner or vice-owner with a warrant in order to enter the premises. Failure to abide by such a policy shall result in being charged with "trespassing". - Any individual that discloses any information regarding the actions that were committed within the club to any on-duty or off-duty agents of the police department, the judicial courts, or any other "Law-enforcement agent of the state/county/island" shall undergo a long-term suspension that is determined by the owner of the club (in-between one month to six months). The second case shall result in a permanent ban. - Any individual that voluntarily invites a "Law-enforcement Agent of the state/county/island" shall undergo a long-term suspension that is determined by the owner of the club (in-between two weeks to six months). The second case shall result in a permanent ban. A "Law-enforcement agent of the state/county/island" may include but is not limited to: - Any member of The Police Department - A judge (unless granted permission via an invitation) - A state/county/island-attorney (unless granted permission via an invitation) - A third-party contractor that is contracted to the state/county/island (unless granted permission via an invitation) 3. Any form of racial, gender-based, sex-based, sexual-based, disability-based, religious-based, and age-based discrimination is heavily prohibited within the club. 4. The consumption of cigarettes and marijuana shall be permitted as long as it is in accordance with the Law. However, individuals are prohibited from transporting and/or consuming "out-door food and beverages" within the club. (Read those words again) 5. Alongside with a service or entrance fee during events, individuals are obligated to spend a minimum amount of $20.00 per hour within the night club. Failure to abide by such policy would result in being removed from the premises for "loitering" and potentially "trespassing". 6. Zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment within the club. Any individual that sexually harasses another individual, with evidence, shall be suspended from the premises for two weeks. After two weeks, if the individual commits the identical offense, the subject shall be permanently banned from the premises. 7. Purchasing customers are capable of advertising their companies within the club to a limited degree. One cannot distribute pamphlets, flyers, posters, or business cards for free without the permission of either the "Owner" or "Co-Owner" of the club. However, if a business owner desires to advertise their company within a club, the business shall be expected to provide "Soul'd Out" with an "Advertising Fee". The fee could either be purchased "up-front" or in the form of purchasing an X amount of dollars worth of food and beverages. 8. Any act of violence that disrupts the flow of the business shall be prohibited on the premises (fight outside).
  4. Drugs R Us

    Who Are We? Two guys looking to make money on Identity and we are hiring you (at a good price) to help all of us achieve wealth beyond our wildest dreams by selling "candy." What We Do? Sell "candy" to local buyers, we make the "candy" at our local factory (AKA CandyLand AKA RV's) Why Apply? We know that setting up a "candy shack" can have expensive up front costs so we take care of that for you. Not only that but you get a high base salary of $100 dollars a day (subject to change, higher or lower) and bodyguards get paid a starting rate of 120 dollars per day. Raises will be offered often and frequently for all. Who Are We Looking For? We are looking for kind, hard working folks driven to make money and helping the community by making and selling "candy." So we are seeking out "candy" cookers, "candy" dealers, and people to guard the Wonks's. Requirements Willing to be shot and hunted by police (figuratively speaking of course) Know how to use a gun Have a basic knowledge of chemistry Athletic Stealthy Sociable "Convincing" Know what to do in a sticky situation How to Apply Apply on our Identity discord server : Just place your in game name and what you would like to do.
  5. It would be cool to be able to buy pure drugs and use additives to increase the amount of drugs (while weakening them a bit). This is one way a lowbie noob criminal can make money to get started. Maybe it could be a good way for a newbie to skill up, too.
  6. these are my ideas on drug use and drug production in identity to add a bit more realism to the drugs aspect of the game: before i continue i would like to just say i do not clam to be and expert of drug use and drug production as there are most likely lots of people who know more about this subject such as people who produce drugs in real life which i don't do this is just from what iv learnt throughout life. 1. drug production: growing weed: when growing weed i think you should be given the choice to grow weed organically (which is healthy and has no added health side effects when smoked or baked into edibles) but if you use growth fertilisers and (or) pesticide depending on what you use effects the user (as if weed is grown with growth fertilisers and (or) pesticide could have health side effects when used like in real like), also the option to add things to the weed to edit the end product such as sand blasting the weed with glass to make it look more shiny (to give the impression that the weed has more THC and to add more weight the the end product), also what i think would be cool would be if they added real life weed strains. pills (im just saying pills for the moment as im not 100% sure on all the drugs/ substances what will be in the game that are normally taken as a pill): when producing pills you should have to use a pill press which would also allow people to mix different drugs to give different effects for example making pills containing MDMA and ketamine which would give the user a different effect (good and bad), also to chose the different amount of each substance and to be able to name the different pills and to add dyes to give each pill a different colour or they could all be the same colour. powders: when producing powders you should be able to cut the substance with other substances and other stuff such as cutting coke with glass to add more weight to the end product or adding other substances to add more weight to the end product also changing the effect (good and bad). 2. drug use: weed: when using weed you should be able to chose how you consume it such as smoking it as a joint/zoot, smoking it from a pipe/ bong or eating it in edibles and each different method of use has different effects and effects when it "hits" the user such as, smoking it would effect the use more quicker than if you eat it just like in real life, also you should have to buy drug paraphernalia such as rolling papers, pipes or bongs and tobacco (not drug paraphernalia but could be used when rolling a joint/ zoot also effects the high you get when consuming weed). drugs that you inject: with drugs you inject users should have to obtain syringes, clean syringes have no added adverse side effects where used syringes would have a chance of having adverse side effects inflicted on the user ( the reason i think this is a good idea is because it adds more realism to the drug(s) in question and also adds more links to politics and health care apart from "we should legalises drugs because its their body, and locking them up just turns them into a real criminal" or "no drugs must stay illegal because everyone will be using drugs and only bad people use drugs" to more of looking at it from a different prospective such as are drugs a law enforcement issue or a health care issue which could lead to a harm reduction approach it could all really depend on the political landscape of the community (also on a side note it could also lead to drug testing services so people can find out what they are really taking as i said above on the subject of drug production). i believe the ideas above would add more realism to drug use, drug production, health care, law enforcement, politics and jobs. if anyone has anything to add to this please go ahead. peace out.
  7. NotAsEvil Inc

