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Found 4 results

  1. It would be cool to be able to buy pure drugs and use additives to increase the amount of drugs (while weakening them a bit). This is one way a lowbie noob criminal can make money to get started. Maybe it could be a good way for a newbie to skill up, too.
  2. Miscreated

    So, on Steam there is this game, Miscreated, i think if im right its in alpha but i dont remember. Yes its again a Zombie Survival game like DayZ and H1Z1 but i do like it after a few hours of gameplay. You can Build bases, gear up and fight Zombies and Players. At the moment there are rarely zombies and i think this could change in the future. The map is pretty Big, takes you some time from A to B. You can craft weapons and traps and etc also there are small customizing options like right or left eyepatch and white or brown Cowboyhat. My fav thing in the Game are the Gnomes you can find
  3. I have one idea for the practical use of smoking weed ingame, and using other drugs too. The idea is to add value to an artistic craft after having smoked the weed for being high. Like, you get the weed however you wish. Then, when you smoke it and for example make a painting, as long as the crafting is done within the duration of the high, the painting gains a tag that says the creator was high on such n such drug, which in turn adds either a small amount of actual game dynamic value to the original and the painting's prints, along with the social value for having created something artistic while being on whatever drug. This can apply to all drugs and give all artistic creations some game dynamic value to whatever crafted item or musical composition, etc. What do you guys think? Please comment and suggestions.
  4. I understand that players will be able to craft items for other players to furnish their apartments with. Presumably this will be a productive way to make money in the game for players who love to create. Will this crafting be done online (as in a prebuilt crafting process) or will players be able to manually design and import items with 3D meshes etc? If the crafting process will allow the import of 3D meshes to the game, how soon will templates/specs/parameters/rules etc. be available to creators so that we can start working on items in advance