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  1. Sadface.jpg

    It's OK, you should be able to play Identity on a Raspberry Pi.
  2. If the prices are trying to mirror prices in real life then all I see people doing is trying to get rich from drugs. Although a fundamental part to the game, I don't think the developers want EVERYBODY doing drugs, and instead doing what they enjoy, so they're going to have to make normal, everyday jobs rewarding too.
  3. Yakuza

    This 'hard man' just joined our Discord and declared war on us! Firstly he doesn't even know the first thing about us and our motives. Then he has the audacity to say that he will declare himself an enemy of any criminal organisation, and to that I wish him and his 'army' good luck. After asking him several times how many men he had, he refused to give me a number or even a range and instead said, "Enough", "you cant even count that high" and the most professional of all, "". The Yakuza aren't exactly the most admirable people in terms of fighting crime seeing that they're "members of transitional organised crime syndicates". Their own people call them "violent groups", so his idea of peace is at best delusional. I suggest that if he wants to take on the rather ambitious goal of calling himself the, 'Yakuza', that he does research into it first and find out who and what responsibilities he's taking on. Nevertheless his hyperaggressive entrance on our Discord made him the subject to jokes and laughter, of which, will not be forgotten!
  4. Criminal or Citizen?

    True. I know there are some vigilante groups out there who want to try and clean up the streets, something we will not stand for.
  5. Making Drugs Legal Good or Bad for Drug Dealer

    Regardless of whether or not drugs become legal, I would advise all criminal organisations that do drugs, to continue their operations in secrecy. My family wont be flaunting the fact that we produce narcotics even if it's legal or not, because not only does that advertise our operation to the public and other gangs/families, but also law enforcement. What happens when a new Governor comes into power and makes it illegal again? They would know exactly how we run our business and from there our operation would be compromised.
  6. Criminal or Citizen?

    I think many people will chose the criminal life seeing that it's very money based (compared to civilian jobs), and it is often fast paced and exciting. Having said this I'm sure that having a regular civilian life would also lead to many money making opportunities, depending on what field of work you're in. Nevertheless a criminal lifestyle will more than likely lead to some very interesting role play scenarios which may not be possible without innocent civilians.
  7. I know that there will not be drug production in the Town Square module, however I'm undecided about if there will be the consumption of drugs. On one hand I got into a debate on the forums a while back proving that drugs wouldn't be implemented in the TS module, along with conformation from a developer. But recently I have heard somewhere that you will be able to take drugs in the TS module. I guess we will have to find out! https://gyazo.com/e49eaa5393fcfd1a886967ebf97494bc On that Gyazo link is the TS module About Page where it implies that drugs may be available in the TS module.
  8. The Morelli Crime Family

    Yeah, that name sounds awfully familiar...

    Not to start beef or anything, but would a mafia really do bounties, if one of the main principles of a traditional crime family is the code of silence (Omertá)?
  10. About that latest video

    Any thoughts on what the shadowy shape is leaning up against the tree at the farm? I think it could be a NPC for something like drugs. https://gyazo.com/de0085b43b7f9fcbc327ae59a7bf3373
  11. About that latest video

    I'm no expert, but I was just wondering, why is the RV was giving off blue smoke, when it then later gives the option to add P2P (Phenylacetone)? To my understanding the blue smoke is as a result of using CH3NH2 (Methylamine) not P2P. Having said this, it could have been done to make spotting labs in the middle of the woods easier. As I stated, I could be completely wrong, I'm no expert but if anybody has any knowledge on this subject it would be great to know! https://gyazo.com/a9bf8775d176c710cd24af74b6a41163 https://gyazo.com/6f6a782aaf5e2959b2f44ae5793d4ad5 Other than that, the work so far looks great! Only some minor issues with the clothes clipping, and the aiming animation looks a bit too snappy. Looks amazing so far, and I'm sure everyone is excited for the Module 1 Release next month!

    Yeah. The only thing that would stop players doing drugs however, are the withdrawal effects that they have, but other than that it will be interesting to see what happens!

    A poll designed to gain a rough overview of people's future intentions regarding drugs.
  14. What Drugs Will Be In The Module

    Just bare in mind, the information that the site holds isn't necessarily accurate as it says that they expected Town Square to be out in early 2017. http://www.identityrpg.com/info/faq/