    WELCOME MY NEW HENCHMAN Dr NotAsEvil is recruiting henchman for his push onto the island. He is recruiting all levels of minions to conduct his NotAsEvil plans, The Doc will take care of all his minions so long as you are loyal to the cause and fight with honour in his name you are welcome. We are looking to setup a vast criminal underworld covering the entire island and want to have a major say in all the criminal activity. To do that we need recruits. The Doc will split the island into regions and will assign his most trusted henchman an area each that they will control. Basic criminal activities will be organised by the henchmen themselves while larger criminal activities or moves on rivals will need to be past through The Doc himself, he might even allocate you more minions to complete your task. All he asks for is a cut of the profit you make on your patch and your loyalty, that is all. Want to join? Tell me what you can bring to the organisation and we will let you know
  8. I have seen previously, in other ARMA mods that you have had the ability to store people in the trunk of your car, for example in Takistan life, where you would cross a border and you could store a person with drugs on them in the trunk of your car to avoid being caught. This could be expanded on taking taking hostages or hiding a person. Obviously the police would be able to open your trunk if they had probable cause. Also if you had a bigger vehicle like a truck, maybe you could have multiple people in the back, maybe growing weed or cooking meth. This could also be expanded into storing physical entities in the back of your trunk such as a weed bag or little bag of meth. Pretty much just a way for drug traffickers to hide they're wares. Let me know if you think this would be a good addition
  9. Choppa Boyz

    We them boyz who do the clean up Hit yo block and sweep yo mf street up Gang Gang Roleplay All choppas on deck we here as you can see what we about. We live by the gun. The choppa is law so we never get caught without it. If you not Gang Gang you can never be one of us. We want hittas. We are not the god father we gon do it like Meech did B.M.F style. Money, Drugs, Flashy Cars, Mansions Black people White people Hispanic people any race and Bad Women we gon have it all. Money laundering, Drug Dealing/Smuggling, Robbery, Weapons trade, Prostitution. They need a body dropped they should contact Choppa Boyz. We are a street gang everything flashy from the jewelry to designer clothes. This is rated M for mature so all that are and looking to have a good time in a modern day gang join us. Rankings: loyalty first and everything else follows do nothing to jeopardies the gang cover all tracks leave no trails. No snitching, no talking to police no talking to the opps. 30% of all members earnings will go to the gang. To do things such as deck out the hideout, gang investments, gang clothing line and gang cars. Depending on the economy ranking system may change. Now lets take over the city and rename it Choppa city. join me on discord to apply @ RUNNERS/CARRIERS: These individuals pickup and drop off drugs to various locations or other gang members. Rank: drop 1 body $500 STREET SOLDIERS: A street soldier can be involved with drive-by, gang fights drug sales, graffiti, intimidation, ect. aka gangbanger Rank: drop 3 bodies $1500 RECRUITERS: Recruiters are usually selling drugs and recruiting new young drug deaalers who want fast money Rank: new recruit drop 3 bodies $2500 COMMUNICATIONS: Informants who supply information ranging from rival gangs activity to law enforcement operation. messenger who communicate information between rival gangs Rank: drop 5 bodies $5000 SUPPLIER: An area leader, like any gang member, will have access to an assortment of readily available weapons Rank drop 7 bodies $7000 TREASURE: Responsible for income and expenses. Capital obtained from drugs, guns, property, business, ect. Rank: drop 7 bodies $7000 SECURITRY CHIEF/STREET CORDINATOR: Disciplines gang members who violate gang code; vice independent operating within territory who fail to pay share of profit. Business owners who fail to pay street tax (protection money) aka hitman Rank: drop 10 bodies $10000 CHIEF ENFORCER: Coordinates/controls gang wars, and protects existing territories. aka warlord Rank: drop 15 bodies $15000 ADVISORS: Financial, legal, political. (outside consultants) lawyers LEADERS: Presidents, kingpin, supreme chief, chairman of the board Rank: establish new branch with new territory 10% branch fee
  10. Drugs

    Hi, i dont know if you guys thought about it, but along with drug dealers you also should be able to try drugs and get high. This way you would not just be able to take the drug dealer as a career but you could also really sell drugs to another players and I think it'll be more fun to the dealers, cops and also for the players get high haha. You could add effects like nauseas, dizziness, psichodelical colors at the screen and stuff.
  11. Black Market Discord

    I am taking it upon myself to start a discord for underground jobs, drugs, guns, protection, etc. This discord requires maturity and respect at all times. We have a system for getting rid of insiders and cops. There will be some snakes, narcs, and cops slipping through here and there but with mistakes come corrections. To be able to see deals and all info on sales you will need to be interviewed by me or one my staff. This is the discord for the Farmers Market. FYI for whoever is half retarded this is for the VIDEO GAME Identity that is going to be released soon, not an actual black market.
  12. drugs

    if you're pulling drugs, do you feel better about it? walks faster? to aim more closely with ade? because it is compulsory to have some benefit, why else would you pull it and spend your money on it and risk your freedom? I hope to get this answer and if that is not the case, can it be added to the game.
  13. Illegal/underground culture I think there could be a lot of potential for an illegal/underground culture because illegal activity don’t just comprise of action for financial gain but also recreational interests such as illegal party where drugs are plentiful and it’s not hard to buy drugs. Squat raves/illegal rave: These events could be held anywhere (depending on the systems and features in place in the game), full of drugs and not absent of the present of drug dealers, these events could be used to make money from many avenues such as: Profit from drug sales: The organisers could make profit from the sale of drug, the organisation could be a drug cartel using the rave to shift their products or the organisers could make a profit from from a cut of the profit of drug dealers that attend. Profiting from entry sales: The organisers could also make money from charging people entry prices. Illegal street racing: Street racing can be a very enjoyable and exciting activity both for the racers and the people watching and it can be a very lucrative business. Profiting from entry fees: The organisers could profit from charging the racers a fee, taking a cut from the lump sum then awarding the rest to the winner/winners. These have been a few ideas of mine, please expand on my ideas and suggestions your own ideas for Illegal/underground culture in identity. Peace out
  14. Selling Drugs?

    If you were to sell weed, how would the process work? Would there be a menu/overlay thing to trade the weed for money? Or would there be like an option which you can edit to change the amount of weed and the amount of money? I'm thinking it would probably be like a little menu for both sides to put in their item and when you both click accept they will have a chance to cancel the trade and if the countdown ends, the trade is successful. Something like Rocket League, even though thats a whole completely different game. Also, what if someone gets scammed? Is that possible?

    A poll designed to gain a rough overview of people's future intentions regarding drugs.
  16. Is the RV used for anything else other than meth production? If not, what stops the police just from pulling over every single RV they see to arrest them for meth production right at the start? Would it be possible to produce meth anywhere if you have the right materials and processing units?
  17. The Masked Monopoly

    The Masked Monopolies "We Control all, But you don't know us" EST. 1933 Me, aka Monopoly is bringing the "Corporation" to you. We are an "Organisation" of sorts, taking control is what we do, and making money is the major key to it. This isn't your ordinary gangster crew, we are Gentlemen, but aren't afraid of getting a little blood on our hands. If you think you have what it takes to join our society, think again, only the most sophisticated and talented people are qualified for this, you think you are that person? Then reply to this, ones the launch gets closer we will send you an invite if you are qualified, impress us and you might be the next Masked Monopoly.
  18. I just wanted something to be cleared up really quick. Will hallucinogens be in the game like LSD, magic mushrooms, and DMT? If they will be it would be quite fun to experence in game (I am not promoting drug use in real life). It would be an extremly unique game feature if atleast one of these drugs could be made, used, and sold in game as pretty much any other video games do not include drugs that make you halluncinate. If drugs like those listed will be in the game it would be cool, I just hope the effects would be very complex and authentic instead of just a filter thrown over your screen. Sometimes when you use these substances your enitre field of vision is obscured by shapes and colors, or your in a completley different place it seems like where it seems as though you are the universe itself according to users of these chemicals. Overall if any of those drugs or one like it will be in the game it would add a very unique aspect to the crime lifestyle. Thanks for reading, (***I do not want to try these substances in real life***).
  19. Dank Mafia

    Dank Mafia well you either came down the wrong alley or the right one. so what'll it be, guns drugs or someone dead? oh information, your not a cop are you? ah hell i get paid anyway. what do you want to know? EVERYTHING! *sigh* fine but it'll cost you 4 bucks. Our Leader Goes by many names, Pain, Not Here, Nick, Mr. Heist, but, nobody knows his real name or who he is not even us. some say he's Mexican, others think, New York. what he does is set up heists, and raids that involve money, gold, drugs, or guns. Backstory our little "Mafia" started when a man named Luka got a call from a guy with a voice changer telling him that a delivery was made to a mall in his town. Luka made his way to the mall and was instantly approached by a man taking donations. Luka told the man that he didn't want to donate and the man said he's donating to Luka. the man hugged Luka and told him to look in his back pocket. Sure enough there was a small bag filled with cocaine, and that's how it started. Hierarchy first its Not Here then a man named Street then a select group called "the Golden Ones" who do the most important jobs then nominees for The Golden Ones then standard muscle Money How much you make is dependent on how good you are and how much you do for Not Here. you start with only a 3% cut but as you progress that goes up until you get to "even cut" (ex. team of four even cut = 25% always get more if you play with players) the more dangerous the job the more your paid 20% ALWAYS GOES TO NOT HERE ALWAYS 20% Rules Ahh my favorite part, actually that's money 1. Mic required 2. must be capable of learning (no age limit but constant failure = BAN) 3. it is okay to suggest jobs to Not Here but he has the final say 4. don't take jobs on your own, that will result in your termination 5. do not do any drugs we steal that will result in termination 6. if you want to join pm me
  20. Will weed be legal to open up like weed shops and to grow it? Also will there be bongs pipes etc. that you can smoke weed out of so i can own a head shop?
  21. WEED SHOP?

    TBH I've always wanted to own a weed shop IRL. I could either grow it myself and sell it in shop or have a supplier that would grow the weed for you and deliver it to your shop that you would sell it in. Also, you could have a head shop which is like selling pipes bongs etc. Just tell me your thoughts on this and tell me if it is a possibility if you have like bongs and such as well.
  22. The Dozers. (TRAP HOUSE)

    This group = no f***s given Alright, I'm going straight to the point. Like to just chill? Like drugs? Wanna make easy money? Looking for people to chill with? I'm starting a little group called the Dozers. We doze around, we don't really care. We produce drugs and sell them, and also use some ourself, for example, weed. We do pretty much whatever we feel like doing. If we feel like just chillin for the day and just smoking backwood we do it Whenever we're losing money or low on it, we sell drugs, when we cash a check, we split some if we wanna, and we usually spend it however we feel like it. We're going to have a trap house, and just whip on the stove until we break our wrist rofl Hmu if you're down
  23. Drugs.

    Wondering how drugs are going to be like. - Is there going to be?: Weed, Cocaine, Meth, Xanax, Ecstasy, LSD, Shrooms, Heroin, etc. - Are there going to be animations? - Any other information? Just to clarify, I'm not a newbie, I just want specific details and thorough explanations.
  24. Can people run and own gambling? So like lets say fist fights/horse racing/car races etc? People can come bet on it and then win or lose. But what i want to know is if i can own it and run the gambling trade legal and illegal
  25. Welcome to The Peaky Blinders. One of the most feared and respected organisations around. Allies of the Luprano Family. The hierarchy of the Peaky Blinders: 1. Council of 6 - Highest ranking members 2. Officers - Run the lower ranks, bring issues to the Council of 6. 3. Enforcers - Enforce the Peaky Blinders rules on anybody (gang member/civilian/police/politician). 4. Hitmen/Assassins - Do the Council of 6 bidding. 5. Protection - Provide protection to members shops, businesses, Peaky Blinders businesses and provide protection to high ranking members. 6. Soldiers - Represent the Peaky Blinders on the streets, work your way up our ranks, attack rivals on sight, provide protection for Peaky Blinders. 7. Shop owners/Businesses - Shop owners who run their shops but aid the Peaky Blinders in providing guns/clothes/cars to us. We provide protection for them. Our Rules Are As Followed: Take the oath of silence Do not join a rival gang Do not aid the police in investigations regarding the Peaky Blinders Do not disrespect another member of the Peaky Blinders Always be loyal to the Peaky Blinders Be obedient How to join: PM peakyblinder (ME) Take the oath of Silence You must then complete the Initiation of the Peaky Blinders